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Best shopping on Aliexpress


In the best shopping on Aliexpress the sellers came from different categories, scored in ranking 97%. Readers are the most reliable online stores for men's, women's, children's clothing, accessories, equipment, cosmetics, and household products that have proven themselves among the buyers with the best hand and received the most positive reviews.

10. New Fashions

New Fashions store on Aliexpress, designed for stylish and fashionable girls and women. Large selection, affordable prices and high quality of the product made this seller one of the best on the market. Here you can choose for every taste dress, classic and for everyday wear. We have a huge selection of blouses, tunics, pullovers, women's accessories, and much more. Five years on the market and sales, which exceeded 60 000 suggests that this store can be trusted. At the moment the New Fashions is 97%.

9. Value Fashion Shop

Value Fashion Shop is an online shop that sells women's clothing and accessories. Here you can find everything from t-shirts for everyday wear to evening dresses. There is also a wide selection of clothing. For four years the seller has carried out more than 110,000 sales. Impeccable reputation and high rating approaching 100% say that this store can be trusted. This is confirmed by the left about Value Fashion Shop positive feedback from Shopaholic.

8. Pioneer Camp Official Flagship Store

Pioneer Camp Official Flagship Store — a store dedicated to men who value style and comfort. The seller specializiruetsya on men's quality clothing that you can buy at a very affordable price. Pioneer camp was Offical Flegship has a huge range of products such as the original jeans, pants, shirts, sweaters, coats, jackets and accessories. There is a clothes brand for any season. For three years the online store has gained an impeccable reputation. This is clearly evidenced by his rating of 99%. The quality and reliability can be judged by the perfect there are the consumers for the entire period of existence of the site. The store has sold more than 36 thousand different things and accessories.

7. PioneerKids Store

PioneerKids store — this shop specializiruetsya exclusively on clothing for boys. The shop is only the second year but has already gained an impeccable reputation. Parents will find here a wide range of clothing for their youngsters. The product range consists of pants, jeans, suits, t-shirts, jackets, etc. seller Rating to date, approaching 99%. During the year work PioneerKids Store has completed more than 1,500 sales, which undoubtedly speaks in favor of the store.

6. Sunny Fashion Official Store

Sunny Fashion Official Store is a real godsend for parents who want their children to be stylish and trendy, but do not want to overpay. The store, on Aliexpress, directly specializiruetsya on the sale of children's clothing for young ladies. Here are a huge range of dresses for little princesses, and various skirts, jeans, t-shirts and everything else. The site operates a 4-year and throughout their activities have not received any negative feedback. Seller rating approaching 100%. Store sales to date have exceeded seven thousand products.

5. Resin Decoration World

Resin Decoration World is one of the best and reliable aliexpress stores. The website specializiruetsya on the sale of goods directly to the house. Here you can easily find a pleasant and useful little things that are needed in the economy. Also there are goods for needlework, a variety of stickers and stuff. The products here can be purchased much cheaper than in a regular store. Resin, Dekorasi world sells on Aliexpress fifth year. During this period, the seller has established itself from the best side, as evidenced by its rating, which is currently 98%. The store made about 10 000 of purchases for the time of functioning.

4. Friend Frank Store

Friend Frank Store — great store of electronics and radio engineering on Aliexpress, on Aliexpress functioning from mid-2015. Here you will find only quality and original headset, speakers, headphones, selfie sticks and much more at an affordable price. About the reliability of the store speaks volumes, the received status from Aliexpress "top seller". The rating Friend Frank Store is very high at 99%. This online store is not afraid to remain without buyers, because I am confident in the quality of its product. For 2 and a half years of activity on Aliexpress has sold about 19 000 different gadgets.

3. Menow Official Store

Menow Official Store is an online shop of cosmetics of the highest quality on Aliexpress. The website specializiruetsya selling it brand Menow. Among the products presented by the seller includes Foundation, blush, correctors, a variety of lipstick color and the texture, mascara, eye shadow and much more, without which it can not do any one a true woman. Menow Official Store has a good reputation, as evidenced by customer feedback and a long seller, which is in its eighth year. Store rating approaching 98%. For all the time in the market the website was carried out more than 40 thousand sales.

2. Realer

Realer is a reliable seller, who is engaged in affixing high-quality women's accessories as handbags and wallets. Here women can afford to choose a bag or purse for every taste, color and financial capabilities. Works Realer on Aliexpress more than three years and has already established itself among the customers only with the best hand. In this online store are made regularly purchase, which consumers are very happy. Seller rating is close to the level of 99%. For all time the store has sold more than sixty thousand of handbags and purses.

1. Timer Store

Timer Store is one of the best aliexpress shops selling timepieces, both for men and for women. Watch here are completely different styles and price categories — from inexpensive to luxury. Timer Store sells this category accessories for about three years, and during this period have earned an impeccable reputation. This fact is confirmed by customer reviews. The rating of the seller of today is more than 98%. For the all-time Timer story sold about 1900 of chronometers.

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