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The best camera in smartphones 2017


Many users when choosing a smartphone pay special attention to his cell. Modern gadgets allow you to shoot quality pictures and video without the use of professional cameras and camcorders, because mobile compact device copes with this task. We have selected the best camera smartphones in 2017, and bring to your attention.

10. Microsoft Lumia 950XL

Microsoft Lumia 950XL opens the rating of smartphones, which have decent cameras. Main camera PureView 20-megapixel BSI optics and F1.9 allows you to output the clear and realistic picture under any lighting conditions. The gadget is built optical image stabilization of the fifth generation. Recording video in 4K resolution. Front-facing 5-megapixel camera, designed for selfies has great quality wide angle lens.

9. Samsung Galaxy S8

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 has the same 12-megapixel camera, which is practically not superior to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S7. The picture quality is still at a high level. The only difference is improved software that makes it possible to process the image and also helps to get a slightly better picture quality in low light. The picture quality is at the highest level: they are clear, detailed, bright and juicy. Front camera of 8 megapixels allows you to take a perfect selfie even in the night time. Fast lens is 1.7 f.

8. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is equipped with a 12-megapixel camera technology SLR camera Dual Pixel. The gadget is very quick to focus even in very poor lighting. The aperture of the camera is 1.7 f, has support for recording videos in 4K resolution. Front camera of 5 megapixels produces lower quality images. Higher aperture and HDR capture on a different level in all lighting conditions.

7. iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus has a 12-megapixel camera with a wide angle lens with 1.8 f aperture and a telephoto lens with aperture 2.8 f. Video with 4K resolution capable of capturing up to 30 frames in one second. Has optical stabilization for videos. The gadget is equipped with a True Tone flash with Quad-LED and has time-lapse mode with image stabilization. Excellent noise reduction allows you to take pictures at the highest level. When recording 4K video has the ability to take photos 8MP. Front camera able to take pictures with a resolution of 7 megapixels. With it you can take a selfie of excellent quality.

6. LG G6

LG G6 is of particular interest to users thanks to its camera to 13 megapixels. The main camera delivers excellent shooting indoors and in the dark you may need a manual configuration to obtain high-quality photos. The gadget has a two-tone LED flash, which copes with the task on all hundred, not peresvetova the subject. The front camera has 5 megapixels and allows you to take selfies of great quality.

5. Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel XL is included into the five of leaders on the market of smartphones with excellent camera quality which has 12.3 megapixels. Here provided, both laser and phase detection autofocus. There is also a branded electronic stabilization. Feature of the camera is the most realistic colors. Thanks to the HDR mode greatly improves the quality of the pictures. The gadget provides high-quality images even in very low light.

4. Huawei P10 Dual sim

Huawei Dual sim P10 is considered to be the flagship gadget of 2017 with a Leica camera of the second generation. The main 12-megapixel camera has an aperture 2/2f, and the front got a Leica lens with an aperture of 1.9 f. To achieve greater definition and image quality, the developers made use of two images in color photography is color and black and white. The camera delivers detailed and crisp images with a small amount of noise. Black-and-white shooting mode provides extremely high contrast and photo quality.

3. Sony Xperia X Performance

Sony Xperia X super Performance equipped with a powerful 23-megapixel camera, allowing to capture the most fleeting of moments. From sleep to work, it goes in just 0.6 seconds. Hybrid AF delivers lightning-fast build and then the camera immediately begins to track his movements. This allows you to shoot clear and detailed images. Front camera of 13 megapixels provides high-quality selfies. Special attention deserves the gadget and its display, passing bright, very juicy and realistic color thanks to the technologies that are used in the production of Sony TVs.

2. HTC 10 32Gb

HTC 10 32Gb may well boast of its amazing camera with UltraPixel sensor, 12 million ultrapassada. The gadget is equipped with a bright lens f/1,8, with optical stabilization. There is here and laser autofocus with great speed. Front camera of 5 megapixels UltraSelfie has a wide angle aperture of f/1,8. Flash when shooting self-portraits is provided here due to the illuminated screen. a feature of the device is the equipment from two cameras with lenses having optical image stabilization. Using the front you can do a very good selfie. In manual mode there is the possibility of adjusting the brightness, if necessary, you can use the HDR mode Auto.

1. iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Plus deservedly takes first place in our rating. Here there is the main 12-megapixel camera and a flash True Tone Flash. Technology Focus Pixel available in the gadget, designed for fast focusing. The camera has great noise reduction, so the picture quality is at the highest level even in very low light. The resolution of panoramic images is 63 megapixels. Technology life Fotos allows you to take "live pictures", that is, images are able to live somewhere for three seconds. Recording video in 4K resolution with a frequency of thirty frames per one second. You can shoot not only video but also take pictures. The front camera shoots to 5 megapixels, which allows you to take selfie pictures of excellent quality.

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