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10 sentimental movies about love


Why people love to watch melodrama? Not only the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, but men. Why is this happening? Usually romance I love to watch people, whose life lacks real emotions. The film gives us a different reality, with bright events, with emotions that gush over the edge. Because women are more emotional than men, they often look melodrama.

Annually a lot of paintings of this genre. However, the really interesting films, not so much. The success of the film about love is an interesting script, good cinematography, and, of course, acting. We have prepared for you a list that includes the best melodrama 2014-2015. List of movies about love based on the reviews from critics and audience and is as objective as possible.

10. Age Of Adaline

This novel tells about a girl who has reached the age of thirty years and ceased to grow. She was in a car accident, which affected her in such an unusual way. Adaline was born at the beginning of the last century, but now it looks the same as fifty years ago. Because of its unusual Adaline is forced to hide and live under a false identity. She has a daughter who resembles her grandmother.

Her whole life is a series of losses. The people with whom she becomes close, gradually grow old and die. Adaline tries not to get into a serious relationship and is limited to short novels. But one day she meets an extraordinary man who begins to court her and confesses his love. But the biggest surprise for girls to become the father of this man, with whom she had an affair in the mid-sixties. He became a famous astronomer, and even was named in honor of Adalin comet.

However, at the end of this film happy. Girl talks about her unusual her lover, and he accepts it.

9. Cinderella

This is a classic theme for any melodrama. The story of a poor girl who meets a handsome Prince and then lives happily ever after with him, can not fail to excite the impressionable hearts of women.

History, in General, standard and not much different from the previous one. The father, after the death of his beloved wife, grieve not for long, to get married again. The stepmother makes Cinderella's life into a living hell. One day the girl accidentally meets a beautiful young man, even unaware that he is a Prince. Soon announce the ball, the fairy godmother helps Cinderella to get there and meet with the Prince. Well and further – a question of technique.

The ending of this story happy.

8. Battle for Sevastopol

This picture cannot be called a romance in the classical sense. This is a film about the war. In the center of the narrative story of a woman-the sniper Lyudmila Pavlyuchenko. This is a woman of unusual destiny. On account of its more than three hundred destroyed by the Nazis. The Director tried to reveal the identity of Ludmila and he succeeded.

A very important part of the film is the personal lives of women. In the war, she could not be happy. Three men loved her and all three perished. Ludmila was a real symbol for the Soviet fighters, defending Sevastopol, with her name the soldiers went to attack, the Nazis wanted to destroy the girl at any cost.

7. The fault in our stars

Another romantic story, which was released on the wide screen in 2014. This film will give you reason to think about the eternal questions: about the meaning of our existence, that our life is only one moment that should be treasured.

Terminally ill cancer girl falls in love with a guy, he was able to overcome this disease and they go on a desperate journey, full of love and romance. They will enjoy every minute spent together. The girl knows that her days are numbered, but love illuminates her life.

6. Focus

It's a romantic Comedy, which tells the story of a very unusual couple. He is a skilled con man, to his "training" gets a very attractive young lady, which makes only the first steps in the criminal field.

Between the main characters flashes real passion, but through time their relationship become a problem for their business. The film was released in late 2014, worked on it from two Directors: Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. The picture is very funny, can highlight the excellent performance of the actors.

5. Battalion

This Russian film is hard to call the romance in the full sense of the word. The events described in the film, taking place in 1917. Is the First world war. The Emperor Nicholas has abdicated the throne. In the country formed a women's battalion, which record women volunteers willing to fight at the front.

A young girl, Nina Krylova, a student of Petersburg high school falls in love with a young officer, Alexander. After that, the girl is recorded in the battalion of Maria botchkareva, which serve women of different ages, backgrounds and destinies. Within a month the girls cooked, and then sent to the front.

Men do not want to fight at the front, there continues to be consorting with the enemy, the soldiers throw their weapons. Against this background, the battalion Botchkareva shows miracles of courage, fortitude and discipline. Despite this, men do not perceive women's battalion seriously. The soldiers Bochkareva will protect the Winter Palace from the Bolsheviks.

4. Pompeii

This movie was released in late 2014. It can be called a historical romance. This is a love story of Gladiator Milo, and the Roman Cassia, which occurs in the city of Pompeii before the eruption of Vesuvius.

Milo has a very difficult fate: his native tribe was slaughtered by the Romans, and he himself was sold into slavery. By chance, he meets Cassia and between young people and flashes of deep feeling. The city comes to a Roman Senator, who commanded the troops, slaughtered a tribe of Cute. He wants to marry Cassia. At this time, waking up the mighty Vesuvius, which if decides to destroy a rich and steeped in sin city.

Milo rescues his beloved, but they were never able to escape his fate.

The film shows the disaster of the city, great special effects, good actors play. Although, the film lacks historical inaccuracies, but the footage of the death of a huge city fascinating.

3. Vasilisa

This Russian film, which should be attributed to the genre of historical melodrama. It describes the events of the Patriotic war of 1812. Against the background of these momentous historical events unfolds the love of a simple peasant serf and landowner. Under normal circumstances they would have no chance at happiness, but the war intervened.

War changes the whole way of life, class prejudices discarded. Fate drives the lovers towards each other.

This movie was directed by Anton Sievers, and the budget of the film was 7 million dollars.

2. Beauty and the beast

This is another adaptation of an old tale. The film was produced by a joint effort of filmmakers in Germany and France. The film Director Christopher Gans. The budget of the film is quite high (like European Union) is € 33 million.

The plot of the film is also classic. The father, who grows beautiful daughter, is in an enchanted castle by a terrible beast. To save his daughter goes and finds daddy in good health, unharmed. She stays in a castle by the beast, which turns out to be quite kind and even cute.

Sincere girl's love for the unfortunate creature helps to destroy the curse and return him to human form. But before the lovers have to overcome many obstacles.

The film is well shot, perfectly matched cast, pleasing special effects.

1. 50 shades of grey

This movie was released in early 2015 and has already managed to make a lot of noise. It is based on the cult book by British writer E. L. James.

The film tells about the relationship of a young girl student Anastacia Steele and billionaire Christian grey. The girl is studying to be a journalist and at the request of his girlfriend goes to interview a billionaire. The interview turns out not too good and the girl thinks that never in my life won't see gray, but he finds her.

Almost immediately between young people passionate romance erupts, but the farther, the more Anastasia finds out about the sexual tastes of her lover, and they are very exotic.

This novel immediately became extremely popular in the UK and the USA. There are a lot of explicit sex scenes, including scenes of violence. Children under the age of eighteen years to watch this film is not recommended.

This is only the first part of the trilogy, we will have a continuation.

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