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The best melodrama 2018


It is difficult to find anyone who wouldn't love a movie. To spend a pleasant evening atmosphere in the home watching a good movie – what could be better. If you like melodrama, 2018 boasts of 10 paintings that will not leave anyone indifferent. Melodrama can be viewed in isolation, but together with his other half. The main thing to find a film that will interest you from the first minute and not let go until the very end and the appearance of subtitles on the screen.

10. Dip

The main characters of the painting are United not only by the similarity of characters, views on life and Hobbies, but also features the work. Both the scope of activities associated with permanent risk. He's a spy for British intelligence, she devoted her entire adult life studying the depths of the ocean. Their meeting happened on Christmas eve on the coast in one of the cities of France and proved fatal. But he needs to go to an important operation in Somalia, and she will dive into the depths of the ocean. At one point they both came face to face with death. He hostages the pirates, it is at the bottom of the ocean. Will the lovers meet again?

9. Ghost

The plot of the melodrama is built around the disembodied spirit. Every day he wakes up in a new body, in a strange place and knows nothing about her new life. Moving spirits going on for a long time. But one day, having moved to another new body, he meets a girl named Rhiannon. And realizes that she was the one with whom he should spend the rest of my life. Now daily resettlement become torture and the never ending quest for the one. Young people have to find a way to reunite and never to lose each other. The main message of the film is that love looks completely irrelevant.

8. Ghost thread

The main role in the film Ghost thread performed a multiple Academy award winning actor Daniel day-Lewis. To watch this movie, not only because of the plot, but the acting of this man. The plot revolves around a complicated love story between a famous English fashion designer Reynolds Vodacom and his Muse, a young girl Alma. His dress a dream to wear all the ladies of high society, among couturiers, it has no equal. But the meeting with the wayward girl changes his life. After some time, the designer understood that this relationship and love for Alma destroys his long-established life. The history of difficult feelings in the Phantom picture thread.

7. Ice

In the center of the picture the Ice is a love story between a hockey player and a figure skater. The girl from an early age dreamed of figure skating. And once she sees a well-known athlete, through which all her dreams become reality. But because of an error of the partner, she gets injured, after which about the career of figure skater you can forget. To care for the girl comes a young hockey player. At first, the young people have for each other only hatred and annoyance, but gradually between them begin to emerge feelings. Through faith and the support of a young human girl wakes up and prepares to implement long-held dream of his childhood.

6. Pianist

The main role in the film takes Isabelle Huppert. The plot unfolds around the story of a music teacher in one of the prestigious universities of Vienna. Failures in personal life, she makes up for in strides in music. At home waiting for her old mother, who constantly nags at her daughter and always dissatisfied with something. And under the bed, the girl keeps porn magazines and movies, and sex toys. Her life changes when she meets a young man who enters the University. Between people is the spark. Initially feeling afraid of both, because she is a teacher and he the student. He's a young boy, and she's a grown woman, but it does not become a hindrance to their relationship.

5. Fifty shades freed

Released a few years the film Fifty shades of grey has caused a resonance in society. For the first time on the screens out the picture, which deals with not only love, but also BDSM Hobbies as a sexual practice. Artistic, the picture is clearly not enough, but despite this, the filmmakers did not stop to release some more parts. In this part young people are already married and enjoying each other for pleasure, while on their way found a man who wants to mess with that couple. The ghosts of the past of the main character returned to the life of the couple and threaten their family happiness. The picture is saturated with scenes of a sexual nature, so if you are ready to see sexual fantasies on the screen for viewing it is better to choose a different movie.

4. Midnight sun

The main roles are played by Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger. Story of the Midnight sun revolves around the relationship of two teenagers. Katie, the main character of the picture, goes out only at night and writes songs on guitar. She can't be in the sun because of illness. Sunlight can destroy its delicate skin. One day, a quiet night, she meets a guy and between the young people a sense of flare. Now she is ready to burn in the rays of the sudden feelings for Patrick. She watched as people meet and part only from the Windows of his room, and now she can experience this feeling – love.

3. Buy me

The film tells the story of three young girls who dream of a beautiful and rich life with some oligarch. The main character Kate decides to go to the Emirates to do some modeling. She lies to his mother that he was going for an internship in France. But she have yet to learn that the staircase to the top of the fashion business lies in bed Arab sheikhs. When she returns home, she meets with the two same girls as she is. They rent an apartment, and at night go to the most fashionable clubs, in the hope of finding a rich man. But every time they come up with nothing. So what will have to sacrifice the girls to achieve their goals and whether they are ready to go at all?

2. A tax on love

The main heroine of the picture Clara works as a tax accountant. With the responsibility she is about her work and anyone not willing to make concessions. She also refers to herself. But one day, she met with the tax evasion Marian, who even is proud that he manages to avoid paying taxes. Clara falls in love with a charismatic criminal, and he reciprocates her feelings. But for both, this connection is very dangerous and can lead to tragic consequences. What will our young people to stay together?

1. Form water

Picture of the famous Director Guillermo del Toro, who was repeatedly nominated for the prestigious film award Oscar. The plot takes place in the 60-ies of the twentieth century. A strange love story between a mute cleaning lady and a fish-man. She works as a cleaner in a laboratory. There she meets a fish-man who was captured by scientists for studying. She falls in love with him and helps to escape from the walls of the laboratory. The film won several Oscars, including in the main category "Best film".

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