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Best laptops up to 40,000 rubles 2016-2017


The laptop is a more versatile computer that can be used as a stationary PC, but at the same time, it is more compact – it's no problem to take to the road in order to use it in work or for entertainment. Devices of this type with a value of up to forty thousand is perfect for any job and for not too demanding of computer video games. In the top 10 included best laptops up to 40,000 rubles 2016-2017.

10. Lenovo IdeaPad Z710

Lenovo IdeaPad Z710. The cost of this model up to 39999 rubles, which fits into our framework. Of the advantages of the laptop can mention a very beautiful design, powerful processor – Intel Core i5, which will show excellent performance, 4Gb RAM with an extra slot for 4Gb and hard drive to 1Tb of data. The only drawback of the device is fairly mediocre graphics card, which will not allow you to play modern games, but with everything else Lenovo to cope perfectly. And yet, the set of characteristics and striking design give the opportunity to call the best Lenovo IdeaPad Z710 laptop up to 40,000 rubles in 2016-2017.

9. ASUS X550CC

ASUS X550CC. Thin laptop from Asus has a much more solid design compared to the first place. In addition, its body is made with aluminum, which increases the reliability of the device. From the previous model it features a less powerful processor and twice the amount of RAM – 8Gb. Performance ultimately even higher than the previous. However, many users all say about one very important drawback – because of the thin design, the device has problems with overheating while using the modern games, though, and pulls them on medium settings without performance loss. Perhaps this is the only reason why this model didn't deserve the first places of the ranking, and yet, even this drawback does not prevent the laptop to take a worthy place in the top best laptops to 40,000 rubles.

8. HP ProBook 430 G2

HP ProBook 430 G2. The cost of this model is exactly the same as previous models – 40,000 rubles, but, unlike them, he created solely for work. Stylish design, aluminum case, 4Gb RAM, Intel core i3 and most importantly – on 128Gb SSD drive will allow you to give instant response notebook on any team. The gaming graphics card on HP ProBook 430 G2 are not provided, so the game will not work. Particularly, anyone can improve performance even more – you can add another 12Gb of RAM. If you wish to take the device to work, it is better option than HP ProBook 430 G2 to be found, and therefore it deserves a place in the top best laptops of up to 40,000 rubles in 2016-2017.

7. ASUS X554LJ

ASUS X554LJ. The cost model is 37000 rubles. Its advantages take into account a very powerful processor Intel Core i5 and a serious video card that can support medium settings on any modern games. Of course, 4Gb of RAM is not a limit of dreams, but coupled with the powerful processor gives a good performance. A disadvantage can serve as a poor Assembly and weak hard drive to 500Gb. If not to take into account some of the shortcomings of the build, then ASUS X554LJ be a good choice. Careful operation will help to eliminate the disadvantages of the Assembly, and therefore, the device deserves to be in the ranking of best laptops to 40,000 rubles.

6. ASUS X555LN

ASUS X555LN. This model is at the cost of 39000 rubles, you can take and regarded as an inexpensive gaming laptop. Unlike previous Asus, this does not suffer from the shortcomings of the cooling system. Powerful processor – Intel core i5, a modern graphics card – GeForce 840M and hard drive to 1Tb will allow you to run games that were released in recent years and to store large amounts of information. The downside may seem to be only 4Gb of RAM, but anyone can install another 4Gb of RAM, which gives the opportunity to say that ASUS X555LN – one of the most powerful laptops in this rating and deserves to be in the list of the best laptops to 40,000 rubles.

5. Lenovo G780

Lenovo G780. This device achieves a cost of 33,000 rubles and has pretty good features for such a price. Of advantages should be noted 4Gb of RAM with the possibility of establishing another 4Gb extra. Gaming graphics card – GeForce GT 630M, of course, will not give chance to play modern games, but most popular online games will work fine. A disadvantage may serve only Intel Pentium with two cores – not the ultimate dream, but stable operation in most applications it will provide. Due to its low cost and good characteristics of the Lenovo G780 is one of the best laptops of up to 40,000 rubles 2016-2017.

4. ASUS X550CC

ASUS X550CC. The only drawback, which causes to put this device lower than the previous models, it is a bad hard drive – sometimes he thinks for too long. In other features of ASUS X550CC slightly better Lenovo G780. But the problem with the disk can be solved by putting a SSD drive. However, it should be a decent drive. The cost of the device reaches almost 35,000 rubles. The only, though important disadvantage, did not prevent ASUS X550CC to enter the top best laptops to 40,000 rubles.

3. HP PAVILION 15-n000

HP PAVILION 15-n000. Laptops HP can't boast high performance. Therefore, even with a good as for this price of iron, he deserves this place in the list. The advantage would be 6Gb of RAM, a good graphics card – radeon hd 8670M, allowing you to play the most popular games and average quality hard drive with a 750Gb. Although, given the cost – 32000 and features, it can be called ideal and so definitely deserves to be called one of the best laptops to 40,000 rubles.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad 15 100

Lenovo IdeaPad 100 15. The cost of this model reaches 35 thousand and at this price its characteristics inspire confidence. First of all, a powerful processor Intec Core i5 and Nvidia GeForce 920M will allow you to play most modern games on minimum settings. The downside may seem only 4Gb of RAM, but this can be improved two times. And hard drive to 1Tb will allow you to store large amounts of data. When its value Lenovo IdeaPad 15 100 will be good, and even budget gaming laptop to 40,000 rubles.


DELL INSPIRON 3542. And at the bottom of our list of budget model for 32000 rubles with good performance. Intel Core i5 will allow you to run modern games, and the NVIDIA GeForce 820M well this will help. The RAM is only 4Gb, but it can also be doubled. The downside is a bad hard drive and the matrix with low brightness. However, it can be replaced, so we put this device in the top best laptops of up to 40,000 rubles in 2016-2017 G.

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