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Top 10 best action movies 2015


The past year has delighted film fans with the abundance of high-quality and spectacular paintings. But not all movies can boast of a good script, a solid plot and dynamic developments. But most importantly for a spectacular Thriller. So you don't waste time on poor quality films, we have made the top 10, which includes best action movies 2015 list presented below. Choose a picture and forward to the viewing!

10. Hitman: Agent 47. USAFees in the world: 82 347 656 $

The film tells the story of the invincible murderer created with the help of genetic engineering. He is cold blooded and shows no mercy. His goal is a woman who can help him uncover the mystery of his birth, and bring to your father, who is the Creator of the same killers as the Hitman. Agent will make every effort to disclose the secrets of his past and learn who he really is.

Perfectly put fights and continuing action throughout the film puts him in 10th place in the list of the best fighters in 2015. Although the picture and filmed on the eponymous computer game, but has little in common with her. It's not like the fans of the series, but for a person unfamiliar with the Hitman universe, the picture would be a suitable tool for relief.

9. Night of the running man. USAFees in the world: 71 591 644 $

Former mobster — Jimmy Conlon is running away from his boss, making the choice in favor of his son, who became the target of a criminal gang. Not having ways to care and the ability to hide, Jimmy decides to look death in the face and to keep my family safe from bad fate.

The participation of talented Liam Neeson in the title role automatically makes the movie at least zahvatyvajushij and interesting. The film was made in the best traditions of the "Hostage": a beautiful setting fights, brilliant cinematography, a strong script and nice sound. And a tough fighter, nothing more is necessary. For its small budget, the film made at 100%, and for us — 9 place in the list of best fighters at the end of last year.

8. Dragon Sword. ChinaFees in the world: 102 $ 874 068

Place of action: ancient China since the Han dynasty. Roman Legion soldiers and their commander Lucius enter the territory of China. In parallel, the commander of one of detachments of the guard Ho Anh is enslaved to his enemies. These two warriors fate has brought together, in order to free China from the evil Emperor Tiberius. Nearing epic battle...

Chinese movie with American actors. Don't miss this. Spectacular fights, which has always been famous in this Eastern country, picturesque places, masterpiece music, and just touching and exciting story waiting for its audience. Incredible hype East movie among the audience of foreign countries already says a lot about the quality of the film. Therefore, a well-deserved 8th place in the list of the best militants of the past year.

7. Fault San Andreas Fault. USACharges in the world: 473 790 832 $

A terrible disaster has overtaken California — a massive earthquake threatens all residents of the state. In the center of the action — the pilot of the helicopter rescue service ray. Helping many victims of the disaster people, the man does not know where his only and beloved daughter Blake. Torn between work and fatherly duty, ray goes in search of daughter...

Stunning special effects and Dwayne Johnson in the title role make this film an action movie that you can watch as a family and alone. Therefore, a well-deserved 7th place in the list of the best fighters in 2015.

6. Agents A. N. To.L. USACharges in the world: 109 $ 109 645

Two agents from the US and the USSR teamed up to destroy the dangerous Nazi organization, to get a nuclear bomb. This weapon she wants to use in order to embroil between two world powers to plunge the world into a bloody war. But in order to cope with the task, agents should be introduced to the bandits and to work together among themselves, leaving aside all their grievances.

Unjustly deprived the audience of the Thriller will appeal to both men and women. Quality humor, vivid actors and spectacular fights will not get bored for two hours. A peculiar way of shooting guy Ritchie olenitsa all fans of the Director. And we put this movie on the 6th place in the list of the best fighters in 2015.

5. Mad Max. Fury road. USACharges in the world: 375 836 354 $

Former officer Max Rockatansky lost his beloved wife and son. He found the executioners of their relatives and killed them, but the past will not return. Lived only one thought to find these villains, he has now lost the meaning of existence and does not know what to do next. Wandering around the world, Max learns to adapt to the harsh postapocalyptic world. Here the weak do not live long.

The fourth film about the "Max" after a thirty year break. Legendary filmmaker George Miller is back to basics — the franchise that made him famous. The film was 90% shot live, without special effects, and this is a good reason to watch it. Fifth place in the ranking of the best fighters 2015 for the incredible action and actual shooting of this film.

4. Fast and furious 7. USACharges in the world: 1 515 047 671 $

Brother killed in the last part of Owen Shaw — Descartes, is determined to avenge his loved ones. Killing Khan in Japan, a man does not stop there, and begins hunting a gang of Dominic. At risk are his wife and son, so Toretto sends them to Cuba, and he engages in battle with the worst enemy.

The final part of the popular franchise and the last film of Paul Walker. Driving race and special effects, ignoring the simple physical laws that will force the viewer to remain in suspense throughout the entire film. Huge fees of the movie and the 4th place in the list of the best fighters 2015 proof.

3. 007: Range. UK, USACharges in the world: 865 096 $ 529

007 receives a strange letter, which puts him on the trail of a mysterious organization "SPECTRUM". While bond, as always trying to save the world, M stands for honor, Mi-6, and resists the pressure, threatening the existence of the British intelligence.

The twenty-fourth film in the James bond movie filmed in the traditional manner: beautiful girls, stunts, expensive drinks and fast cars waiting for each spectator. Forever young 007 and his deadly gadgets located on the third line the best fighters in 2015.

2. Sniper. USAtraining camp in world: 547 426 372 $

Captivated viewers from around the world the film adaptation of memoirs of an American sniper Chris Kyle. While serving in Iraq, he killed an incredible number of opponents. He was feared and respected fighters, and the Iraqis called "the devil." In parallel with the line of sniper, the film shows the memories of his wife Kyle, who was a witness to the deep friendship between her husband and his colleagues.

Such a touching story could not leave indifferent neither the audience nor the critics who nominated the picture for 5 Oscars, and we are on 2 place in the list of the best fighters of the last year.

1. Terminator: Genesis. USAFees in the world: 440 603 537 $

1984. From the future sent to the past the leader of the army of the resistance — John Connor. His task is to stop the advance of the day of judgment and not to die mother Sarah Connor from the hands of the hard-core Terminator. Having met the mother, John expected to see a frightened and cowardly girl, but not the woman-war, in the dust, destroying the infernal machine. Will they be able to change the future?

Simultaneously a remake and a new trilogy of the terminator. New actors, new story and Schwarzenegger in the main role. From this film I expected the worst, but he all of a sudden, I was delighted as fans and just fans of cinema. A well-deserved lead in the ranking of the best fighters at the end of 2015!

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