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Best New year gifts for children 10 years


Parents and friends really want to really please their child for the most fabulous holiday of the year. The market is currently oversaturated literally gift suggestions, from which it is sometimes difficult to decide on a new year's surprise. So we decided to highlight, in our opinion, the best New year gifts for children of 10 years old who really will delight baby. The list includes ideas like expensive gifts, and budget type.

10. Virtual reality glasses

Virtual reality glasses will be a great gift to ten year. Today, the market represented a huge selection of such gadgets. At first glance they are indistinguishable, but actually the difference is big. It is worth considering that cheaper models may not be compatible with older smartphones because of a banal inability to launch the desired application. In addition, they don't really give a sense of immersion in another reality. Gadgets average price category are of more interest. First, they have a stylish design and can create the feeling of different reality. Most preferred models are the virtual glasses from such famous brands as Samsung and LG.

9. Graphic tablet for drawing

Graphic tablet for drawing — this Christmas gift will love the child if he is interested in creativity. These gadgets allow not only to draw but to play, solve puzzles, and try computer animation. Additional functions this device performs, with applications that are often free to download from the Internet. The advantage of such a device in contrast to paper, the opportunity at any time to make changes in a pattern that is definitely like children.

8. Educational designer

Educational designer — one of the most successful ideas for a gift for the New year 10-year-old child. Today, the market abounds with such proposals. When choosing such a gift is very important to make it interesting to the child, and has not been forgotten five minutes after donation. This should take into account the complexity of the set, which should be age appropriate. In order to take the child for a long time, suitable for constructors with a large number of parts that should be bright, interesting and leaves you wanting to continue with the set. The most attractive for today's children are considered to be electronic engineers.

7. Home planetarium

Home planetarium is sure to please the child, and will be the perfect gift in the new year. To please their child stars on the ceiling, do not have to choose expensive device. Budget model is to cope with its function. It is worth considering that the quality of the projection of the ceilings have to be white, otherwise the planetarium will not be given a proper pleasure. When you select the device you need to give preference to the device that has additional settings that allow you to change the angle of the sky, the frequency of rotation and has a function of auto power on.

6. Glowing LED sneakers

Glowing LED shoes children love at any age. So it will be a good option for Christmas gift, as the boy and the girl. It is beautiful and fashionable shoes that will delight the child throughout the period of operation. When choosing such a Shoe plays an important role in the quality of material, stitching and other characteristics that are indicators of quality. First of all, the child should be comfortable.

5. Battleship

Battleship is perfect as a gift the ten-year boy. It is a flying disc the ball, by which the favorite game of football became available not only outdoors but also in terms of the apartment or house. Gadget moving smoothly across the floor thanks to its special design. It perfectly glides on any smooth surfaces. Rolling on the floor, the drive will prevent damage to household property, since the game he's not off the floor, and its edges are rubberized. While football drive is beautifully lit thanks to the multicolored led backlight, which is very like a child.

4. New gadget

The new gadget is a practical gift for the New year that you can please her tenth child. It could be a new tablet or smartphone with a large screen. Display with an impressive size will allow the kinder to comfortably play games or watch cartoons. Such gifts modern children love.

3. 3D puzzle

3D puzzle — a great gift for the New year, if a ten year old child is interested in creativity. With this gift you can pick for a boy and for girls. 3D puzzles is a great way to develop logical thinking, creativity and imagination in children. In addition to all they are perfectly develop concentration, and can greatly captivate a child. When choosing puzzles must be taken into account age, as inappropriate complexity, can only frustrate the child and discourage him all interest in this kind of creativity. Also the puzzles should not be too simple. The optimal number of elements in the set for ten years of age is considered to be of the order of 500 parts.

2. The steering wheel and pedals for racing games

The steering wheel and pedals for racing games — a good gift for a 10 year old boy in the New year. When selecting such a gadget as a present, the first is to pay attention to its compatibility with the PC. For children fit simpler models with two pedals — brake and gas. Stand pedals at the same time must be stable and not slip, and the pedal should possess elasticity. The optimal rotation angle for "rookie" -180 degrees, which is sufficient. The range of handlebars are available with both wired and wireless connection. The last option is relevant if the game will be performed from the TV screen when the wires are misplaced.

1. Game console

Game console — one of the best options for Christmas gift ten-year boy. When choosing a gadget is required to consider the child's age. For a decade brats good consoles such as PSP, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii and supporting games that match the age and will be of interest to children. The advantage of these consoles is their compactness, makes it possible to carry around. Another advantage of the above consoles is their low cost. If you want the console supported the ability of listening audio and watching video, then you should pay attention to more expensive models.

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