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The best semi-automatic tonometers


Problems blood pressure occur in more than 75% of people around the world. Unfortunately, to ensure a constant normal pressure is impossible. For this reason, you have to regularly measure this indicator, and each time to normalize it with the help of medications or folk remedies. In this regard, it is important to have accurate, high-quality blood pressure monitor. So made this rating, who will talk about blood pressure monitors semi-automatic which is better, reviews, the price of individual copies.

10. Little Doctor LD-22Price is 1500 rubles

Blood pressure monitor Little Doctor LD-22. This instrument is designed to measure pressure in people over the age of 15. Semi-automatic blood pressure monitor shows the condition of systolic blood pressure but also pulse rate. The device is easy to use, allowing it to maintain constant surveillance of the patient with unstable blood pressure at home. The width of the cuff of the sphygmomanometer is 25 to 37 inches. For this reason it is not suitable for people with fat body type. The manufacturer is a well-known company in the field of medical equipment Little Doctor. The cost of one unit of this model is about 1500 rubles depending on the prices offered by different sellers. Negative reviews there, but the model is not exactly the most popular.

9. LD2Price is 1500 rubles

An electronic blood pressure monitor LD2. This is one of the most easy to use semi-automatic blood pressure monitors. It is intended for people with arm circumference 25-35 cm. The device shows how the patient's pulse and his systolic and diastolic blood pressure. All the indicators are recorded on a special monitor. Moreover, the entire measurement process, the beginning and the end is accompanied by special sound signals. In case of detection of a critical state the device emits a distinctive alarm signal. It works from conventional batteries, which is enough to thousands of measurements. In a variety of online shops goods worth about 1,500 rubles. The goods covered by the manufacturer warranty for three years. The disadvantage, as noted by users is the lack of memory to save the recent results.

8. The Nissei DS-137Price 1800 rubles

Blood pressure monitor Nissei DS-137. This automatic blood pressure monitor offers a wide screen, which displays the data in a convenient manner. The instrument is used to measure intra-arterial pressure and heart rate of the patient. The heartbeat measurement range limited to from 40 to 160 beats per minute. Exceeding or missing parameters the device simply does not reflect. Wide cuff 22-32 cm inflated manually. To control the device with the touch of just one button. It works from four batteries size AA. But the main feature is the presence of cells of permanent memory, which can store up to thirty measurement results. In the case of insufficient memory, the device automatically removes the results of the old measurements. Should such a device about 1800 rubles.

7. Microlife BP A50Price is 1500 rubles

Microlife BP A50. This is one of the few semi-automatic blood pressure monitors, whose functional characteristics were confirmed by the international Association of physicians and the Institute of the European community for medical devices. The fact that the manufacturer is highly specialized on this type of equipment. As for this model, the user feedback can be concluded about the convenience and accuracy of measurement. The device is small and fits in one hand. Moreover, the device is equipped with smart Recognizer signals the arterial system. So, it can distinguish a drop in pressure is related to the General feeling of distortion arising due to movements. The universal cuff size. It is easily removed and washable. The device memory is enough for storing the results of measurements 14. Should such a device about 1500 rubles. Also has the manufacturer warranty to 5 years.

6. A D UA-705Price of 2200 rubles

A D UA-705. This automatic blood pressure monitor also known as a home by a cardiologist. The thing is its versatility and the ability to distinguish individual signals of heart rate and intra-arterial pressure. Additionally, the device emits a special audible signals in case of detection of symptoms of arrhythmias and other pathologies of the cardiovascular system. The result of each measurement is stored in the memory device. In General, you can save up to 30 such results. However, the size of the cuff is small and is only 32 inches at the greatest length. The functionality of the device confirmed by the experts of the international health organization. For reviews this is one of the most quality devices. But it is slightly more expensive than the competitors, about 2,200 rubles for one device.

5. A D UA-604Price: 1500 rubles

A D UA-604. This automatic blood pressure monitor is one of the few devices with a special battery and its battery. One full charge lasts for two thousand measurements. The width of the cuff device is in the range of 22-32 inches. High accuracy measurements confirmed by checks on compliance with international standards. The cost of this device is around 1500 rubles depending on the retail markups of the implementer. Manufacturer provides 10 years warranty. However, the warranty does not cover power supply unit and charger.

4. B. Well WA-22hPrice 1700-1800 rubles

B. Well WA-22h. This is one of the best semi-automatic blood pressure monitors. It is equipped with a system of diagnosing arrhythmias, as well as the scale of measurement that shows the level of norms and deviations in pressure. So, if the final outcome will be in the green level of the scale, so pressure is normal. Where the deviation is necessary to normalize the pressure. The measurement accuracy of this device is confirmed by clinical trials. In addition, the cuff of the device is universal, can be easily separated from the main electronic unit and can be washed. Optionally, the device emits a warning signal. The case of the electronic device is durable and waterproof. So it can be used in extreme conditions. The cost of such a device is 1700-1800 rubles.

3. OMRON M1 Ecothe Price is 2000 rubles

OMRON M1 Eco. This automatic blood pressure monitor is also multifunctional. The equipment includes a cuff and hoses for measuring the pressure of adults and children separately. On the monitor affect not only outcome indicators but also the process of pumping. With sufficient pumping, the device delivers a signal. Also signal is the detection of abnormalities in blood pressure. The device has internal memory that stores the results of the last 42 measurements. Is OMRON M1 Eco in the region of 2,000 rubles.

2. OMRON M1 CompactPrice is 1500 rubles

OMRON M1 Compact. This device is a cheaper alternative to the previous semi-automatic blood pressure monitor. In terms of functionality and measurement accuracy not inferior to their more expensive option. The only differences are the larger energy consumption and small memory footprint. So the memory of this device is enough for saving of only 30 measurements. In addition, the kit of the device includes only one set of cuff pressure in adults. This device is 1500 rubles.

1. OMRON S1Price 1300 rubles

OMRON S1. This automatic blood pressure monitor stands above its competitors both in functionality and price. So, its cost is composed of 1300 roubles, and is the lowest to date. The measurement accuracy is proven in clinical trials. The only drawback is the small memory, which is enough to save only 14 results. Device when the alarm signal comes from the established who standards for blood pressure. Besides, it is recommended for home use by the above organization.

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