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Top 10 best Bicycle manufacturers


Today the market is full of various brands produced bicycles. In this variety of buyer is very easy to get lost and difficult to choose the brand that matched all his needs. The best bike manufacturers have won worldwide popularity and produce products that is over strength, reliability and comfort. The largest companies, known all over the world are Shimano and SRAM. In addition to these leaders deserve the attention of other firms that are quite competitive.

10. ocus

Focus opens the top ten most popular Bicycle manufacturers today. The company's founder is a professional cyclist Mike Klugge. When he won the German Championship on their own Focus, has become the object of attention for well-known companies in the production of vasoprotective. And I got the first line of bicycles under the brand name Focus. Currently, the company produces a wide range of bikes of different types. There are models for both the Amateur and the true professional racing Cycling. In the manufacture of products based on innovative technologies, which allow us to produce highly durable, reliable and comfortable bikes.

9. Velomotors

Velomotors deservedly included in the top ten most decent manufacturers bikes. Russian company produces models under the brand Stels, which many fans of Cycling are associated with reliability and affordability. On the Russian market was supplied as a hybrid, and folding models. Particularly noteworthy are the mountain models that are of high quality.

8. Forward

Forward is the best native plant for the production of bicycles. Also the company is engaged in the manufacture of galaxieswere and velozapchastey. The plant was created relatively recently: the first model was released in 1999. Forward develops directly copyright models of bikes. The company has its own design and testing Studio and shop, where is the actual manufacturer of sports products. Bicycle Perm firms attract, first and foremost, affordability. Forward mainly produces the entry-level model, which explains the low cost. Professional bikes of this company is rare in the market and are manufactured in the vast majority of riders.


SMART company that is positioned in the market as a manufacturer of reliable and affordable bikes. Special attention is paid to the strength of the frame, which is made on special technology that allows the design to be very practical and dagoizena. The frames are lightweight, so quite easy. Smart produces a wide model range and boasts an original and striking design.


KROSS is one of the leading Bicycle manufacturers. The company was established in 90-ies of the last century, which over time has evolved from a small outlet in the largest manufacturing company of sports equipment. The cross produces all kinds of bicycles. Firm regularly engaged in the improvement of products, introducing new technologies that improve the quality and reliability of the design. KROSS also pays special attention to the design of products. All of this together and allows the manufacturer to keep the brand in the market of sports goods.

5. GT Bicycles

GT Bicycles is among the five largest Bicycle manufacturers in the world. The American firm was founded in the 72nd year of the last century, and then began to produce road, road, mountain, women's and children models, as well as BMX, designed for workout krossmenov. This manufacturer stands out with unsurpassed quality and reliability manufactured sports equipment.

4. GT Bicycles

MERIDA is a manufacturer of world renown, which has gained love and popularity among fans of Cycling and Cycling due to high quality and affordability of products. The company annually millions in revenue, and no wonder, because Merida are exported to more than 70 countries around the world. The plant is engaged in designing and manufacturing all kinds of bicycles, among which road, mountain, hybrid, and electric. The company's products are high-strength frames, which are made by special technology. As design can be fully confident regardless of the class to which a particular model.

3. Scott

Scott is one of the most recognizable and popular Bicycle manufacturer around the world. Factory Scott was founded back in the 1980 year and was originally engaged exclusively in the manufacture of sticks for skis. He later moved on to the production of accessories for motocross and ski racing. And only 6 years later Scott released his first bike. The factory started the development and manufacture of models designed specifically for Cycling. Already the first editions took part in the famous race. Scott main advantages are the robust design and high build quality, comfort, striking design, excellent aerodynamics and great stability on all surfaces.

2. Scott

Specialized deservedly included in the top three. The American factory was founded in the 20th century in the 70-ies. During the Specialized existence has established itself as a conscientious company, producing only quality products. The plant produces models like velosportsmenov for beginners and professionals. Starting from the mid-level price category, the manufacturer offers consumers for more interesting technological solutions. In addition to the bike company produces additional equipment, releasing the form, helmets, etc.

1. Cube Bikes

Cube Bikes — the most famous company in the world. The manufacturer produces products exclusively premium. Cube Bikes is a German city Waldershof, where it is actually development, construction and Assembly of sports equipment. The company has its own laboratory, where there are all the development. To create a Bicycle uses the latest technological equipment that allows you to recreate the masterpieces for lovers of Cycling. Every year the models become more and more developed, which allows the manufacturer to keep the brand and lead the market. Currently, Cube Bikes are available in more than 30 countries.

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