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The best beaches of Cyprus


The best beaches of Cyprus are famous not only for its beauty, clean water and sand, but also a developed infrastructure. You can find on the island and places of recreation for fans of extreme sports, but most tourists coming to Cyprus, I want all the blessings of civilization was always at hand and the beach is no exception. The best beaches of Cyprus was awarded the prestigious award "Blue flag". It ensures that this beach has clear water and sand and excellent service.

10. Fig Tree Bay

Many tourists like the Fig Tree Bay beach. He is considered one of the best beaches of Cyprus for soft white sand, a high level of service and developed infrastructure. This is one of the most popular beaches on the East coast. In the sea opposite the beach is a natural breakwater – a small island that protects holidaymakers from the waves and is another area. The bottom near the beach is flat and smooth, convenient for tourists traveling with children. Near the beach there are numerous cafes and small restaurants. The only disadvantage of the beach is, paradoxically, its popularity. In the morning and hot day on Fig Tree Bay is always crowded.

9. Pantahou Beach

The best beaches of Cyprus belongs Pantahou Beach. Pantahou, or, as it is called, Limanaki is located near the fishing port in Ayia NAPA. This is one of the most popular and famous beaches of Ayia NAPA. It stretches more than a kilometer in length and is a narrow strip with fine Golden sand. The beach has a gentle smooth seabed. On the one hand Pantahou framed by rocky shore with growing Acacias and palm trees. Here day you can find desired coolness. The majority of tourists prefer the right side of the beach, close to port, bars, cafes and discos are always crowded and noisy. After going deep into the beach in the opposite direction, you can find more quiet places. Privacy on the beach can be found only in the early morning – in this watch Pantahou is especially beautiful.

The level of infrastructure and cleanliness Pantahou Beach says the certificate "Blue flag".

8. Nissi Bay

Nissi Bay is one of the best beaches of Cyprus for active youth. It is located near the unofficial youth capital of Cyprus – Ayia NAPA, in the Western part of the Gulf of Nessie. Here, noisy and fun almost round the clock. By day, tourists can engage in popular forms of entertainment and beach activities, enjoy a variety of attractions and entertainment venues. It is noteworthy that every holidaymaker can find entertainment to your wallet and taste. Evening at the beach becomes even more noisy: start discos and foam parties. One of the features of Nissi Bay is a wind – up music playing from morning until night.

7. Makronissos Beach

Among the best beaches of Cyprus Makronissos Beach, located near the town of Ayia NAPA. On Makronisos more relaxed atmosphere compared to other beaches of Ayia NAPA. It is famous for its soft white sand, gently sloping bottom without stones and shells and shallow near the shore the sea. The water area of the beach is protected from strong waves and wind of Cape. All this makes Makronissos Beach is the perfect place for a family holiday with children. A high level of service and the cleanliness of the beach confirmed "Blue flag".

6. Agia Thekla Beach

Agia Thekla Beach is one of the best beaches of Cyprus with a cozy and calm atmosphere. It is quite large, so space for a comfortable stay, there is enough for everyone. The beach of Ayia Thekla, covered with Golden soft sand, nestled in a picturesque Bay. It is chosen by those who want to enjoy the peace and quiet, and families with children. The maximum breadth of the beach is 35 m, length – 300 meters. Agia Thekla Beach is usually visited not so many tourists.

5. Coral Bay Beach

Is among the best beaches in Cyprus, Coral Bay Beach, located in the Bay, 6km from Paphos town. The nearest beach town is the quiet town of Peyia. Coral Bay is very popular with the local population, and tourists. It attracts a warm and calm waters of the Bay, a shallow bottom, clean fine sand and good infrastructure. Near the beach you can find many shops, cafes and small restaurants. Like coral Bay, and for lovers of active leisure – vacationers are offered many beach and water activities. The level of service the Coral Bay Beach similar to the best beaches of the East coast of Cyprus, which is considered the reference.

4. Landa Beach

Landa Beach is a peaceful place to stay and one of the best beaches of Cyprus. It is ideal for couples with children and lovers of relaxing holiday by the sea. Here there are cafes, restaurants, bungalows, sports facilities and picnic areas. A beach cover up small clear light Golden sand. Small Bay does not allow you to roam for big waves and hills of the coast close to the beach from the wind. Adults for diving will have to go into the water quite far – 30 meters. This is the only drawback of the beach.

3. Curium Beach

Curium Beach, awarded the certificate "Blue flag", is among the best beaches of Cyprus. It is interesting to that on it there are areas with a different cover made of grey sand and pebbles. Gently sloping, shallow and flat bottom near the shore a little further, quickly gaining depth. Episkopi Bay, where the beach has no protection from the wind, so the waves here are constantly. They attract athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

The beach has a developed infrastructure of restaurants, cafes and bars, Parking, showers and other amenities.

2. Konnos

Konnos is one of the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus. It is located in a quiet Cove with crystal clear water and surrounded by cliffs. The beach area is part of the national Park KaVo gkreko. For the purity and well-developed infrastructure Konnos was awarded the "Blue flag". The beach will appeal to both lovers of quiet and measured rest, and fans of dive – sea depth here is decent.

1. Dasoudi Beach

Among the best beaches of Cyprus, attracting many tourists, is Dasoudi Beach. It is interesting because of its shore is covered with sand of volcanic origin. Compared to the white soft sand from other beaches of Cyprus he was a bit rough. Along the beach you will find a wonderful eucalyptus Park, for walks which is created by long pedestrian walkway.

The beach has a smooth flat bottom and is protected from waves by breakwaters.

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