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Best Koh Samui beaches


Koh Samui is a stunningly beautiful island. Warm sea, beautiful white sand, vibrant coral reefs, a cozy lagoon, and amazing natural diversity – the second largest island of Thailand like has been specially created to relax body and soul. Tourists are most interested in the best Koh Samui beaches – which ones should you choose to have fun.

The isolation of the island from the mainland until the XX century has allowed to preserve the nature of Koh Samui in pristine condition. The island is famous for its numerous beaches, covered with gorgeous white sand.

Each of the wonderful beaches of the island is appealing and differs according to the condition of the infrastructure: hotels, bungalows, restaurants and cafes, markets. The variety of beaches allows each visitor to find an optimal place to stay.

10. Chaweng

One of the best beaches Koh Samui – Chaweng (Chaweng). This is the most popular tourist beach, famous for its white sand. It is of coral origin and is similar to dust. On this sand is incredibly pleasant to walk in the water and on land.

The beach is divided into South, Central and Northern part. Coral reef, located in the Northern part, was the reason that the beach here is shallow and almost not suitable for bathing. It is more suitable for those who do not swim and families with children. One of the advantages of the Northern part of Chaweng – it is rather sparsely populated.

The southern and Central part of the beach is not so shallow, but here will have to go many meters to reach a comfortable depth.

The sea around the beach is usually calm and clear. Entertainment on the beach a lot: bananas, aquabikes, catamarans.

Chaweng is one of the popular happening places in Koh Samui. Here are the main entertainment centres of the island. The life of Chaweng only freezes in the morning.

9. Coral Cove

The best beaches of Samui applies coral Cove (Coral Cove) is a secluded place with a length of about 176 meters. The beach is a small Bay surrounded by boulders. In coral Cove the sand is reddish, large, interspersed with coral rubble. The sea is amazingly clean and deep already at the shore.

Because of their small size and lack of infrastructure (on the beach has one restaurant and two hotels) coral Cove is one of the most uncrowded, well-groomed and clean beaches of Koh Samui.

8. Taling Ngam

Taling Ngam (Taling Ngam Beach) is located on the West coast of the island and is considered one of the best and most authentic beaches of Koh Samui. It is a picturesque place with calm turquoise sea. The beach is away from popular tourist areas, so it is almost always ruled by serenity and tranquility. Fine sand, pleasant to walk, clean water and gentle slope into the water make Taling Ngam is the perfect place to stay with children. Have the beach and the disadvantage – at low tide the water goes away, and swim in it is impossible. Besides, at the bottom with rocks and sharp pieces of coral. Otherwise, Taling Ngam Beach – very beautiful and romantic place to stay. Here you can admire the stunning beauty of sunsets.

7. Samui

One of the best beaches Samui is considered to be Samui (Maenam), located in the Northern part of the island. Here was built the first hotel in Koh Samui. The beach is a tourists the third place by popularity. Near Maenam village is built in the Chinese style. There are many cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and two markets: morning and evening. Near the beach you can always find a house to rent for long term. Maenam is most suitable for tourists with children, no wonder he is considered a family beach. The sand is large and yellow, the bottom without stones and easy descent to the sea – coast are shallow, but the depth starts pretty quickly. Growing along the beach palm trees give good shade.

6. Ban Tai

Ban Thai (Ban Thai) is one of the best beaches on the island for families with children. It is located away from the main tourist areas, so sparsely populated. In Ban Tae shallow bottom that allows you to bathe the kids and clean fine sand. The beach itself is quite small – about a kilometer in length.

5. Bang On

The best beaches of Samui include the Bang (Bang Po Beach). It is located with the popular Mae Nam. Here, excellent infrastructure and a wide choice of housing to rent. Compared with the neighbouring Coast, he is a little worse – the bottom is muddy, the sea is muddy and there are rocks. Suitable for swimming with children, but to expect any beach activities in Patong are not necessary.

4. W Retreat Koh Samui

One of the most beautiful and landscaped beaches in Samui is the WRetreat Koh Samui. It belongs to the luxurious hotel W Retreat Koh Samui and equipped with all comforts. Sandy spit, a few meters before disappearing into the sea, is the highlight of the beach. The sand is yellowish, large and perfectly clean. The sea is deep, muddy water. According to the laws of Thailand, nobody can stop wishing to go to the water even on a private beach, but all the amenities of W Retreat Koh Samui in the form of Lounges, hammocks and sun loungers are available only to guests of the hotel.

3. Choeng Mon

Choeng Mon (Chong Mon Beach) is one of the best Koh Samui beaches for a family holiday. Beach infrastructure is well developed: on the shore there are four hotels, numerous restaurants, cafes and bars. In Choeng mon there are lots of water activities, so it is always crowded and noisy. The sea is shallow, muddy. Along the beach grow tall trees – under them you can always find shade. There are on the beach and rent sun loungers.

2. The Beach Of Thong Takian

The beach of Thong Takian (Takian Thong Beach) – one of the most cozy and beautiful beaches on Samui. Is this tiny piece of Paradise in the Bay between the rocks. The length of the beach is 300 metres away. The sand is light yellow, very clean. Near the Bay are three of the hotel so the cleanliness of the beach vigilantly watch. Down to the sea gentle and smooth, the bottom of the beach pleasant. Thong Takian is very popular among tourists, although it has only a few infrastructure and deprived of water sports.

1. Lamai

Lamai (Lamai Beach) is the second most popular beach on Samui. Along its entire length (about four kilometres) it is very different. As the popular Chaweng, Lamai is divided into three parts: Central, North and South. The sand is light yellow and loose. Since Lamai is a variety of hotels, with clean beaches are constantly monitored. The best sunset in the water in the Central part of the beach there is a steep slope and in five meters from the shore the bottom disappears. Minus Lamai dangerous waves generated in a strong wind. Crowded and bustling Lamai attracts many tourists and is located in the center day and night life district.

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