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Top 10 Best headphones from Aliexpress


Music fans who want to save money, but want to get a good sound, are looking for a decent budget headphone for listening to your favorite music. On a Chinese website presents a huge selection of cheap fillers. Available we have selected the best headphones from Aliexpress which have an excellent ratio of price and quality. These headsets also received the most positive reviews from the users themselves.

10. Xiaomi Piston 3

Xiaomi Piston 3 has elegant appearance and decent sound. The kit includes four pairs of interchangeable ear cushions of different sizes. This is one of the best deals on Aliexpress at a good price with a decent quality. The headset cable is partially protected by a cloth wrapped to prevent mechanical damage wires. The headset features volume control and a button for accepting incoming calls on the phone. The piston 3 is great for listening to different musical genres.


9. Jiabosi

Jiabosi are the best budget sports earphones that can be purchased on Aliexpress for a ridiculous price. They are perfect for iPods, iPhones, tablets, smartphones, iPods and laptops. Stylish appearance and very good sound quality make the headset one of the most decent in its price segment. Jiaosi feature buttons volume control and MIC to answer incoming calls. Headphones do not have active noise cancellation, but this can be forgiven for their low cost. Reviews in most of the cases on this Chinese model is good.


8. Langsdom JM21

Langsdom JM21 is a good choice, which can make the lovers on Aliexpress. The headphones feature a 1.2 m long, the cable itself is flat, which prevents twisting and tangling. Langsdom JM21 have acceptable sound quality, beautiful appearance design and can be used as headset for phone. Customer reviews say that for the price offered by the Chinese website, it's hard to find a good set of headphones. To adjust volume, make calls and accept incoming, provided control buttons.


7. Inpher FUQING

Chinese model Inpher FUQING equipped with a metal body and has very good sound. Headphones have quality build, which is marked by the users themselves. The set has a few pairs of ear cushions in different sizes. Inpher FUQING equipped with a rubberized cable. The weak point of the headset is the place of connection of the plug and wire, so during operation should be treated more carefully with the ear plugs. Sound Inpher FUQING have a very good, what allow you to judge the numerous reviews left by customers about this model. In this price segment it's one of the best deals on a Chinese website.


6. Glylezee

Glylezee — great, stylish, Chinese, luminous headphones with Aliexpress. The first thing they attract is bright and eye-catching design. At night they allow especially stand out to their owner. Despite fairly low cost headphones have excellent quality sound, which provides music for all genres. The model is equipped with control buttons for volume adjustment, as well as making outgoing and incoming calls from your smartphone. The owners are Chinese plugs Glylezee note that this is the best option in the budget price segment, and it is very bright and attractive.


5. DIY IE800

DIY IE800 received a lot of good reviews, which allowed them to enter the top ten. The headset comes in a round, stylish zipper case, and has six pairs of interchangeable ear cushions of different sizes, among which the user will definitely find the most comfortable option for yourself. DIY IE800 have a great build quality and the casing is made of metal. The cable is very pliable and soft, does not tangle. The sound quality of these plugs is on a different level, which is confirmed by the users themselves. Among other advantages of this model it is possible to note a very stylish and attractive design.


4. Xiaomi Hybrid

Xiaomi Hybrid is one of the best options among headphones available for sale on Aliexpress. The first thing to note in this model, so this is a great build quality. Plugs provide balanced sound at high and middle frequencies. The bass is the weak point of these headphones, as their performance is not good. Otherwise for the price nothing to complain about these plugs. Xiaomi Hybrid stand out bright and stylish design, which is very popular with many users. Included with the headphones are three pairs of ear cushions in different sizes.



TTLIFE are the best wireless plugs in its price category. This is one of the best options among headphones that can be purchased on Aliexpress. Bluetooth headset is perfect for those who love an active lifestyle and cannot tolerate the wires are always getting in the way and tangled. TTLIFE stand out bright and very stylish design, that they are loved by many users. The sound quality here is quite decent level, as evidenced by the consumer reviews. Headset respectively provided with control buttons to adjust the volume and accept incoming calls.


2. Langsdom JM26

Langsdom JM26 take pride of second place thanks not only to its good sound, but also attractive design. Plugs can act as a headset for smartphones, so are additionally equipped with control buttons. Elastic, soft and flat cord saves the user from such unpleasant problems like frizz. The model provides a great bass sound as well as it is suitable for playing absolutely any genre of music. Another advantage of these headphones is the low cost. All these features have made these plugs one of the most purchased on Aliexpress.


1. KZ-ED2

KZ-ED2 undisputed leader of the rating among headphones that you can buy on a Chinese website for a low price. The first thing that stands out for this model among its competitors is the quality sound that allows you to enjoy music any genres. KZ-ED2 is also very stylish and beautiful ear plugs with good build quality. The earphones are made of metal, and the wire is in a translucent silicone sheath. The cable is very soft and does not get, as noted by the users themselves.


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