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The best beaches in Phuket for families with children


On the island of Thailand, Phuket is a huge number of beaches, but not all are suitable for family and children's pastime. In the top 10 we have included some of the best beaches in Phuket for families with children.

10. Mai Khao

Mai Khao opens the top ten best beaches in Phuket that are suitable for families with children. This is one of the longest beaches, the length of which is about 11 km from Mai Khao meets the requirements of privacy and the almost complete lack of infrastructure. It belongs geographically to the National Park Sirinat, once on the beach there are no buildings that prohibited noisy water activities. A few hotels are located at a distance of not less than 50 m from the shore. This beach is often called the "Aeroporti" because it perfectly shows how planes take off and land at the International airport of Phuket.

9. Nai Yang

The Nai Yang beach is perfect for families with children. Comfortable, quiet and even a little weird Nai Yang beach is located about thirty kilometers from Phuket, to the North of the island. For lovers to relax, "savage", perhaps even in a tent, this is the right place. The Bay of Nai Yang beach, separated from the sea by a coral reef, will help to feel unity with nature, to enjoy the beauty fully. The only hotel on the beach in Phuket – a holiday in a national Park, an area ninety kilometers. And all of this is the mangrove, which is a unique ecosystem. Mangroves, smells great sea views — all this awaits visitors here.

8. Bang Tao

Bang Tao is also quite suitable for families with children. Given the fact that Bang Tao beach is located in the Bay, the sea here is always calm. Beach width, and length are impressive, especially during low tide. Special mention deserves the sand — it is Golden, small. The sea in the beach area, mostly shallow. However, in some places the depth is decent, so you need to be careful. The beach is long, about 15 m. in the Morning, Bang Tao beach is in the shade — create it casuarinaceae trees growing along the beach. This continues until about 11 o'clock, after which there begins to reign the hot sun.

7. Kata Noi

Kata Noi is included in the list of the best beaches in Phuket for families with children. It is small and cozy. People are relatively few, when compared with Kathoey. The coastline is wide. The natural shade is very small, in the Central part, literally, in a couple of places from trees and the left-hand side of the mountain. A length of about 700 metres. The edges of the beach sand imperceptibly merges into the chain of reefs, and is becoming a favorite place for divers. In rare coastal rock formations, you can witness the life of crabs. Due to the small size of the Bay in the waters of the beach, there is no strong navigation, which is also a plus for tourists. Covered with very fine white clean sand, the water turquoise and transparent. Kata Noi to the South from the rest of the beaches, so less crowded. Because it is more remote, it is possible to find people sunbathing Topless. Since it is a dead end, no noise and city streets.

6. Knighton

One of the best beaches of Phuket Villa is well suited for families with children. Knighton is situated on the territory of the National Park, so environmental here all is well: there are a lot of greenery and trees, you can walk through the woods. On the coast of water sports there. Throughout its length there are sun loungers and sun umbrellas, but they are only 1-2 series at a sufficiently large distance from each other.

5. Nai Harn

Nai Harn beach is considered one of the best beaches of Phuket, which is ideal for families with children. The coastline is smooth and the length is slightly less than 700 m, whereas the width not more than 50 m In the daytime on the beach loungers, but not so much. The fact that Nai Harn beach is a favorite destination for family outings not only for tourists but also for Thais themselves. However, even in high season the abundance of rest of people is not an eyesore. Area at the beach is perfect for relaxing. There is the standard set of facilities: cafes, restaurants, bars, sports grounds, souvenir shops, but they do not greatly spoil the view. Because Nai Harn is flanked by palm trees, creating a feeling of a Paradise lagoon of dreams.

4. Kamala

Kamala is an excellent choice for a relaxing holiday with children. This beach is not small, its length is about 2 km, then how wide it is quite narrow (20 – 30 m). For a long time, Kamala was quiet and peaceful place. He served as a jetty for fishing boats and leisure Thais. Tourists it was very little. However, in recent years increasingly found elderly people who have chosen this quiet village as a second home. It is understandable, at hand are all the blessings of civilization, at the same time to the sea on the doorstep. In addition to moving here, there are now many, and a batch of tourists. The beach, the sand is white, like a grain of salt. On the beach there are many hotels, and the beaches near them belongs to them. Accordingly, the sand quality and cleanliness can vary considerably.

3. Patong

Patong opens the three best beaches for families with children. Patong beach with wide white sand strip located on the West side of Phuket island and has a length of 4 km and an Arcuate strip of beach is framed on both sides by rocky ledges, which makes a fabulous view of the landscape more cozy. Immediately, at sandy lane with lush vegetation, are surrounded various buildings: private houses, markets, entertainment venues, hotels and more.

2. Surin

Surin took second place in the list of the best beaches in Phuket for families with children. A length of Surin beach less than a kilometer, the edges of the impressive rocks in the water. Broad, but in season densely covered with sunbeds under umbrellas, with up to five rows, space the beach they don't add. The ebb and flow is not as clearly pronounced as in the neighbouring Bang Tao beach, the water goes not to tens of meters. The sand is fine, light, yellow or nearly white, depending on lighting. No sludge, clear water, color is very beautiful, azure. In combination with white umbrellas fluttering with the wind ruffles creates a festive atmosphere. Season at Surin go all the time cleaners with a whisk, stand trash bin. It is very neat and clean.

1. Karon

Karon beach — the best beach in Phuket for families with children. It is quite a big beach area of Phuket stretching for about four kilometers, with a wide coastline, where in high season you can find your area, among the large number of tourists. This is one of the most popular beaches among tourists from different countries of the world. For Karon in Thailand, you can find peace, entertainment and a well-deserved rest. He is also famous for its quartz sand. The sand used in an hourglass. It is very interesting crunches underfoot and under the noise perception is reminiscent of the sound that is issued when walking on the squeaky, dry snow.

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