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Best books about the post-Apocalypse


The list of the best books about the post-Apocalypse included a fantastic product that has already gained the love of many readers and fans of this genre. These artistic works of outstanding science fiction writers allow us not only to depart from reality, but are food for thought. Often in such works, writers often touch a person's inner world and highlights the theme that is capable of each of us, when mankind is on the verge of extinction.

10. World war ZMax Brooks

"World war Z" (Max Brooks) opens a rating of the best works on the theme of post-Apocalypse. Humanity faces a global catastrophe, as in a short time it could completely disappear from the face of the Earth. The replacement person will come decayed, vicious and vile "deados", which are all called zombies. They are completely devoid of feelings, all what makes them tick — the smell of the person, which is their ordinary food. The slightest wound received from zombies, and humans have no chance of survival. For the protection of the planet rise of the military who are killed daily by the hundreds, turning themselves into inhuman killers. People don't know what to do against an opponent who's already dead.

9. The AnathemasNeal Stephenson

"Anathemas" (Neal Stephenson) is one of the best books about the post-Apocalypse. The Terrans return to the way of life of the middle Ages through the fault of science. Scholars become monks. One of them, Frau Erasmus, like all his colleagues, lives outside the monastery walls from which it is forbidden to go. However, once a year the monks are supposed to come to the light, and the walls of the monastery are allowed to enter ordinary people. And once, when comes another such day, tragedy strikes, which puts the whole world on the brink of death.

8. Metro 2033Dmitry Glukhovsky

Metro 2033 (Dmitry Glukhovsky) is one of the best seller about the post-Apocalypse from the Russian science fiction writer. The book was even withdrawn a computer game called "the universe metro 2033". In a fantastic piece describes the events of not so distant 2033, when the entire world is mired in the ruins and ruins. Humanity is almost extinct. The Russian capital turned into a Ghost town due to the received radiation dose. Instead of people roam the streets of the monster. A small handful of people who managed to escape, hiding in the subway. One of the main characters of the book Artemy man, in whose hands fate put the fate of the survivors, whom he must save from destruction.

7. — Z is for ZachariahRobert C. o'brien

"Z — Zechariah means" (Robert C. o'brien) is among the most popular works about the post-Apocalypse. The main character a young girl, Ann burden, who believes that lives alone in a new world devoid of people. But one day she discovers a column of smoke, a sure sign that someone of the people still survived. She doesn't know this man, but goes to meet him. The girl thinks there's nothing worse than to be the last man on Earth and eke out their bleak existence, but soon she will have to personally make sure that this is not the worst.

6. Warm BirdBasil Gavrilenko

"Warm Bird" (Basil Gavrilenko) is recognized as one of the best Russian books about the post-Apocalypse. According to the author, each person lives in a Warm bird that cannot be killed no matter what. Even the Apocalypse and multiple murders is not able to expel from the human, because the natural desire of everyone is to love and be loved.

5. Day Of The TriffidsBy John Wyndham

"Day of the Triffids" (John Wyndham) is one of the most popular books among admirers of the works of the genre postapokalipsis. Earth was captivated by the so-called triffids that represent nothing like the moving carnivorous plants. They began to breed on farms because of derived from these varieties are very valuable oil. Plants were fed carrion. A feature of the triffids was their sting, which they could have thrown a few meters ahead and hit the victim with their poison to death. In the care of dangerous plants people used special protective suits and regularly cut the sting of a triffid. Carnivorous plants had excellent hearing and likely of collective intelligence, which once helped them escape to freedom. it will end for a person, the reader can learn from this fantastic book.

4. The death of grassJohn Christopher

"Death of grass" (John Christopher) is rightly one of the ten best works of art about the post-Apocalypse. Humanity is on the verge of extinction because of the perfect fatal mistakes. People break the ecological balance because of the destruction, the rapid destruction of nature. This topic is relevant in our time as never before. The book of John Christopher could be called prophetic.

3. MalevilRobert Merle

"Malevil" (Robert Merle) is one of the best books, the theme of which is the post-apocalyptic future. The plot revolves around the castle of Malevil, the walls of which save from death a group of friends, while almost all the people died because of what happened on Earth a thermonuclear catastrophe. In this work the reader will not find the evil monsters who are chasing a handful of survivors. Here deep meditation survivors about their existence. They understand that now their life is much slower, and now they can not be carried in the confusion, and just live. So if it is bad — talk the main characters.

2. The Confrontation BetweenStephen King

"Confrontation" (Stephen king) is one of the top three books about the post-Apocalypse. The plot is associated with a dangerous virus which comes from the American secret lab out. The result is the almost complete disappearance of mankind. A small handful of those who managed to survive are divided into two camps. One of the groups remains faithful to the ideals of humanity, and the second is ready to go for the mysterious Black Man who wants to take over the world. Strife between the two factions and lead to the ensuing fight between them.

1. The RoadCormac McCarthy

"The road" (Cormac McCarthy) heads the ranking of the best books proportionalities. This work is the winner of many literary awards, so it can undoubtedly be attributed to the classics of the genre. The book was filmed, and the film had less success than the work itself. The book describes the events that unfold a few years after the incident of a global catastrophe. Dies out almost everything alive, and reigns around one ruin. Many of the people who United in gangs, engaged in cannibalism. Against this inhumanity shows the life of the son and the father. Together they go South, wanting to get to the sea. But what they want to, because humanity has no hope for a brighter future.

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