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Best apps for iphone 2016


To readers best apps for iphone 2016.

10. Duolingo

Duolingo opens the top ten best apps for iphone 2016. The tool will be very useful for those who have decided to study a foreign language. The main advantage of the interface is its readability. The screen is not overloaded. Lessons combined in levels 3-4 in each lesson. The levels of complexity are built in the likeness of a tree, where the first link for newcomers ("Basics 1") designated by the picture of the cracked bird egg, bird, whale (Animals), sandwich ("Food") and another fun infographic. New words are introduced at three or four in one run, and designed as a rectangular card with the simple accompanying icons in the style of enlarged images. The dictionary does not melcic, all written in a simple large font. Icon with the passage of each level is "activated" from gray - white and becomes color. The new user is prompted to determine the language of instruction and account. The lessons of the "level 1 Basics" can be made without registration. At the end of the first level of authorization is mandatory, otherwise the result is not stored, and access to the next lesson occurs.

9. Streaks from Zervaas Enterprises

Streaks from Zervaas Enterprises is a good app that helps to develop good habits. To make them both manually and automatically — Streaks connects with Apple Health and monitors the number of steps taken, and other information. The application has several color themes and a dozen of already established habits. But nothing prevents you to add your own. Times a day for Streaks to be reminded of outstanding habits or the introduction of already made actions.

8. Zova — Personal Trainer

Zova — Personal Trainer one of the ten best and most useful apps for iphone 2016. It is intended for sports at home. Zova — Personal Trainer is a training plan for users, selecting activities to involve all muscle groups. Exercises are accompanied by voice prompts, encouragement, words, background music.

7. Ulysses from The Soulmen GbR

Ulysses from The Soulmen GbR — great app for iphone 2016, which is a text editor. It allows to organize work with multiple page documents, for example, with the book. Ulysses allows you to create projects and add to them the necessary text files. There is also the Inbox where you can add quick notes and drafts. This folder helps you to capture fleeting thoughts not bothered on the creation of special documents. Ulysses displays the documents closer, as do word processors, but in reality you still work with a clean text with all the attendant advantages. That is, files created in Ulysses, can be opened by any other text editor.

6. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock — the best and very useful app for iphone 2016 for those who care about healthy sleep. Sleep Cycle alarm clock uses the results of the studies of cyclicity of sleep and thanks to the iPhone sensors determines the stage of a shallow slumber. It was at this point that sounds the alarm. Also, by using the built in calendar app will save all data and then you can display them on the screen, and look at the quality of their sleep over a period of time.

5. Lara Croft GO from Square Enix

Lara Croft GO from Square Enix is one of the best apps for iphone 2016. Game about the adventures of a cute podgy is experienced as a great adventure in which the player will encounter many dangerous enemies, and solve lots of interesting puzzles. So, for example, for all levels Lara is haunted by a giant snake that delivers a lot of troubles. This item is good at creating the integrity of the events from level to level. The puzzles in the game are mostly tied to the lever and the dragging of the large colon. On the way to achieving the goal obstacles will be snakes, spiders and iguanas, represent a special danger.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is a very popular iOS app for fast editing and processing photos. In 2011 and 2012, the program took two awards — best photo editor app for iPad. This huge popularity is due to the innovative way of processing photos and perfect design of the editor. The program has a very simple interface consisting of three main blocks: the photo panel and panel functions for loading and saving photos. Arrangement of blocks is different depending on where you use the program on your tablet or smartphone. A key feature of the program is processing photos with the help of gestures. If you go to any instrument, with a vertical gesture we choose a function, for example, the contrast or brightness, and using the horizontal gesture increase or decrease this setting. This approach isolates the interface of all unnecessary elements, buttons and menus, leaving you alone with your picture.

3. MoneyWiz 2

MoneyWiz 2 — the best app for iphone 2016 for those who are watching their finances. This is a very simple and versatile Finance Manager that allows you to give a complete picture about the current situation, future plans and the effectiveness of their achievements based on past spending. With the help of Internet banking you will be able to connect to their accounts and to quickly obtain data about committed transactions. The developers have engaged more than 2,000 banks worldwide. Thus, the user receives almost complete automation of accounting of income and expenses that require minimal adjustments.

2. Maps.me

Maps.me — one of the best free apps for iphone 2016. This utility is an offline map and simply indispensable for travelers. Looks MAPS.ME Pro in the spirit of modern mapping applications – most part of the screen is the actual map, to the right you will see zoom buttons that can be disabled in the settings (of course, the handset supports zooming with the usual sliver), and below is the bar, from which you can go to your own location, search, favorite places and menu.

1. Dividr

Dividr completes the list of the best apps for iphone 2016. Fun and addictive 2D arcade game in which the player must move the glowing squares, avoiding obstacles and pick up coins. Of course, the company could not mark the product, which is well implemented to work with 3D Touch technology. The creators Dividr — students Josh Deichmann, Patrick Pistor and Erik Lydick, began developing the app during the annual competition iOS App Challenge.

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