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The best historical films from the "IMDb"


Historical paintings deserve special attention, since they highlight important events in the life of all humanity. It is a historic film helps to reconstruct a complete picture of the past years. Of them the audience gets acquainted not only with the great events connected with humanity, but with brilliant individuals who contributed to the revolutions in the world of religion, art or politics.

The most successful historical paintings have received high rating from the prestigious movie website IMDb. They are among the ten best shot in the history of cinema.

The top 10 are the best historical movies — a list IMDb.

10. The last samurai2003

The last samurai (2003) opens a list of the best historical fiction films, according to IMDb. The action of the film takes place in the mid-19th century, during the civil war in Japan. The main face of historical paintings Nathan, Algren receives from the Emperor of Japan offer to teach Japanese troops in the military arts. The officer goes to land of the Rising Sun and has no idea that you will find there something more than just a job.

9. Nuremberg1961

Ninth place in the list of the best historical films according to IMDb listed for the military drama of the Nuremberg trials (1961). A three-hour black-and-white film was shot on real events that relate to the small Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals. German lawyer Ernst Janing becomes the main accused. His case is famous American judge named Dan Haywood, who will defend the honor and life of this distinguished man.

8. King says!2010

Eighth in the list of the best art historical movies IMDb gave the biographical drama the King's speech. (2010). This is a story about a British Duke George, who will soon have to take the throne of the king. Since childhood George VI suffered from a stammer and had the fear of mass demonstrations. His new position requires worthy to hold in front of an audience and have clear diction. The best experts of Britain struggled with the lack of the Duke, but all to no avail. George decides to seek the assistance of speech therapist Lionel Logue who has no proper education, but walking rumors it works wonders. In 2011, the film won 4 Oscar statuettes and was recognized as one of the best pictures.

7. Andrei Rublev1966

Andrei Rublev (1966) is the results of the vote Kinopoisk seventh place in the list of the best historical movies. Biographic film dedicated to one of the great Russian painters, divided into 8 stories, little connected with each other. But all together they create one big picture of medieval Russia through the eyes of the monk-artist. The goal of the creators of the film in the first place to bring you in and show you the spiritual world Rublev. It was originally planned that the film will be named as the Passion according to Andrei. At Kansk film festival the film was awarded the FIPRESCI prize.

6. Gandhi1982

Biographical drama Gandhi (1982) ranked sixth in the list of the best historical paintings. The main character — an outstanding figure of India, Mahatma Gandhi, who struggled for the rights of his native country. He was born in 1869, when India was considered part of the British Empire. In 1948, the year of his assassination, the country was declared independent. Thanks to Gandhi, India was able to become a free country. The picture was the Oscars, winning Best picture nomination.

5. They fought for the Motherland1975

The fifth line in the list Kinopoisk went to the Soviet historical film They fought for their Motherland (1975). The film is based on real events that occurred in the years of the great Patriotic War. The film describes the battle of 1942, at Stalingrad. The horror of war and many casualties, which carried the Soviet army, described all the intricacies of the military drama. In 1975, the picture has participated in the nomination Palme d'or.

4. Amadeus1984

Amadeus (1984) occupies the fourth position in the list of the best historical films according to the website IMDb. Artistic, the picture was filmed on the eponymous play by Peter Shaffer. The plot revolves around the life story of the composer Antonio Salieri. He was not born with the divine gift of music, but firmly believed that persistence, patience, and commitment can achieve amazing heights. Meeting with Mozart introduces a musician in a depressed state. Not making a huge effort, music is given by Mozart with the same ease with which he breathes. In the composer settled envy, and he decides at any cost to get rid of the musical genius and his opponent. In 1985, the film received an Oscar statuette, won Best film, and was awarded seven Academy awards.

3. Braveheart1995

Braveheart (1995) reveals three of the best historical films, according to IMDb. The film describes the events that took place in the year 1280 in Scotland. The country occupied by the English, and king Edward Longshanks prohibits the Scots to use a gun. The troops of the king are constantly carrying out the robbery in the local villages, attacking local residents, raping and killing them. Relatives of the hero William Wallace die in one of the raids of the marauders. It takes on education to the uncle. Many years pass and a grown-up young man returns to his native land. He meets a childhood friend Marron marrying. But soon the wife kill the British. Heartbroken and determined William gathers an army of locals to revolt against the British government.

2. The dawns here are quiet1972

Second place Kinopoisk gave the Soviet film the dawns here are quiet (1972). It's a tragic story about a fatal fate that befell the young female anti-aircraft gunners under the guidance of a seasoned soldier Vaskov. Once the frontline in an unequal battle with the Germans, every one of the girls die. Shaken by the incident, Vaskov takes a firm decision to deal alone with each of the survivors of the Nazis.

1. Schindler's list1993

Schindler's list (1993) heads the list of the best historical films according to IMDb. Of the 12 Oscar nominations art picture managed to win 7 prestigious statuettes of the American Academy. The film describes the events that took place during the Second World War, when the Jews were persecuted everywhere. The factory owner Oscar Schindler learned about the liquidation of Jews, decides to save his workers from certain death. Risking his reputation and position, the man manages to save over a thousand Jewish lives.

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