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Best nudist beaches


Naturist holidays today very popular. In the tourism environment is one of the most secretive, but at the same time, interesting topics. These beaches are only intended for "their" unauthorized entry into the territory is prohibited.

Attention fans of Nude recreation are the best Nude beaches — top 10. These are the popular destinations among tourists who prefer to spend time in the company of people who share views on non-traditional vacation.

10. CHM-Montalivet Beach

CHM-Montalivet Beach opens ten best nudist beaches around the world. It was here in the mid-twentieth century was about then forbidden nudists, attracting international naturist Federation, registered at UNESCO, it was here that was the first naked conference, and it is here were first officially permitted nudism, so this place is special. Montolivio is quite a large area owned by the fans merge with nature and the enemy of tan with white stripes from swimwear, is a complex of cottages, bungalows, campsites, shops and children's centres, what attracts many families.

9. Gunnison Beach

Gunnison Beach occupies the ninth place in the list of the best nudist beaches. The beach is officially sanctioned as a nudist and enjoys great popularity. In good weather it is visited by more than 5 thousand visitors, probably affects the proximity to new York. Gunnison Beach is on the Peninsula of sandy hook, nedoleko from new Jersey. As with the other official nudist beach Gunnison Beach has everything for a beach holiday, so the locals prefer to spend their rest after a hard everyday work here.

8. Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach is in the top five beaches of Miami, but it stands out among others and what one can sunbathe here as in clothing, swimwear so Topless or completely naked and nobody will confuse, as it is one of the legal nudist beaches. But for nudists allocated the entire beach, and only half of it fenced off by a small fence, which is almost invisible with the plate that goes on the territory of a nudist beach. The beach is very fashionable among young people but also older people here is not too little, come here and couples with children. For homosexual persons allotted a separate part, which is located in the Northern part of Haulover beach, but the distinction is arbitrary, without any marks, but this part can visually identify, in this area anywhere to rest same-sex couples.

7. Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach is the first official nudist beach in Canada and one of the largest nudist beaches in the world. The beach is quite popular among tourists from all over the world — it is visited by approximately 500,000 visitors per season. It is just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, so it is easy to reach. The beach is almost 8 km and even is considered one of the "Seven wonders of Canada". The infrastructure is developed well. You can rent a beach chair, umbrella and other paraphernalia. Nearby Parking is available. On site lifeguards and security, there's a clinic. Vacationers arrange daily competitions on volleyball, cricket, beach bowling, and other popular beach games. Everyone will surely find something of interest.

6. Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is one of the best nudist beaches in South Africa. Stay on this beach — the complete unity with nature. At the beach you can happily basking in the Golden sand, but also to actively relax. Nudists to climb the mountains, ride bikes, play beach sports games. Rest here in full.

5. Vera Playa

Vera Playa is on the list of the best nudist beaches. Local long wide sandy beach is very popular, because it has it all: bars, sunbeds, pedalos designed for those who prefer to spend time completely naked. And, of course, on Vera Playa play beach volleyball. So you will be able to join or watch. The local climate is hot and dry, and because the beach takes tourists almost all year round.

4. Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Beach is one of the best nudist beaches in the world. It is an ideal place for lovers of noisy guests and incendiary beach parties. Very popular Super Paradise enjoyed by homosexuals and nudists. Super Paradise is quite well organized. There are several great beach bars and restaurants, mini-market, hotels, apartments, etc.

3. Le Cap dAgde

Located on the French coast of the Mediterranean resort of Le Cap dAgde or cap d'agde is one of the most famous vacation spots of nudists in the world. That is cap d'agde is one of the few places in the world where nudists can't dress. As a rule, all major resort city today have one or more of nudist beaches. But beyond the coast, for example, when you visit a cafe or club, lovers of relaxation in the Nude, got to get dressed. Resort Le Cap dAgde is completely devoid of this shortcoming, which makes it particularly interesting for nudists around the world. Shops, restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels and even a Bank – work for all people, regardless of the amount of wear on them. As for entertainment, they are myriad. This Golf club, and diving, and shooting, and Cycling in the surrounding area, and much more. In General, visiting cap d'agde, something for everyone here will find themselves every person.

2. CHM-Montalivet Beach

CHMMontalivet Beach is one of the best naturist resorts in the world. Here in 1953, held its first Congress of the International Federation of naturists. Often called naturists nudists. Themselves fans of a tan without white stripes prefer to call themselves naturists, thus emphasizing that their "hobby" the dominant rule is that the feeling of closeness with nature. Beach naturist CHM Montalivet Beach is 175 hectares. This is a complex, which includes the campsites, and cottages. This beach is usually to rest with their families, for the kids there is a kids club and lots of entertainment.

1. Plage de Tahiti

Plage de Tahiti is completing a rating of the best nudist beaches of the world. Known for its decadent atmosphere Plage de Tahiti is located at the Northern end of a 5.5-mile Pampelonne, framed by the clubs, cafes and restaurants. Its Golden sand has long been a favorite destination for nudists and Nude cruises. If you want to sunbathe Topless, you just here.

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