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Best books on psychology, which turned the life


Words have an amazing power of influence. Words can inspire, give joy, but they can also cause a person to completely lose faith in himself or lose a purpose in life. Only one book can be the guiding light leading to success and happiness. We offer our readers the best books on psychology, which turned the life – let's talk today about the most inspiring literary works.

10. The sensible world. How to live without unnecessary worries

Opens our list of the best books on the psychology of "the Sensible world. How to live without unnecessary emotions" by Alexander Sviyash. This book, written with a sense of humor, learn to relate to the world easier to stop present to themselves and others, excessive demands and accept people for who they are, without trying to alter them. The book helps to understand yourself, to gain understanding of what is happening in your life and change the perspective on many things. Work Sviyash valuable because the technique of the author was successfully tested on a variety of workshops and trainings. The book contains many exercises, which are designed to help the reader find books composure.

9. Psychology of influence

One of the best books on psychology, life-changing, is "Psychology of influence" by Robert Cialdini. She is an outstanding textbook on social psychology and was reprinted five times, which tells about the huge popularity of the labour Cialdini. Despite the fact that the book is written in easy language, it is based on solid scientific research.

Cialdini from the book the reader learns about the basic techniques of manipulation, methods of human exposure and how to counter them. "Psychology of influence" is indispensable not only for those who by occupation must be able to convince people, but also to ordinary readers. Book Cialdini can be used as a kind of weapon to successfully defend against manipulators.

8. How to stop worrying and start living

"How to stop worrying and start living" by Dale Carnegie is one of the most known and best books on psychology, can be life-changing. It's a classic psychological literature.

The modern world is full of stress, and the situation every year is only getting worse. How to change your attitude to life's challenges, stop worry about little things, and to communicate with others – teaches book. It is based on real stories of people and gives lots of advice. Carnegie uses as examples of the situation that took place with his friends, relatives and acquaintances.

7. Radical forgiveness

Continues the list of the best books on psychology, life-changing, "Radical forgiveness" by Colin Tipping. This work can you advise to read everything, because in life every person had problems with work, relationships, health and self-esteem. "Radical forgiveness" – a book-a practice which helps to radically change lives. Whatever difficulties had to endure, no matter how hard it was relationship from the past can be gotten rid of and live in harmony with each other.

6. Manipulation of consciousness

"Manipulation of consciousness" Sergei Kara-Murza is another great psychology book that can change lives. It is included in the curriculum of sociology courses, but interesting and a wide circle of readers.

To understand his life, you have to know about the ways and methods of manipulation of consciousness. Who and how manipulates the public consciousness, for what it is and what consequences result? The author hopes that the reader will make the right choice that determines his future living arrangements.

5. One habit per week

Continues the list of the best books on psychology, life-changing, "One habit a week," Brett Blumenthal.

The idea of the author is simple – changes in life start with small steps and small changes. If every day to do the tiny step that does not require much energy and a lot of time during the year you can achieve amazing results. The main thing here is not to throw the begun business and not to be lazy. Nothing complicated and unrealistic – 52 small changes in life to improve stress, health and memory. In the end, the person leads his life in order and enjoys the fullness of life and happiness. Everything is possible and achievable. Main thing is to get the 52 step.

4. Life and death

One of the best and extraordinary of books on psychology, can change a life – a "Life and death" Osho. Many human problems are connected with the fear of death. We prefer not to speak on this subject, passed by her side, but each not once thought about death. Understanding the inevitability of death and acceptance of it makes a person free.

This is what is told in the book of the famous Indian philosopher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. It is a series of talks and spiritual leader about life and death.

3. The games that people play. People who play games

Books on psychology can change ones life, is the work of the Creator of transactional analysis by Eric Berne, "Games people play. People who play games".

The book became a bestseller and was reprinted many times. Psychologist Eric Berne developed a system that frees humans from exposure scenarios that define his life. Bern believes that almost all people play games in family and business life and receive from them an emotional "win". In his book, he wittily describes more than a hundred games, which involved people and offers "antigny" that will help you get out of any game imposed, if the person so desires. According to the author, these games distort and destroy human relationships. After reading his book, everyone can understand whether he is the party games and will learn to come out of them.

2. To say life Yes!

One of the best books for psychologists, life-changing – "Say life "Yes!" By Viktor Frankl. Its author was a Nazi concentration camp and knows how to behave in seemingly hopeless situations, how to remain human in the most appalling conditions and to find the strength to resist against all odds. The book of Viktor Frankl leaves a deep impression and is able to help people who have fallen into despair or apathy. It indicates the true human values and teaches the understanding that the human life is not just.

1. Transerfing reality

Books on psychology, life-changing, is the "reality Transurfing" by Vadim Zeland. What it teaches? Conscious control of life, positive thinking, goal – oriented- it teaches the technique of transurfing of realities developed by the author. The book contains many concrete examples of how to make their life meaningful and not to succumb to outside influences.

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