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Best beaches of Majorca


On the Spanish island of Majorca, there are about 250 of beaches, each of them good in their own way. There is as rocky and sandy, equipped with bars, sun loungers and a wild, remote from civilization. Some of them are ideal for families with children, active youth, while others were created for couples.

The attention of tourists are the best beaches of Mallorca.

10. Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa opens the ten best beaches of Mallorca. There are a huge number of hotels for every taste and wealth. Space Santa Ponsa is amazing, it stretches for four hundred meters and is equipped with complete infrastructure. Santa Ponsa blue flag as a sign of clean beaches. The resort has a wide range of children's entertainment: parasols, children's Park, amusement Park, etc. does Not remain aside and the adults that might be proposed Marina in Santa Ponsa or diving. In Santa Ponsa there is also a riding club, tennis courts, three raskolnichih Golf.

9. Playa de Palma

Playa de Palma is on the list of best beach resorts, consisting of several beaches. The main beach of Playa de Palma was awarded the "Blue flag". It starts immediately after the resort of CA'n Pastilla and ends in the neighborhood of El Arenal. The total length of the beaches — 4.5 km. This is a wonderful, wide beach (average 50 metres) with Golden-white sand. Shallow clear sea is ideal for families with children. On the beach there is a large variety of sports for recreation on the water: jet skiing, water skiing and paragliding. Also popular here and other beach sports: soccer, volleyball, etc. On the Playa de Palma beach and developed infrastructure: rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, toilets and showers, free disabled access, lifeguards on duty, and of course, a large number of beach bars.

8. Alcudia

Alcudia is one of the best popular resorts in Mallorca. The coastline which stretches for 8 km is a very comfortable for any type of holiday. Despite the fact that the beach seems to be unified, he divided into several parts. The most visited and popular part originates from the port Golden mile and ends at the lake Esperanza. There are many bars, restaurants and Nightclubs. A quieter area is the Playa Alcudia. It's rare when you can see the wind and waves, moreover, there are substantial shallow water areas, this place is ideal for families with children.

7. Cala Mitjana

Cala Mitjana is another Paradise beach on the Spanish island of Mallorca, very similar to the other great Bay this island is Cala Galdana. But its biggest advantage is the relatively small number of tourists. The Bay is located next to Cala Galdana, but a little further from the town of Ferreries, so people are less. To get maximum enjoyment from your stay on the island to come here better in September, when the sun shines as warm, and tourists are much less.

6. Illetas

Illetas is on the list of the most popular beaches Maikori. It is clean water, fine white sand and a long sunset in the water, making it ideal for families with children. In the center is a beach club with a restaurant, Balneario de Illetas and to the left of the beach, beach club Virtual with sun loungers arranged in tiers on a small Peninsula. The presence of almost all services allows you to spend on the beach all day. In walking distance are shops, restaurants and hotels.

5. Es Trenc

Es Trenc is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca. Its length is over two hundred meters. This is the only beach that is almost not affected by civilization, and it remained intact. Crystal clear water is shrill turquoise and powdery white sand dunes of es Trenc are reminiscent of the best beaches of the Caribbean sea. From here you can admire the Natural Park of Cabrera island. Thanks to the amazing beauty and transparency of the waters, es Trenc, as a rule, has a fairly high degree of occupation during the summer season. The beach is wonderful for families with children, due to the perfect bottom and shallow for many meters.

4. Formentor

Formentor is one of the most heavenly beaches of Mallorca. There are no waves and the water is clean and extremely transparent. Approaching to the water's edge of a pine forest creates shade and filling the air with scent of pine needles. This beach is awarded the Blue flag as an environmentally flawless. Here is built in 1928 the hotel Formentor, where at different times lived, Churchill and Gorbachev, grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, Jacques Chirac and many other world-known personality. Nowadays tourists are attracted here a romantic view of the landscape and pristine white sand that covers the coastline.

3. Portals Nous

Portals nous opens the top three beaches of Palma de Mallorca. It has a very fine sand dark yellow and white color, which covers the rocky roads, directly opposite the island d'en sales. You can usually see the moored yachts, because nearby is seaport. In these places there is a real atmosphere of calm, the sea almost no waves.

2. Cala Mondragó

Cala Mondrago is a small charming pristine beach located within the National Park Mondrago in the South-Eastern tip of Mallorca. Untouched by civilization, it is considered one of the most beautiful corners of the island and is famous for its sand dunes, pine forests, coastal strip and rocky coves. Despite the remoteness, this place is very popular due to its natural beauty and naturalness. Cala Mondrago is considered the best beach in the area Cala D'or.

1. Calo des Moro

Calo des Moro is the best beach of Mallorca. Calo des Moro is situated between two rocky hills. The cliffs encircling the beach covered with thickets of exotic plants and trees, including palm trees get along great and ate. The water on the beach Calo des Moro unusual azure color. The beach itself is only about six meters square, and most of it is shallow water, where happily splashing children.

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