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Best books of the fantasy genre


Modern man lives boring. Home, work, family, news on TV. This happens every day for many years. But many people want more: more colorful life of adventure, wildness of adrenaline in the blood. Perhaps this can explain the popularity of the fantasy genre.

Books of this genre, it is essentially the stories that adults love. Reading them, you can imagine yourself a brave knight or a powerful mage, or well, a charming beauty, at worst. The best authors who worked in this genre, possessed a remarkable talent, great erudition and a very rich imagination. Many of these books are written very efficiently, although the base of literature too short. We would like to introduce you to the best books of fantasy that will transport the reader to magical worlds of sword and sorcery.

10. Ursula Le GUIN. Tales From Earthsea

This series of books can be safely attributed to the best examples of this genre. The writer has been able to create a real magical world, which became bright and magical colors.

Earthsea is a real world of swords and sorcery, ruled by the wise wizards and mighty heroes, a world of spells and prophecies, dragons and terrible creatures, created by magic. You can still add that this world is well-drawn, the attention to detail, and it is really addictive. Millions of readers around the world are fans of this American writer.

9. Terry Pratchett. The colour of magic

World-famous author who wrote works in the fantasy genre. He created a real fairyland – the World is Flat. It lived and operated his characters. Make feats, get into incredible adventures and scrapes.

And, of course, it has all the attributes needed for any books written in the fantasy genre: dragons, trolls and other magical creatures. There is even a real Death. All this served with fine English humour.

In 2009 Pratchett for his services was knighted by Queen most.

8. Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher

This is one of the best works in the fantasy genre. Actually, not one piece, but a whole series of books which tells us about the adventures of the Witcher Geralt, his mission is the destruction of various evil spirits.

The books are beautifully written, the world of Sapkowski is very bright and natural, he was drawn to the smallest detail. Special attention was paid to the psychological portraits of his characters. Fabulous space gradually turns into a violent and bloody world full of intrigue, conflict and betrayal.

This series of books very popular. In his reasons released computer games, movies, published comics.

7. Clive Lewis. The Chronicles Of Narnia

This is a series of books written by Clive Staples Lewis and intended for children and adolescents. The writer has portrayed a magical land called Narnia, accessed through different methods, even through an ordinary wardrobe. The main character's actions are the product children or teenagers.

In this magical land everything is different from our world: animals can talk, all the rules of magic and is an endless struggle between good and evil. This series includes seven books translated into dozens of languages and published in millions of copies.

6. Philip Pullman. The Golden compass

This is the first book of the famous trilogy of another Englishman, who is an acknowledged master in the fantasy genre.

The book focuses on the unusual world ruled by powerful witches, polar bears are considered the best fighters and know how to speak, and everyone has their mascot "Damon" is a specific animal that accompanies him all his life.

The book tells about a little girl Lyra who is looking for his missing friend and this search lead her to the edge of the land, to the far North. She needs to challenge the absolute evil, and for this, you may have to step on the other side of the Northern Lights.

Books of this trilogy included in the list of the best books of all time, which was published in 2003. In 2007 came the film adaptation of this novel, she was nominated for the award "Oscar".

5. George Martin. A song of ice and fire

If the previous two books of the fantasy genre can be called children, then this literary masterpiece is certainly not to say. This whole series of books, the first of which appeared in 1996. The author is an American novelist and screenwriter George Martin. Currently, there was already five books in this series, only the author plans to write seven works. The genre of these works can be called epic fantasy. Martin set a new benchmark of quality for works of this genre.

The story takes place in a fictional world called Westeros. Here winter and summer last for years and the events described in this narrative, have at the beginning of winter, which promises to be long and severe. The world depicted in the books is very reminiscent of the later middle Ages of our world.

In the books there are many subplots and a huge number of existing characters. Compared to other books of this genre, in the works of Matina's quite a bit of magic and wizardry. Most of the plot lines associated with the struggle for the Iron Throne is the throne of the Seven kingdoms. An interesting and important storyline, which tells of the bastard John snow and developments in the Ice Wall that protects the mainland from supernatural beings coming from the North, and the line associated with Daenerys Targaryen, the last representative of his dynasty, which is able to control the dragons.

4. Joan Keeling Rowling. Harry Potter

This story has become iconic and is already an integral part of global mass culture. In these books we learn about the orphan boy Harry Potter with a strange scar on his forehead, who lives in an average English family has no idea that he is a wizard and about a terrible secret regarding his birth.

However, he is in the dark. Harry goes to the amazing school of witchcraft and wizardry, learns the truth about his parents, finds true friends and gets into unimaginable adventures. He finds and dangerous enemies, with the most terrible and powerful of which he will have to fight.

In the books Rowling created a vivid and magical other world, which draws the reader. He thought out to the smallest detail, and they give this world an amazing charm.

All books about Harry Potter and his friends filmed. Almost all movies had a great success. Curiously, the first book about a young wizard, Rowling couldn't publish because the publishers didn't believe in its commercial success. Now books have been translated into dozens of languages, their circulations are in the millions.

3. Michael Moorcock. Lord of swords

This cycle can be safely attributed to the heroic genre. In the center of the story is the Eternal Hero (the Eternal warrior), who travels through many parallel worlds and everywhere acts as a great warrior and military leader. This character has many incarnations, but in each of them he is a loyal friend and lover, and fighting with magical weapons. The hero always wins, but it brings him little joy, is in his traits of certain doom.

Worlds in which characters act Moorcock, really beautiful and amazing. They are unusual creatures, the Gods preside over the destinies of mortals, and courageous heroes perform numerous feats.

2. Robert Jordan. The Wheel Of Time

Another series of books written in the fantasy genre. The writer created a very colorful and detailed world, that he is not inferior to such authorities of the genre as Tolkien and Martin.

To create Jordan used almost all known earth culture. This world is very rich and interesting. The author's books have difficult story in them you will find lots of intrigue, astonishing magic, epic battles and unsolved mysteries.

1. John Tolkien. The Lord of the rings

First in our list is the trilogy of Tolkien, which is rightly considered one of the best works of the fantasy genre. These books had a huge impact on the evolution of the genre and the development of mass culture. We can say that the following famous writers who worked in this genre, look up to Tolkien. It can be safely called the father of this genre.

Amazing and fascinating world of middle-earth, which are the heroes of the trilogy, are described in detail. Here home to numerous magical creatures: elves, dwarves, dragons, trolls and orcs. John Tolkien was a philologist, he studied the legends of the peoples of Northern and Central Europe and they became the basis of his books.

The story centers on a small hobbit, Frodo, who must carry out a very important mission, in fact, to save the whole world. This is one of the storylines. He has to throw the magic ring into the mouth of a blazing volcano. Meanwhile, in middle earth intensifies the evil, dark forces seek to destroy the world. In their way stand the combined forces of humans, dwarves and elves. Magic, epic battles, horrible offspring of evil forces, amazing animals – all of this you can find in these works.

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