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The best melodrama 2017


Romance is one of the genres of cinema, which so many women love. On television, the audience has the opportunity to observe the sensory world of the main characters falling in difficult life situations, when you need to make the right choice. This genre of cinema has a special contrast, when good is opposed to evil, but love eradicates hatred. Attention lovers of good cinema are the best melodrama of 2017, a list that is already out.

10. So does the woman

"Does that woman" opens the ten best dramas of this year, which already saw the light. Her name is Anna, she has a lovely family, and happy. But there comes a point when carefree life comes to an end and begins a black stripe in life. The husband of the protagonist accidentally gets involved in a financial Scam, after which it is fired, and he owes a large sum of money. This event radically changes the fate of the main characters, but they always find a way out of this difficult situation.

9. To love and to believe

"Love and trust" — the romance of 2017, which appeared on TV screens on June 10. Svetlana crazy about his wife, and every day confirms his boundless love teplotehniki actions. They work together in a clinic that also more and more unites the lovers. The couple dream of their own child, but numerous attempts Lights to get pregnant ended in failure. The couple decides on IVF, but that does not help them to find their tiny happiness. After some time at the reception to Light a woman with a child who look just like her husband. The main character suspects the husband of infidelity and is conducting its own investigation to determine whether this is so.

8. Don't tell anyone

"Tell no one" is included in the list of the best melodramas of 2017, which was released in early June. The protagonist of the painting a young girl from the province who dreams of career of the famous writer. She sends in one of the editions of his manuscript and waits for a response. Fortune smiles, a talented girl, and soon the chief editor offers her an internship at the famous writer Solovyov. She without hesitation accepts the offer and stays in the country house of his teacher. Girl is crazy of happiness, but soon she learns that the former successor of the writer disappeared without a trace. At the same time in the Gulf, located next to the house Solovyov find the corpse of a girl.

7. Thresholds

"Thresholds" is one of the best melodramas, was released in theaters Russia in 2017. Events in the series unfold a picture near the border of the Soviet Union and China. Here is a military unit, where the service of the main characters of the picture. One of the main characters of melodrama Ilya Matveev is going soon to marry his sweetheart Kate. From this point on in the film begin to unfold the main events, which will involve the main characters.

6. Queen Margot

"Queen Margot" — a melodrama, released in the end of may 2017. The main character Margarita works as a hairdresser. She is a successful and talented girl. Everything in life are better than ever, and she will soon have to marry. But on the eve of the wedding throws the groom, but this event was just the beginning of trials in the life of a girl. Having collected all will in a fist, a few days after the incident, the heroine goes to work, where it will face new troubles.

5. Life without Faith

"Life without Faith" — Russian romance, was released in theaters in 2017. Between these two very different young men with Faith and Bob breaks out the real feelings. They dream of a bright future together, but mutual happiness is stopping envious of Nadia, which is the neighbor girl. Don't want to see this couple together and each Vasey Arthur. Two envious doing everything to separate and embroil the couple.

4. Bless you my love

"Bless you my love" — the recently released melodrama 2017. The main character Pauline is very kind and sympathetic girl who wants to help people, that's why she entered the medical Institute. The girl has poor eyesight and she has decided to help people again see the world in all colors. Pauline met with an experienced eye doctor Bones, with whom she tied relationships. But the young man is his boss that will do anything to put an end to this relationship. Her fault much lovers quarrel, after which the Pauline is leaving town and Kostya marries the boss. The main character has no idea that his first girlfriend is pregnant and will bring over several years of the child alone.

3. Loner

"Loner" is a new romance, released this year by Russia jointly with Ukraine. The protagonist of the series, the native of Odessa Mechnikov Gleb. He works as a policeman and won a good reputation in the service. The man also educates sixteen-year-old daughter since his wife died. On the day of the death of his mother Mechnikov arrested, but knows nothing about it distressed daughter and very offended on the father. Someone really screwed the main character, but he's not used to forgive dirty tricks and will definitely find those people who caused the whole situation.

2. Burning bridges

"Burning bridges" — one of the best new dramas of 2017, recently. The miniseries consists of 4 series, in which the viewer watches the unfolding events in the life of the main heroine of the Faith. The woman lives with her daughter Lisa, and to live helps them own the shop where the heroine works herself. Further events unfold very strange. After the visit of a stranger to the store, which conveys some information to the Faith, it simulates the burning of the store, and she drives away with Lisa in Moscow. In the new city mother and daughter trying to start life anew, but to find yourself in the capital is not so easy. They will have to pass a new, hard tests, to find his own happiness.

1. Extenuating circumstances

"Extenuating circumstances" is a new drama that appeared on television screens recently. The main character of a series of paintings Julia is a very talented girl who is professionally engaged in playing the piano. She's the best hope for the future. In her dreams she draws his great achievements in professional musical activities and happy life with the one you love. Soon on the way girl meets a charismatic, business man, Sergei, with whom she falls in love. It seemed that nothing can prevent a woman's happiness of Julia, but after some time everything comes to an end when the beloved's fault the accident occurs. In case of an accident dies the passer and the dock is not Sergey and Julia.

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