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Top 10 comedies 2016


Attention cinephiles will feature the best Comedy stars out 2016 — the top 10. Included in the list of films considered to be the most successful on the assessments of the audience.

10. Wedding frenzy

"Wedding frenzy" opens the top best Comedy films of 2016. Two brothers Dave and Mike I love fun and party. They regularly come up with various tricks, which are in ridiculous situations. But their pranks often suffer from their relatives during family celebrations. The brothers carry out pranks on each marriage ceremony, which fall. Without it, and during the wedding of their sister Jenny. The mother of the main characters strongly recommends to take the girls. The main characters served an ad looking for dates. They are able to find companions that are much worse than their behavior. Incredible foursome embarks on a wedding ceremony in Hawaii to turn the holiday into a complete nonsense...

9. Grandfather of easy virtue

"Grandpa easy virtue" occupies the ninth place in the list of the best comedies of 2016. This film tells about amusing adventures of the grandson Jason and his father dick. Soon the young man must marry, but he's trying to prevent his imprudent and asks the hero to deliver it to Florida. There Mature dick shows Jason how to live it up at a young age. The bride becomes aware of all the adventures of the family, and she decides to make a scene. Jason's remorse, but not for long. Hero seriously begins to wonder whether he is ready to tie the knot and say goodbye to the single life fun?

8. Eighteen spy

"Half of the spy," one of the ten best comedies of 2016. The main character Kelvin holds the position of a simple accountant. In his life there is nothing interesting. But everything changes when fate confronts him with his former classmate loser Bob, who had previously been the main eater of donuts and fat. Now he is slim, muscular young man, who is an employee of the CIA. Bob performs the most difficult and responsible special assignments. For him the reputation of a consummate killer. He draws in dangerous classmate Kelvin. Yesterday the accountant will be involved in the disclosure of the conspiracy, having a world scale. Guys are totally different from each other, but the situation will force them to unite and work synergistically.

7. Mission in Miami

"Mission Miami" is one of the best Comedy films of 2016. The film's protagonist James Peyton is a cool COP who investigates the most dangerous things. He has the strength to overcome any business and to disarm any criminal. But he often gets in trouble because of a guy-the muffs of his sister's named Ben. He got a job in the police and now constantly pulls out of James. Before the wedding Ben and sister the main character gets a responsible job. For its implementation it is necessary to assemble a team and go to Miami to catch a drug Lord. Ben and James arrive in Miami and start their investigation. Soon they are joined by a pretty girl who is a detective of the local police. All of them are waiting for the criminal adventures and ridiculous the dangerous situation in which characters fall out with Ben.

6. Neighbors. On the warpath 2

"Neighbours. On the trail of war 2" takes the sixth place in the ranking of the best comedies of 2016. It seemed that the life of the spouses Mac and Kelly, raising a toddler, began to improve after moving neighbors, delivering big trouble. But it turned out that the couple in the past to rejoice, as next to them settles Sorority "Kappa-nu". Between neighbors, war breaks out. Mac and Kelly realize that they can't handle alone, and they decided to seek the assistance of his former enemy, Teddy Sanders. Character will exercise all the ingenuity to help couples to get rid of the neighbourhood with the strange community.

5. Zoolander 2

"Zoolander 2" Comedy of 2016, which is the sequel of "Zoolander" about male model Derek Zoolander. The events in the film takes place 14 years later. Derek Hensel and managed in that time to make friends. In the new part of the storyline is that the world is heading a wave of murders of celebrities. Special agent fashion police Valentina Valencia appealed for help in the investigation to Derek. But can he, along with HanseDom to stop crimes on the fashionable soil, and then triumphant return to the world podium, where to gain universal popularity just one selfie, only time will tell.

4. Catch the fat, if you can

"Catch a fat girl if you can" holds the fourth place in the ranking of the best comedies of 2016. Boy sandy — abiding citizen, who gets in very unpleasant situation. Someone stole his credit card and spends his money. The thief turns out to be a plump Diana, who begins to live in Grand style thanks to foreign Finance. Sandy tries to figure out the fraud, but it turns out it is not easy to do...

3. Alvin and the chipmunks: road chip Grand

"Alvin and the chipmunks: road chip Grand" opens the three best comedies of 2016. The chipmunks will do anything to save the family well-being. So when Alvin sent with the ring to offer hands and hearts of the beloved, the animals rush in pursuit of him. They are afraid that the stepmother, along with his son will break up the family reunion. But can chipmunks to prevent the reunion of two people, when at stake is the love?

2. Deadpool

"Deadpool" is in the top three best comedies of 2016. The main character endowed with superpowers, but is a real psycho, that was the result of a side effect in the result of the tests carried out on him. He is a mercenary who is performing another operation chats with ease. Equal to him in the black humor just yet. Deadpool is a perfect killing machine that sharpens every step of the way.

1. Eddie The Eagle

"Eddie "the eagle" leads the ranking of the best comedies of 2016. The main character of the film Michael Edwards, who was later nicknamed "eagle," from childhood dreamed of becoming a participant of the Olympic games. But with any sport, the young man had no talent. Surrounding laughed at his dream, and he just decided to go for their goals. Eddie decided to learn jumping by himself in the coaches former coach in the sport. The film is based on real events from the life of Michael Edwards, who entered the history of the Olympic games as the most unsuccessful athlete. Painting allows you to look at life with a stubborn man who in spite of failures and their inability to sport, making him a laughingstock in front of others, still realized his dream.

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