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The best beaches of the Crimea


The holiday season in Crimea begins with the month of June and continues until the end of October. Especially attractive the resorts are during the high season when the sea is most heated, and the sun soft. Crimea is a Peninsula, and accordingly, there is a lot of interesting embankments and beaches. The best beaches of the Crimea is constantly crowded and there is always something to please tourists. But many people want to know in advance about the best places to not lose days during your precious vacation.

10. Jasper beach

Jasper beach. This is a semi rocky shore in Sevastopol. The beach is wild here and will not find annoying vendors and a large number of vacationer. Especially in the autumn season can also not be said about other places. Its name the beach received through the pebbles Jasper, which beach is literally littered with. In addition, the beach is clean. Garbage is removed daily, as the area is considered environmental. The water is perfectly transparent, so visible lying on the bottom of the stones. To get to the beach in two ways: by sea and through the mountain. For active tourists are encouraged to hike through the mountain. Here you can see the unique steps of the monastery. But the road is still long and difficult. To prefer to relax without the stress there are regular flights of boats.

9. King's beach

King's beach. Beach is so named because of the incredible beauty. On one side sheer rock, and on the other clear blue water. They also say that this place is very much Tsar Nicholas II. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best beaches of the Crimea. It is situated near the village of New Light, which is located near the town of Sudak. The shore is covered with small pebbles, which is nice massaging bare feet. The sea bottom is mainly sand, but some places stick out big blocks. According to the documents the beach is closed to the public. He's wild and is in the area of the reserve. But while the tourists of the restrictions were not disturbed. The only minus is a long way. To get the places you need to Wade through the gorge. But getting here is worth it, because the water is incredibly clear that even the fish swimming at the bottom visible from the shore.

8. Quiet Bay

Quiet Bay. This beach really is a quiet place. The sea here is very shallow and this depth is stretched for several kilometers. The place is perfect for families with young children. But because of the small depth there are practically no tourists disgraced, ready to make noise and to organize outrage. You can get here from the village and the journey takes only forty minutes. View here offer very beautiful, but the place is relatively wild and beach infrastructure is underdeveloped in comparison with other places. However, one of the best beach in the Crimea is not because of the charm, and thanks to the mud that is available nearby. Vacationers happy to have mud plastered and wash it in clean sea.

7. The Bay Of Love

The Bay Of Love. To be one of the best beaches of the Crimea, near the village of Malorechenskoye. The place is exclusive and is not suitable for every tourist. Basically, this beach attracts lovers of fishing and scuba diving. The water is clean and clear, so Snorkelling and admire the underwater landscape you can be happy. So as to get here is very hard, and people here can be a little. But those who want complete privacy is unlikely to get his. A couple of permanent campers with tents here it happens. A feature of the place is a small volcano located near the beach.

6. The little mermaid

The little mermaid. This is one of the most famous beaches of the Crimea. He is known due to the little mermaid statue, which is installed in the sea near the shore. This is a unique beach in Miskhor. This is a place fully prepared to receive the camper and everything is here. There is a Park that stretches several cafes and shops. The water is clean. The shore is covered with small pebbles. There is always a lot of people, especially in the season on the banks simply cannot be overcrowded. Perfect for people looking for new friends and want to spend your holidays without any difficulties.

5. The lost world

The lost world. This is a unique place not far from Cape Aya. In fact it resembles that of another, unknown world, which is represented in the form of a Bay, surrounded on three sides by tall cliffs. So you can only get here by sea or having mountaineering skills. The inhabitants of the town of Blacklaw get here on boats and boating. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best beaches of the Crimea. Shore everywhere is full of rare plants, so that the lovers of botany and endangered fauna can find here many interesting things. Infrastructure here, as befits a no-no. So stock up on drink and food you need in advance.

4. Beach Olenevka

Beach Olenevka. This beach is one of the best in the Crimea for clean water. In this area there is not a single river merging in the sea and no water associated with the sea. Water is therefore the most transparent. Here you can admire almost all the typical Peninsula scenery. On the one side of the beach is shrouded by high cliffs, and on the other endless steppes. But places are characterized by their inaccessibility. To get here by car very difficult and dangerous. Even the most experienced drivers on the road pass. So it is better to choose a local chauffeur, accustomed to steep slopes and sharp rises.

3. Silver and Golden beach

Silver and Golden beach. These beaches are far from Balaklava and distinct beauty of the local species. Silver beach is a little surprise holiday. Covered it with a mixture of sand and small pebbles. But Golden beach, which is located slightly beyond the first, deserving to be named the best beach in the Crimea only. The water here is of such purity that allows you to see the reflection of the sun in classic footage about the decline of movies. The infrastructure is poorly developed, but in Balaklava flights run every hour until the evening. There are a lot of tourists who are erecting tents and live right on the beach. Especially in the autumn season.

2. Massandra beach

Massandra beach. Massandra – this is one of the 12 villages included in greater Yalta. The shore is pebbly, but he is well equipped. Here everything you need for quality rest. The sea is deep. And the shore is covered with medium size smooth pebbles shingle, which warms and gives the pleasure of a simple walk on them. A place loved by tourists, especially young people. The best beach in the Crimea on the reviews of tourists.

1. Golden beach

The Golden beach. No, it's not a beach in Balaklava. This is another gilded shore of the black sea. One of the most visited tourist places. Is the beach on the outskirts of a major city Theodosia, which combines the convenience of urban waterfront and the elements of wildlife. Is the best in the Crimea beach in all respects. The beach here is covered with Golden sand, in places mixed with shells. Located right along the Kerch road, so come on their cars, campers see the beauty of this place.

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