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Best Christmas family movies


Some of the films for a long time to remember to enjoy them during the Christmas holidays. They can be reviewed more than once: these stories never get bored and cause a lot of positive emotions at any age. This article presents a selection of the best Christmas movies that you can watch with all family members. They will plunge into the atmosphere of the approaching holiday, to remember about Christmas miracles.

10. Home alone (1990)

The main character of this film, Kevin, an ordinary little boy from an American family. Kevin has a small family problems: parents and other relatives do not take him seriously. For them he is a dependent child, who always is a source of various troubles. Before Christmas Kevin thinks that all the members of his family disappeared in the result of what happens. The whole family goes from America on vacation in Europe, but the boy forget it at home. As a result, Kevin has to take on adult roles and to protect the house from burglars, who were convinced that it is empty. The boy shows miracles of ingenuity, and as a result, attackers regret that contacted him.

9. Angel next door (2012)

Little girl really wants her family was normal, full: she dreams that her mom was a beloved husband, and her own father. One day, Olivia Mead has to write in school compositions, which is an impossible desire. After some time, the girl begins to notice that the desire is somehow fulfilled. She believes that this is due to the angel: a mysterious woman named Elsie, Wegbreit. But it turns out that Elsie is no angel, but she keeps a great number of secrets.

8. Snow buddies (2008)

The main characters of the film – cute lively puppies b-Dawg, Buddha, brave Rosabella, mobile Samaras, sweet tooth Budderball. Once the dogs notice the ice cream truck and I feel an overwhelming desire to enjoy this delicacy. After the feast, they decide to sleep and end up in cold regions in Alaska. Again to be home, the dogs have to overcome many obstacles. This film is about fulfilling the innermost desires and the power of team spirit.

7. Ho Ho Ho (2009)

Horatiu may be left without a Christmas present because mom simply does not have time to buy it. As a result, she suffers from remorse. The boy grew up without a father's love, so his mom much more unpleasant. As a result, she decides to lie and tells his son that Santa just didn't have the opportunity to visit their home, so you have to choose the right toy in the store. Horatiu accidentally got lost in the Mall and met a girl-thief. After that he has to deal with the more serious robbers who dressed in Santa costumes.

6. In the search for Santa Paws (2010)

Paws is cute, but the most common toys, but Santa makes a gift to him, turning it into a real live dog. Before Christmas comes the unexpected: Santa loses his dog in a large American city. He loses and its ability to give people Christmas, and without that power no party will be. Santa Paws will have to deal with the problems and restore the festive atmosphere.

5. I'll be home for Christmas (1998)

Jake Wilkinson attending College, he is selfish and quite a crafty young man. Once a student is faced with a big problem: he needs to come back home for the Christmas holiday, otherwise the father would deprive him of a new machine. When the time there is very little, Wilkinson falls in the great desert, where there's no people. Jake has no money, and for some reason he is dressed in a Santa suit. To get home, the young man had to ride, swim, crawl, fly, and even to ride. On his way he meets an unusual eccentrics who want Santa to fulfill their unrealistic desires.

4. All I want for Christmas (1991)

Michael and Katherine O Fallon divorced and their children are trying to save this broken marriage. Hallie and Ethan are very much bothers Tony Boer, groom their mother. To achieve their goal, the children use a variety of methods: from the ice cream truck to small mice. Trying to reconcile the parents, they are faced with great difficulties, but with the help of Santa they still get to save the family, because the Christmas holidays are the strongest desires tend to be fulfilled. Well, where do without perseverance and determination!

3. A Christmas story (1983)

Indiana, 40-ies of the last century. Ralphie is a nine year old boy who really wants to get for Christmas air rifle. However, his mother absolutely not sure that this gift is suitable for a child, because he might get hurt playing with such a dangerous weapon. Then the boy decides to ask Santa for help.

2. Mrs. Miracle (2009)

Seth Webster's wife died and after this he has one to take care of two six year old twins. Children are unruly, undisciplined, and widower Seth have very difficult. In the end, he gives up and decides to find an experienced nurse, so she watched the boys. However, it turns out that the bullies "survive" the father of all the proposed candidates, because few boys want to be controlled. Suddenly there is a "Mrs Miracle" and stays in this family for a long time: for Seth and his sons, she becomes a friend, a wonderful cook, a nanny and even a matchmaker.

1. Christmas adventure from a family of Fox (2010)

The Fox is so loaded daily activities, even forget about the approaching holiday. Santa has a big problem: he left his house too early, besides he was not lucky to fall on the house of Fox. Falling from the roof, Santa loses his memory: he is not remembering what to do at Christmas. As a result, the Fox must save Santa, and the holiday.

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