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Top 10: best budget smartphones of 2015


Among the budget phones you can find many good models with good specifications. Does it make sense to overpay for the brand, when you can choose the device with similar characteristics, but less well-known manufacturer? We ranked the top 10: the best budget smartphones of 2015 and tried to understand models of which manufacturers are noteworthy for their quality and acceptable price? In this collection will be presented to the device in the price category up to 8 thousand rubles.

10. Acer Liquid Z200

Acer Liquid Z200 opens a rating of the best budget smartphones of 2015 and is a leader among the presented devices at affordable cost. It costs only 3000 rubles, but has decent quality. Screen size – 4 inch, processor dual core. RAM is a modest 512MB, camera 2 megapixel without autofocus. Yes, it's small, but for the price you can not always find the device running on the OS Android 4.4. The design is just great for a low cost matte plastic body and a textured back panel does not look cheap. The smartphone comes in five colors.

9. Lenovo A328

Many well-known manufacturers along with the flagship release a line of inexpensive devices that have a buyer and sell well. One of the best budget smartphones of 2015 – Lenovo A328. Is the best combination of quality, value, and size. Powerful Quad core processor and 4.5-inch screen perfectly cope with such tasks as watching videos, playing games and websurf. Smartphone price – 6000 rubles. A small disadvantage of this model is the glossy back panel is of plastic, which is quickly covered with fingerprints.

8. ASUS Zenfone 4 (A450CG)

ASUS Zenfone 4 (A450CG) is the second smartphone from the budget line of Zenfone 4. It is more expensive than the first models and slightly more advanced. The 4.5 inch screen (protected by oleophobic coating), dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM, vosmimegapikselnaya camera with flash, bright colors of the case (the smartphone comes in a trading network in five colors) machine with such filling can be bought for 8,000 rubles. Slightly cheaper than the first model of the line Zenfone 4 – its price is about 6000 rubles.

7. Keneksi Hemera

The model is among the best budget smartphones for the low price and excellent quality display. 5-inch IPS screen with HD resolution speaks for itself. The hardware smartphone is also impressive, considering its price of 6-7 thousand rubles. There is a 4-core MediaTek processor, 8 MP camera and 1 GB of RAM. The only drawback of the device is Android 4.2.2. Version, though relevant, but is already outdated.

6. Fly Nimbus 3

Fly Nimbus 3 – the new smartphone that is inexpensive and provides the user with all the usual features: viewing videos, reading, Internet surfing, games. Powerful features he can not boast, but in terms of price, quality hardware, and the average functionality is worthy to be among the best budget smartphones of 2015. Design smartphone from Fly is pleasant, but without pretensions to luxury. A five-inch display with good color reproduction, 5-megapixel camera, Android 4.4.2, Quad-core processor and 4 GB of internal memory. RAM is 512 MB, but for social networking, small games and watching videos is enough. The smartphone costs about 5000 rubles.

5. Nokia X

This is the first Nokia smartphone on Android platform (that already makes the device extraordinary), for which the good value of price and quality deserves to be among the best budget smartphones of 2015. The device is unique in that it gives the user the ability to install Android apps, and at the same time to use the services Nokia. Externally, the smartphone looks attractive and recognizable, supports two SIM cards. The price is more than reasonable – about 5000 rubles.

4. Microsoft Lumia 535

For those who like Windows Phone OS and don't mind a large screen size of the gadget, we can recommend Microsoft Lumia 535, which has rightfully earned the title of best cheap smartphone 2015. The cost of this model is 5-6 thousand rubles. The device is equipped with a large five-inch screen, Quad-core processor, 5 megapixel camera and RAM of 1 GB. If the standard black color seems boring, you can buy a bar of bright colors featuring the brand Lumia.

3. Explay Vega

In third place in the ranking of the best budget smartphones located Explay Vega, presented in a large palette of colors of the body. The average price of the gadget is 5000 rubles. What can you get for the money? It turns out, not so little: a large display with a diagonal of 4.7 inches, Quad-core processor, 4 GB of internal memory and camera of 5 megapixels with flash and auto focus. Add to this the nice design of the smartphone. Externally, the device resembles an expensive model, although its body is in this case made of plastic.

2. Moto E

Moto E (2015) is one of the brightest and most interesting budget smartphones of 2015, which has one significant disadvantage – it is not represented in our country. The cost of the device is approximately $ 150 and you can buy in the official store. The newest Android 5.0 Lollipop, the build quality of the case and a bright palette of colors is more than worth the low display resolution of this smart phone. Great offer for buyers with a limited budget and second place in the ranking. Do not confuse an updated version from its predecessor – they are significantly different.

1. Fly Evo Tech 4

1 among the budget smartphones of 2015 is Fly Evo Tech 4. The approximate price of the gadget – 6000-7000 rubles. Why is it? Fly company, founded in 2002, until recently was little known. Now the main markets for its phones and tablets have become Russia and Ukraine. The manufacturer paid much attention to the high quality and appearance of its products. As a result, the buyer for a small price get a device with decent functionality. That offers the user the Evo Tech 4 smartphone from Fly? For a small price he will receive high-quality housing of plastic, imitating metal, five-inch IPS display with HD support and excellent colour reproduction Quad-core processor, camera 8 MP and 1 Gigabyte of RAM.

It is worth noting that last year the company Fly unexpectedly came in second place in the Russian market by number of smartphones sold, surpassing such giants as Apple, Samsung and Nokia.

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