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Best books – fiction of 2015


An astonishing fictional world works takes knigomania the most unexplored corners of the human the imagination. It leads away from reality, and sometimes becomes a prophecy of the future.

Our readers are the best books – fiction of 2015 release.

10. Phases of gravity

Dan Simmons Phases of gravity opens the top ten most amazing and appreciated by readers of books genre fiction. The novel tells about the love and loss of the main character Richard Baedeker, who is in search of the true meaning of life. Perfect Richard's flight to the moon in the distant past had had the most remarkable accomplishment of all time. Then the hero's life went downhill: he lost his wife, did not work out the relationship with his son, and all the love to the cosmos and the flights disappeared. In the difficult time period Baedeker meets a mysterious girl who becomes a symbol of salvation. She will help the hero to look into his past and deal with the present.

9. American vampire

American vampire located in the ninth place in top ten best books of 2015. The authors of the creations were just three of the famous writer Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque and Stephen king.

The plot is one of the most ruthless, ferocious and cunning vampires Skinner Sweet, who was born on American soil. It is not only the night-the embodiment of nightmares, as adapted to daylight. This is all the power of the bloodsuckers, which transcend the blinding bright rays of the sun. The action takes place in Los Angeles, where after a long 45 years imprisonment, a soulless killer rises from the grave. In addition to the Entourage, the main person in the novel is a young girl vampire pearl Jones, who longs to become a movie star in Hollywood.

8. Ender in exile

Ender in exile is the eighth line of a rating of the best modern books of science fiction. The author of the novel is one of the most popular American writers and winner of many awards Orson Scott Card. The book was a continuation of the science fiction novel Ender Game. Main character # may not return to the earth. He wins in a brutal Game that resulted in the most real war. This is one of the most brilliant warriors of all time becomes the Savior for all mankind. Ender is not going to put up with the local political regulations and embarks on a journey on one of the colonist ships. Where I am sure that it will be able to find answers to many questions that do not give him rest.

7. Rails

Rails – a novel by British science fiction writer China Mieville is in the seventh position of the best books of fantasy. The action takes place in Elsemore, where thousands of kilometers has swept across the poisoned land, which is fully covered rails. They run in all directions and connect time and space of the country. But the people are sure beyond Elsemore located living earth, full of wealth. The main character, is working as the assistant on the train rotobee, Samus up Aural becomes privy to the mystery of Raisemore. It is necessary first to get to the outskirts before it will make pirates with rail fleet.

6. Cold embrace

Book writer Jennifer Armentrout Cold embrace among the ten best contemporary works of the fantasy genre. Artistic work is a continuation of the novel Hot kiss. The main character of the novel is experiencing the pain of losing her boyfriend Roth, who offered himself as a sacrifice, and was consumed by the Inferno of Hell. Beside the girl turns out to be Zane, which is her old childhood love. Between the characters love connection. But suddenly returns Roth, who brings terrible news from the hellish town.

5. Doctor who. Silent stars movement

Doctor who. Silent stars movement from the Dan abnett and developed ranks fifth among the most widely read books of the genre fiction of 2015. The novel is set on the planet morph, where there came a season of winter feasts. But residents are not configured for the celebration. All they want is to return to his planet still the like. This morphs are working hard, trying to somehow stop the heavy cold. But their efforts do not give results, and the frost is coming all over with ruthless force. Visit the city morph for Christmas turns to the Doctor meeting with the Ice warriors, his sworn enemies.

4. Like a fairy tale

How would the fairy tale of the British science fiction Graham Joyce is located on the fourth place among the best contemporary works of the fantasy genre. The master of the pen will tell the amazing story of sixteen year old girls Tara Martin, who went for a walk in the woods and went missing. All attempts to find her have been futile and yielded no results. In 20 years, what happens is that no one could have expected: the Containers are returned. The most amazing thing that young lady did not changed in appearance after no one decade. Martin tells the incredible things that happened to her. But such stories are hard to believe, because they are so like a fairy tale.

3. Science of the Discworld

Science of the Discworld reveals three of the most incredible books of science fiction. It's not easy art fictional work. Written by Terry Pratchett in Alliance with Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen, combines both fictional and authentic scientific facts. The reader is waiting for an amazing journey into the world of unexplored Universe. In addition to the scientific and fantastical moments, the book is filled with hints of humor. This creation will not leave anyone indifferent fans of science fiction.

2. Live. We can live among people

Novel by Ukrainian writer Barbara Anal Live. We can live among the people takes the second position as one of the best fiction of 2015. The action of the book takes place on a station called WOAH. Live there and learn the most intelligent, beautiful and happy children. Their guardians and teachers are not people, but robots. Students do not know the word parents and they do not know where to disappear their comrades, who was fifteen years old. Mysterious station, where they grow brilliant programmers, astronauts, and robotics, holds many secrets that will uncover young heroes.

1. Metro 2035

Metro 2035 by Dmitry Glukhovsky is a fantastic continuation of the story of Metro 2033 and the completion of the ranking of the best books from the genre of science fiction. Mankind is reaping the fruits of a Third World war that erased from the face of the earth almost all life. Only a few managed to escape and learn to live in a new world – world of dungeons. People dream that someday they will be able to return to earth. The first two parts of the trilogy was a resounding success, and the latest story about the voluntarily cloistered residents of the metro has become the most awaited book of 2015.

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