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Top 10 best guns of the world


The machine is an integral part of a fighter. The weapon must be reliable and have little weight, for a more comfortable and productive use.
This article introduces the best machines in the world top 10.

10. Ferfrans HVLAR

Ferfrans HVLAR is being refined American engineers and may be one of the best machines in the world. The main advantage of the machine gun the Americans called felt the impact of the shot. A weapon designed for the urban environment, so has a small range – only 500 m. the Speed of the shots can be up to 700 rounds per minute. Ferfrans HVLAR weight – 4.5 kg.

9. M16

M16 – American automatic rifle was developed in the 60s years of the 20th century. Machines the M16 to this day remain the main armament of us forces. Sighting range of the automatic movement reaches 800 m, and the speed of shots – 900 m. the Mass of weapons is 3.4 kg. the Machine participated in all wars involving the United States, since the Vietnam war. Weapon recognized as one of the best in the world.

8. FN F2000

FN F2000 – machine, developed by the Belgian company in 2001. The weapon was developed specifically for fighting. It can be used both right-handed and left-handed. The mass of the FN F2000 with an empty store is 3.8 kg. effective range of weapons – half a kilometer, and the speed of shots reaches 850 m / min. The model used in the Afghanistan war (2001-2014). At the moment the machine is used by such countries as Belgium, Poland, Pakistan, India, special units.

7. HK416

HK416 – machine, created by German designers in 2004. The advantages of this weapon include: ease of use and smooth recoil. Not to mention the versatility of the machine – it can fit under almost any type of combat. Sighting range is 600 m and the rate of fire up to 850 rounds per minute. The disadvantages of the weapons include a gun with long shooting may divert the weapons. The machine is used by many countries to special units. Is one of the most popular machines.

6. Steyr AUG A3

Steyr AUG A3 – universal rifle from the Austrian manufacturer. The first models of Steyr AUG was released in the late 70-ies. Model A3 is a more advanced. Sighting range of the weapon is 650 m, and the rate of fire is 750 rounds per minute. The weight of the mechanism without bullets is 3.9 kg. Countries-operators Steyr AUG A3 are: France, New Zealand, Morocco and others. This model is one of the most reliable in the world.

5. The as "Val"

The as "Val" was developed by local designers in the 80-ies of the 20th century. Today the gun used by special forces: MVD, FSB and the armed forces. The main advantage of the rifle is its quietness. It can be easily disassembled and is able to fit in the case.

The machine allows you to use several types of ammunition that helps to hit the target in the body armor or behind a barrier. Is possible to install night sights. The disadvantages include the sighting range of the weapon – 400m and box magazine, scheduled for 20 rounds. Weight without magazine and sight – 2.5 kg. the Machine was involved in the First and Second Chechen war, South Ossetia War, etc.

4. TAR-21(Tavor)

TAR-21(Tavor) – the Israeli automatic rifle of the 21st century. The main advantages of the model include shock resistance, reliability in emergency conditions, the possibility of both right-and left-sided exploitation. It is also possible to install night-vision goggles and grenade launcher. The barrel of a gun involves the installation of a silencer.

The ergonomics of the model increases the chances of a soldier not be seen by the enemy. Per minute Tavor is able to make up to 900 shots, and its weight is 3.27. Box magazine holds 20-30 rounds, enhanced – up to 100 rounds. Effective range is 500m. The model developed in 1993. TAR-21 was adopted in 2001 and used troops to this day. The weapon is one of the most respected rifles of recent times.


FN SCAR-H combat assault rifle was developed jointly by the Belgian and American companies in 2005. She was the winner in the best machine special for American troops in 2014. The main advantages of arms include low recoil, high accuracy when shooting, versatility, and ruggedness in all conditions.

Weighs model of 3.19. Per minute the weapon can make 625 shots. Effective range is a maximum of 900 m. the Store has 20 to 30 rounds. Currently only used by a special unit of the United States. The weapon is considered to be one of the best modern and expensive machines.

2. Bushmaster ACR 3

3 Bushmaster ACR – adaptive combat rifle developed by the American company. Originally intended to upgrade the M16 family of rifles, but the developers did not stop there and decided to implement a few new design elements. The upper part of the receiver machine is made of aluminum, and the lower high strength plastic. The body of the weapon, allowing the weapon does not slip in the hands of a soldier.

All the controls of ACR are within easy access, allowing you to instantly make firing position arrow. Guns automatic rifle is similar to sniper and quickly changing. The mass of weapons is 3,18. Effective sighting range is half a kilometer. The store provided for 30 rounds. This model was developed in 2007. The disadvantages of the rifle can be attributed to its high price. This is one of the best models, developed by the United States at the moment.

1. AK-12

AK-12 – new, advanced Kalashnikov rifle, which allows the fighter all one-hand operation: swap shop, to wank, to switch the fuse. In addition to the telescopic butt of the gun has a plastic butt, which is able to significantly lighten the weight. Now install the crank recharge is possible from two sides, which is very convenient to use the machine as a right-handed and left-handed users. Weight of the new model is 3.2 excluding store.

Box magazine designed for 30-60 rounds, and the drum 95. Sighting machine is a kilometer. This weapon is able to commit up to 650 rounds per minute. The mechanism was developed in 2011 and adopted in 2015. Military without enthusiasm for the new model, citing many of the shortcomings of the invention, so long arms refused to test, which should be financed by the state. However, a promising new machine was selected because of its lightness in weight and lower price. According to the latest data it is the best machine that was produced in Russia.

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