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The best beaches of Krabi


Krabi province in Thailand where there are many amazing beaches. This is one of the centers of coastal tourism. Clear water, soft sand, karst rocks, hot lakes, wild island, the best beaches in Krabi – all of this can be found by visiting one of the major tourist provinces of Thailand.

10. Phra Nang

Phra Nang (Phra Nang) is called the pearl of Krabi province. According to many tourists is the most beautiful beach in the region. There are no cafes, luxurious hotels and various entertainment. Instead of a wonderful white sand, clear water and breathtaking views. Visiting Phra Nang, you can try hand at climbing, Snorkelling and visit the local sights: Phra Nang Cave and Phra Nang Shrine.

The beach attracts many daily visitors as considered one of the best. However, Phra Nang is enough space for everyone.

9. West Raleigh

One of Krabi's finest beach called West Railay (Railey West).

It is the main beach resort of the Peninsula. It is isolated from the outside world and surrounded by steep cliffs. Beach of West Railay wide, with lovely white sand. Despite its popularity, it is not crowded – close to the beach is just four hotels. The high cliffs surrounding the beach, not close it from the sun, so tanning it is possible at any time of the day. In the evening, just before sunset, Railey West is becoming a favorite destination of outdoor enthusiasts. Wide flat strip of beach is great for volleyball.

Of the minuses – during low tide the water goes very far, and swimming during this period is almost impossible.

8. AO Nang

One of the best beaches in Krabi – AO Nang (Ao Nang Beach). He is the most famous beach of the province and surrounded by beautiful mountains. The main advantages of the beach is its accessibility. Tourists here can offer fruits, boiled corn, various drinks and cold beer. Along the beach there are many restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and spas. From AO Nang you can catch a boat to one of the many local Islands.

Very nice and cozy beach in the evenings. Sitting on the bench or the steps leading to the waterfront, you can enjoy the stunning sunsets.

For those who like it more secluded beach Ao Nang may not like it because of its popularity.

7. Poda

The beach on the island of Poda (Poda Island) is one of the most beautiful sights of Krabi. The island is located in shallow water, and during low tide you can go to neighboring Islands to walk on the water. The beach is amazing pure white sand stretches more than a kilometer. Near it is a coral reef ideal for snorkeling. On the beach sell water and juices, there are many makashnits.

6. Hong

The beach on Hong island (Hong Island) is one of the best in Krabi. It is a small beautiful island. On it, by the way, I removed the Russian Comedy "Jungle". The beach on Hong island is a beautiful lagoon with clear calm waters. Here you can swim with a mask and snorkel, feed the became hand of many fish and to admire the giant monitor lizards.

Of the minuses: the island has no infrastructure, so food and drink to take with us.

5. Tub Kaek

The best beaches of Krabi province belongs Tub Kaek (Tub Kaek). He's not as handsome as other popular beaches in Krabi, but it has its charm. The beach is surrounded by picturesque hills, overgrown with greenery. Early in the morning on the coast is cool and on a hot day, you can easily find a shady spot.

Tub Kaek is one of the most beautiful places where wedding ceremony suit. The beach is famous because here in a variety of crabs. In the heat they become lethargic and can be touched by hands, being careful not to hurt fearless crustaceans.

Beach lovers will enjoy a relaxed leisurely holiday – tourists are few. Meet the corners, where all day don't wander any vacationers or locals.

Of the minuses: close to the beach, no rental housing, except for a few expensive hotels. Infrastructure is poorly developed.

4. Pai Plong

Included in the list of the best beaches of Krabi, Pai Plong (Pai Plong). A small, cozy beach with a nearby luxury hotel "Centara Grand". The majority of tourists it is not so popular. The reason – it is not so easy to get. To get to Pai Plonga can or boat, or on a wooden bridge, built along the mountain trails. At the beginning welcome travelers of a monkey, which attracts the opportunity to get a treat.

Pai Plong belongs to the hotel "Centara Grand", but Thai law allows for swimming at any beach freely. Pai Plong is famous for its clear water and beautiful coastal area.

Of the minuses: a snack to share Plonge only in a cafe or restaurant. The cost of food and drinks there are very high.

3. Klong Muang

Klong Muang (Klong Muang Beach) – one of the best beaches in Krabi. Beautiful, well maintained, white sand, it is, oddly enough, does not attract many people. Nearby is the luxurious hotel "Sheraton", so for the coastal zone is carefully monitored, clean it and sifted the sand. Here you can always find accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, even in high season. The Klong Muang beach is ideal for families with children calm clear sea, a smooth gentle slope to the water, lots of little pine trees growing along the coast and giving shade.

Of the minuses: not enough cheap rooms and budget cafes.

2. Tonsai

The best beaches Krabi province is the ton SAI (Tonsai Beach).

This is the most interesting of all the beaches on the Peninsula of Railay. Here clean clear water and good sand. The beach was chosen by young people, outdoor enthusiasts and backpackers. Some of them prefer to spend the night right on the beach in tents. In Tonsai climbing is possible. This beach is a Mecca for Kombarov.

Of the minuses: Tonsai refers to the wild beaches, so his as no one was watching. All cafes, shops, bungalows, and other vacation spots are in the depths of the Peninsula.

1. Nopparat Thara

The best beaches of Krabi include Nopparat Thara beach. It is located near the more famous beach of AO Nang. Shares their five hundred meters. Nopparat Thara is a quiet and uncrowded beach, relax on which is preferred by the locals. The sea in the southern part of the beach is shallow in the Northern more profound. Infrastructure Nopparat Thara is not very developed because tourists here.

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