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Top 10 best romance novels


Love — the most mysterious and sophisticated feeling. For some it's a chemical reaction, and for someone something more than attraction to another person. Anyway, the question of love has always fascinated mankind, and novels about relationships between a guy and a girl instantly become bestsellers. Many of them have a low cultural value. So specially for you we selected the best romance novels, which are presented below.

10. John Fowles "the French Lieutenant's woman"

Seemingly mundane story about a man from a noble family, who is engaged to a rich girl. But he loves a maid with a bad reputation.

John Fowles not one of those writers who writes novels for reading on the train. In the final works, opening the top best romance novels, there are three open endings. The reader will have to think out the ending of this story about love set in the Victorian era.

9. Eric Segal "love Story"

The book, which had many clones. He is rich and successful Harvard student. She is an ordinary, unremarkable girl. Logically, they are not meant to be together. But pair goes against fate. They fall in love with each other. It seems that it is forever. But they discover a deadly disease...

The book, occupies in the ranking of the best romance novels 9 the clichéd and predictable plot, but it brings to mind a whole range of feelings.

8. Choderlos De Laclos "Dangerous liaisons"

Adventure novel, which is one of the favorite for screenwriters and Directors. The plot of the book taken seven movies! "Dangerous liaisons" is a novel in letters exchanged between the beautiful Cecil and Viscount de Valmont. The assurance of the writer, all the letters are real, he only made the necessary corrections in the text.

In the book, which is one of the best romance novels, a lot of candid and perverse scenes. But despite this, she still has a lot of popularity among fans of the genre.

7. Charlotte Bronte "Jane Eyre"

Charlotte Bronte wrote a novel at all times. It read as boys and girls, and people of more Mature age. Some find the main character herself, admire her prudence, while others want to learn to forgive as easily as Jane Eyre. The cult novel does not stay long on the shelves. Steadily, every year, release a new edition of "Jane Eyre" — book, considered one of the best romance novels.

6. Francis Scott Fitzgerald "tender is the Night"

The most controversial work of the great writer of the jazz era. In the novel, occupying the sixth place in the top of the best love pieces, lay the tragic story of the wife of Francis. In the mid-30-ies she had brain fog, as a result, the woman developed schizophrenia. Fitzgerald showed the readers another side of his life: bleak and heavy. Fans of Frances, who are used to reading about heroes, living a beautiful life, the novel did not like. The work "tender is the Night" by the writer himself called his poluboyarova.

5. Fannie Flagg "Fried green tomatoes in cafe "Substation"

Work Fanny Flaga is an example of classic American literature. Here is everything you need for the perfect novel: love, friendship, family problems, racial hostility. The action of the book takes place in a small American city.
In the world there are novels that I read, when it comes to depression, bad mood, or a black stripe in life. With the work of Fannie Flagg, everything is exactly the opposite: he advised to read, when all is well and life brings happiness. And even if it doesn't, then after reading the novel, occupying the middle of the top of the best books about love, all will be well!

4. Françoise Sagan "Hello sadness"

The writer was just 19 years old when she wrote this novel. The work caused a wide resonance in the society. Many were indignant, and someone was delighted. Indifferent was not observed.

How a girl so young could write a novel, the content of which didn't correspond to her life experiences? In the book, considered one of the best romance novels of our time, tells about a young girl Cecile with hysteroid psychotype, and therefore always seeking to be the center of attention. Her selfishness, callousness and immoral behavior eventually causes the death of the beloved father.

3. Cecelia Ahern "PS I love you"

When life does not bring happiness and it seems that it couldn't get worse, you should see the debut novel by Irish writer Cecilia Ahern. It tells the story of a loving young couple — Jerry and Holly. They often quarrel but always make up. And after a while Gerry dies from a brain tumor. Holly falls into depression until he finds a lot of deathbed letters from his beloved...
Even the most unemotional and callous man let the tears while reading this novel, who took bronze our rating of the best love works. And for those who want to get a double dose of emotion, shot the same film with Gerald Butler in the lead roles.

2. Colleen McCullough "the thorn birds"

Novel by an Australian writer touched on the theme of love and religion. The book tells about the relationship between a girl Maggie and father Ralph. Their story is so interesting that grows on you over 700 pages of the novel, who took 2nd place in the list of the best love works. And only at the very end the reader learns whether the story has a happy ending or not.

1. Margaret Mitchell gone with the wind

Cult novel Margaret Mitchell naturally becomes the best love story. Its popularity is striking: the Pulitzer prize, translations in several dozen languages, the same name the film received 8 Oscars, and more. The names of the main characters in the book became common, and some phrases of the heroine of the novel — the credo of many girls. Scarlett O'hara throughout the work falls into many different situations, but each of them behaves like a lady!
"Gone with the wind" would be a great reference book for all girls. Because it tells you how to seduce any man, to divert the husband of his girlfriend, and to sew a dress from ordinary curtains.

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