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The best beaches of Pattaya


For anybody not a secret that the town and resort of Thailand, Pattaya is not well suited for a beach holiday. This is due to the fact that the water here is not clean and the coast is not always maintained. But here well-developed infrastructure and a full swing in all the night life. The best places for swimming are the beaches located on the nearby Islands. There is really clear water, quiet and comfortable. However, every year large number of tourists eager to get it on the Pattaya resort.

In the top 10 was some of the best beaches in Pattaya located in the heart and Central part of the city and nearby Islands.

10. Crescent Moon Beach

Crescent moon beach opens ten best beaches in the area. Translated into Russian his name sounds like "Beach Crescent". This is one of the most beautiful small beaches, which belongs to the five-star hotel complex, the Centara Grand Modus resort 5. On the beach with panoramic, scenic views of the sea and sanctuary of Truth are located nearby. On the territory of the Crescent moon beach, there is a special swimming area, which is fenced on all sides. The sand on the beach big yellow, but absolutely clean. The cleanliness in this place is strictly monitored by the staff of a five star hotel.

9. Bang Saray

Bang Saray is a quiet, cozy beach Pattaya, located in the fishing village. There is the usual tourist infrastructure, beach gives the impression of a semi-perfect place to retire. Spread Bang Saray for three miles along the coast, which flaunts greens, ready to shelter tourists in the heat of the noon shadow, and large yellow sand. The sea near the shore is quite shallow, and the entrance is shallow, so this place is quite suitable for swimming with kids. On this coast there are several hotels, and at the beginning of the beach there is a Playground. Like any organized beach of Pattaya, there are cafes offering Thai food.

8. Military beach, SAI Kaew

Military beach, SAI Kaew is the best that Pattaya has to offer. It is not the first place in the ranking due to the fact that it is as much as 30 km from the city centre. This place is so amazing and picturesque that tourists are sightseeing. It is truly a Paradise that can only be on Earth. SAI Kaew is famous for the fact that it is not uncommon to see a pack of wild monkeys who beg for food from the local tourists. It is worth considering that the entrance to SAI Kaew is paid, the price includes beach equipment — sunbeds and umbrellas (although the latter is not required, there are a lot of palm trees), as well as the toilet and shower. Here is a very clean, blue color of the water, which is a rarity for Pattaya beaches.

7. Samayoa

The very best of the beach belonging to the island of Koh LARN, which is located near Pattaya. This is a fairly popular place, so there is almost always a lot of tourists. And it is not surprising that all aspire to, here, as it has everything for a great holiday. In addition, there is clean water and well maintained coastline with yellow sand. On the Very love to take a Russian tourists, talking about the local Russian-speaking inscriptions on cafes and restaurants.

6. Pratumnak

Pratumnak this Pattaya beach located between the popular Jomtien and the Central city beach. On its territory there are a hotel and water Park. Pratumnak stands out among other beaches cleanliness and comfort. Well maintained coast, almost transparent water and lack of hustle — it is very important for a comfortable beach holiday. The local cafes and merchants, who walk here on the beach will not leave hungry tourists.

5. Naklua Beach

Naklua, beach beach, located not far from Central Pattaya beach. It is worth noting that this place is hardly suitable for bathing as the coast is studded with stones. On Naklua beach is nice to walk along, taking in the local view. He stretches along the coast for three kilometers. Naklua beach has no infrastructure: hotels, cafes and entertainment here completely absent.

4. Dongtan

Dongtan beach of Pattaya is situated between Jomtien and Pratumnak. It is enjoyed by tourists for its not crowded and beautiful panoramic views. Along the coast there is a promenade that gives this place special charm. Some of the best local hotels is located directly on Dongtan. Beach love to visit couples with kids. Water, like many beaches in Pattaya, not very clean, but still it's better than, for example, on the Central beach. For this reason, many tourists who have visited Pattaya on the coast, it is recommended to go to the neighbouring Islands, where the really pure and transparent sea. As for infrastructure, it is developed here is relatively good.

3. Jomtien

Jomtien is the most popular and well maintained beach Pattaya. With regard to the coastline of Jomtien, it is quite clean and perfect for relaxing, that is not true of local water into the sea. To swim here, to put it mildly, not very nice, after swimming you'll have to take a shower, because the water here is silty and muddy. Why Jomtien is one of the best in Pattaya? This section of coast has a developed infrastructure with cafes, hotels, massage parlours, provided beach equipment, etc. Jomtien beach is a Paradise for lovers of night parties and fun events for this reason, many tourists tend to come here.

2. Cosy Beach

Cozy beach — secluded beach of Pattaya, located in Pratumnak area. He is considered an elite, and among the most beautiful in the city with lush, juicy and beautiful green vegetation. However, it does have its pitfalls, as do all the beaches located directly in the city. Water here is not clean, though swimming is tolerable. Cosy beach is a green area with developed infrastructure beach. There are plenty of sun beds with umbrellas, which makes the stay quite comfortable. Seaside Jomtien beach is quite well maintained, and within walking distance of a cafe.

1. Wongamat

Wongamat is perhaps the best beach in Pattaya located directly in the city. He is considered one of the most well-groomed and suitable for swimming. The water here is the cleanest, unlike the other urban beaches. On Wongamat there is an enclosed swimming area and the beach provides beach equipment for a pleasant stay. There is always a lot of tourists, even in low season because the place is suitable not only for swimming, but quite good and is famous for its developed infrastructure. Along Wongamat beach stretches a promenade, where after a swim, enjoy a stroll along the green and beautiful alleys. For tourists it provides a large number of hotels from decent to elite.

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