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Best cartoons for little car enthusiast. Cars, Polly robocar, what else?


Cartoons about tractors and cars more designed for boys, but they are happy to see many girls. They help develop the child, and to know this world through favorite characters. The list includes the best cartoons of automotive topics that will not only interest, but also usefully spend their free time the kids.

10. Polly robocar and his friends

"Polly robocar and his friends" opens a list of cartoons about cars and tractors. This is a multi-part animated movie in which through all the seasons the main character is a police car by the name of Polly. She leads a team of rescuers. All actions of the movie take place in the fictional town of bloom. Live in it not just smart cars, but people. One of the main characters is the girl, Jean, worked as a Manager. Thanks to her daily by a team of rescuers from the machines comes to the aid of people.

9. Leo The Truck

"Leo the truck" − one of the best cartoons about cars for the youngest viewers. The main character of the cartoon truck baby Lev is learning to collect different models of toys. The assistant main character is Masha. Every day the truck brings to the Playground, parts of toys, which he then brings together with the girl. Animated film refers to a series of developmental, through which a child learns sketching, modeling, painting, and more.

8. Maysa loader

"Maysa loader" included in the list of top rated cartoons automotive topics for kids. Yellow excavator nicknamed Masya still very much a baby. He is just starting to learn this world. He has to search for the answer to many questions. To search for the answers the main character of the animated series constantly goes to a small, but exciting journey. This educational video is designed for boys of preschool age. With the help of it your child will learn to think logically and learn many new and interesting things.

7. The adventures of Chuck and friends

"The adventures of Chuck and friends" − American captivating cartoon about cars, which is sure to appeal to boys of preschool age. The main character is a car Chuck, along with his friends constantly get into adventures and funny situations. When they overcome obstacles, they are sent to the local landfill to discuss the incident ended safely. The main characters (Chuck, Rudy, handy, digger, Boomer, Soku) – a close-knit and friendly team, where one for all and all for one. "The adventures of Chuck and friends" teaches children kindness, true friendship and fidelity to their loved ones.

6. Flash and the miracle machines

"Flash and wonder machine" is one of the best cartoons about racing cars. The main character of the cartoon a boy named AJ loves technology and his pickup truck, whose name is Flash. This car is a born racer, loves speed. Have Flash has friends like him who are always there and ready to support him in any minute. If there are any problems, the girl-mechanic named Gabby, at any time eliminate malfunction of the machines. Friends are waiting for an incredible and exciting adventure, and at the same time is dangerous. The cartoon will appeal to kids of primary school age.

5. Fairy tale road

"Fairy tale road" − Soviet cartoon for young viewers about the truck section by a cart where. One day he meets a passenger car and fell in love with her, but that he did not like. The section by a cart where does all to please, and she finally begins to feel sympathy for him. Suddenly on the road appears a big truck, aspiring to be rude on the road. He touches the section by a cart where that because of this, gets into an accident. Now the victim is in need of repair, so send it for repair to the factory. Passenger car heads off to find her so any section by a cart where. Some time later they meet and become inseparable on the road.

4. City cars

"City of cars" − a cartoon for the little ones about the car-the town in which they live the miracle machine. Residents of this small town are very friendly and constantly spend time together. They have fun, have parties, design games, walk together in the Park. Sports car, nicknamed johnny, Cayley, easy, And Jay are the main characters of the animated film that will captivate small viewers into a world of magic and miracles. The actions of the characters teach children to develop qualities such as kindness, fairness, friendship and responsibility.

3. Mater and the ghostlight

"Mater and the ghostlight" is one of the best cartoons for children about cars. The main character of the cartoon a little truck named Mater. He is a Joker who wants someone to scare out of the corner. Once cars get together after another of the antics of the Joker. The police car tells the Master that his jokes won't do any good and tells him about not resting the tanker, which fell under the press and is now something else. After the story of the police cars quickly leave, and the Master is left alone. Now he has to stay alone with his own fear.

2. Cars

"Cars" is included in the list of the best cartoons for boys about cars. The cartoon consists of several seasons. The main character is a racing car named Lightning can not imagine my life without racing. He is the winner of numerous competitions. One day, along with two other rivals at the same time it will be incoming to the finish line. To determine the winner, the judges decided to make the finalists for another race in another city. Cars trucks trailer, which by the way, accidentally drops the Lightning. He tries to catch up with the trailer, but unexpectedly lost on the road and is in one of the provincial towns. The main character has committed a crime and now have to stay here for public works. Over time, Lightning begins to realize that in life there are most important things than race.

1. Blue tractor

"Blue tractor" − complete list of cartoons about tractors and cars for boys. It refers to a category of educational cartoons and includes several seasons. Suitable for age range from two to five years. Together with the blue tractor, the guys get acquainted with numbers, colors and alphabet, and learn to remember names of many plants. Children have to constantly solve anything. This cartoon is not only interesting but also very useful for young viewers who are just starting to learn this world. He will easily and naturally learn all the information you need to know child of preschool age.

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