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Best engine oil rating, 2015-2016


Engine oil – an essential element in the car which ensures the normal operation of the engine. Low as motor fluid are the details of the mechanism quickly wear out and become useless. Quality lubricating material forms on all the details of thin solid film that prevents friction between them, and hence extends the lifetime. One of the important factors of the lubricant is its viscosity: the smaller, the better for the engine during sudden temperature drops.

The article presents the best engine oil rating 2015-2016.

10. Total

Oil Total open top ten manufacturers of lubricating fluids. They showed their best side at high loads on the motor. The oil protects the movement from wear and has a good fluidity in cold seasons. The composition of the combustive-lubricating material includes nozzles that clean the engine and provide reliable trouble-free operation. Compared with competitors Total has a low price.


LUKOIL is one of the safest oils to protect the engine and mechanisms, ensuring a long and trouble-free operation of the vehicle. High-tech additives included in the composition, clean the engine from processed foods and ensure good fluidity even at very low temperatures. LUKOIL attributed to the line of environmentally friendly oils due to the low content of toxic metals and small doses of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The grease of this brand is widely popular among car enthusiasts and boasts a relatively low price. It can be used for both petrol and diesel engines.

8. BP

BP – grade motor oil, which is well established among Russian consumers. Technical product protects the parts and the car's engine from wear and tear. The results of the test showed good detergent properties and minimal deposits. Like many modern lubricants, BP have energy-saving ability that allows to save on fuel. Refers to the type of environmentally friendly oils due to its low content of toxic metals. Lubricating fluid also behaves well in extreme weather conditions even at very low temperatures allows to start the engine. Suitable for all types of engines.

7. ELF

ELF combo engine oil included in the top ten, thanks to the excellent cleaning products and a good yield. Lubricating fluid provides good protection for all parts of the car, preventing the friction. ELF has proven to be good both at low and high temperatures. Compared to other brands is one of the most inexpensive oils. The wide range allows to choose the lubricating fluid for all types of motor, which is suitable for cars and trucks. According this year, many motorists chose this oil due to its good characteristics and low price.

6. G-Energy

G-Energy is one of the most technologically advanced motor oils. G-Energy protects the engine and all the details of the mechanism, preventing them from friction and wear. In the most severe weather conditions, according to testing, the lubricant viscosity does not change. The oil retains its performance even after exceeding the allotted mileage. Has excellent cleaning properties, due to the necessary additives, and energy saving property. Suitable for petrol and diesel engines. Also provides corrosion and oxidation effects.

5. Castrol Magnatec

Castrol Magnatec is one of the best motor oils for motor protection and energy saving indicators. Retains its functionality even after 15 thousand kilometers. Castrol Magnatec has a relatively low consumption and the lowest level of deposits. High quality ensure engine starting at low temperatures. Can be used for petrol and diesel engines and also for engines with catalysts and diesel particulate engines. Good ability to be attracted to the metal protects the engine against wear. Castrol Magnatec has average pricing.

4. ZIC

ZIC a relatively young company for the production of motor oils, but already proven with the best hand among motorists. Oil ZIC have a good ratio quality-price. They provide a high degree of protection of the engine against wear and prolong service life. The company produces oil for any engine type and contains the lowest content of toxic metals in comparison with other oils. During engine operation the oil viscosity does not change.

3. Shell

Shell entered into a three of leaders the best of engine oils in 2016 due to high levels during testing. Low viscosity and uniform molecular structure help to improve engine performance and reduce wear by 50%. Also provides better cleaning of the engine thanks to detergent additives and reduce fuel consumption. At low temperatures the technical product does not thicken, smooth start and lower battery drain in the cold season.

2. Petro Canada

Petro Canada oil canadian manufacturer, is well manifested themselves in the Russian context. Test Petro Canada was carried out in conditions of hot deserts and also in temperature conditions close to the Arctic cold. The lack of impurities allows to extend the service life of the lubricating fluid. The oil prevents the wear and tear of the parts of the mechanism, thereby prolonging the operation of the engine. Petro Canada related to the environmentally sound oils, as it contains no toxic impurities. In the line of the product is lubricating fluid for cars and trucks. The product is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.


MOBIL is a leader in sales at the end of this year. Motor oil has shown a good hand at work. One of the main functions of MOBIL – extending the life of the car engine and corrosion protection. The results of the test oil were resistant to sudden temperature changes: it tolerates as low and high temperature. In addition, the product takes care of the surrounding environment – reducing the amount of admission of exhaust gases into the atmosphere. The entire line of products aimed at saving fuel consumption. Pricing is high compared to other oils. MOBIL is mainly intended for passenger cars. Suitable for petrol engines and turbo diesel engines.

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