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The best psychological movies


To readers of psychological movies, list of the best.

10. Remember2000

"Remember" (2000) opens the ten best psychological movies. The picture has twice been nominated for the award "Oscar". The film's protagonist Leonard Shelby in an instant deprived of the most important person and the memory... He suffers from a rare form of amnesia: a man remembers all that was before the tragedy and is unable to remember the events of ten minutes ago. The only purpose in life Leonard becomes to find the killer of the spouse, but how to do it, if my memory refuses to serve him? Will help write that character continuously makes, at almost every turn.

9. Phone booth2002

"Phone booth" (2002) — a psychological film by Larry Cohen, which was nominated for the award MTV. One phone call can completely change a person's life, or even to pick it up... Main character is STU film is accidentally caught up in a deadly game with a killer maniac. A young man makes a fatal mistake, by lifting the handset of the phone in the booth. Now he is completely at the mercy of a maniacal killer who is under the gun. Any rash step and STU corpse...

8. Faces in the crowd2011

"Faces in the crowd" (2011) is a psychological Thriller with Milla Jovovich in the lead role. In the life of a young teacher Anna tragedy strikes: she almost becomes the victim of a serial killer. Her eyes committed murder. Noticing Anna maniac throws a body and begins pursuit of the witness. The heroine jumps from the bridge, but hits the iron girders with his head. She is saved by a hobo and takes to the hospital. But soon Anna realizes that her strange things happen: she does not know his own relatives, and sometimes themselves in the mirror. Doctors put a terrible and rare, the diagnosis of prosopagnosia...

7. Emergency call2013

"Alarm call" (2013) — best psychological Thriller directed by brad Anderson. This is the story of the operator of service of rescue, Jordan Turner, in which one of his shifts, receives a disturbing call from a teenage girl. She asks for help, as the house entered a criminal. At one point the communication breaks down. Jordan makes a fatal mistake and dials the number on which the call was made... All you hear is the operator of a finally — dying shrieks of the victim. Time passes, but Jordan can't forgive yourself done. But once the call center receives a call from a girl who is abducted by a serial killer. Jordan decides in whatever was to save the kidnapped. Soon she realizes that this is the same psychopath who killed a girl who was talking to Jordan...

6. The awakening1990

"The awakening" (1990) — one of the best psychological movies based on real events. The film was shot on the memoir by Oliver sacks. Film three was nominated for the award "Oscar". Shy neurologist Malcolm Sayer gets into the office by patients who have a lethargic encephalitis. He can't stand seeing people that are more similar to plants. Malcolm, conducting experiments and looking for a cure for the paralyzing disease. Invented the drug the doctor decides to try on one of the patients. The doctor begins to notice how experimental the patient gradually begins to literally Wake up: he's learning new ways to talk, to move, to feel, to live...

5. Vanished2014

Gone girl (2014) — psychological Thriller, for which Rosamund pike was nominated for the award "Oscar" for "Best actress". The film is based on the novel by Gillian Flynn. The story begins from the date of the fifth anniversary of a young married couple nick and Amy Dunne. Returning home in the evening and going to celebrate a joint fifth anniversary, Nick discovers Amy is missing, and in the house there were signs of violence: the blood, the scattered items. He appealed to the police to search the couple. But the longer the investigation lasts, the more evidence POPs up against the nick. Gradually, the hero begins to suspect that the wife decided to give your sweetheart a very unusual and dangerous surprise: she specially would fake his own death and leaves the police evidence speaking against nick...

4. Tell no one2006

"Tell no one" (2006) — the best French psychological Thriller directed by Guillaume Canet. The film was awarded the highest ratings from critics. Alexander and Margot Beck happy for several years in marriage. But once family happiness comes to an end, Margot is killed. Find the criminal, but he confesses all crimes except murder of the wife of Alexander. It takes several years, and the heartbroken widower can not recover from the loss. Somehow he comes to an e-mail from an unknown sender. In it, he finds a video where he sees Margot. All anything, but only the recording made after the death of his wife...

3. Mind games2001

"A beautiful mind" (2001) — one of the best psychological dramas based on real events. The plot is based on the biography of John Forbes Nash Jr., who was a great mathematician and the Nobel prize in Economics. The film is a winner of four awards "Oscar" and one of the film award "Golden globe". The film begins with describing the life of a genius in his youth. Gradually, he begins to develop paranoid schizophrenia, accompanied by hallucinations. The disease begins more and more to progress. It comes to the fact that the illness of John jeopardizes his professional career and personal relationships with loved ones.

2. One flew over the cuckoo's nest1975

"One flew over the cuckoo's nest" (1975) — best psychological drama, filmed on the eponymous book by Ken Kesey. The film is the winner of five Academy awards, three film awards, a Golden globe and other prestigious awards. This is one of the most successful psychological paintings in the history of cinema. The main character of the film Randle Patrick, wanting to avoid jail, pretends to be insane and enters a psychiatric hospital. There he is confronted with a completely unfamiliar to this world, where there is their laws that establishes the cruel nurse Mildred Ratched. McMurphy. He openly wonders why, though not quite mentally healthy people unquestioningly obey her and carry out all her instructions. Character arranges a real rebellion and a coup in the hospital, overthrowing the "pedestal" McMurphy.

1. The silence of the lambs1990

"Silence of the lambs" (1990) is the best psychological movie, filmed on the eponymous book by Thomas Harris. The picture is the winner of five film awards "Oscar" and one of the prize "Golden globe". This is one of the few films which managed to earn this number of awards. Maniac kidnaps and kills girls across America. The FBI says the crimes are committed by one and the same person. On the trail of a psychopath, the secret service asks for help to Hannibal Lecter, a former doctor of the psychiatric hospital and the current prisoner who is considered one of the most brilliant killers and psychopaths of incredible. To it send inexperienced young girl, agent Clarice Starling, who must persuade the Lecturer to cooperate with the FBI. He is willing to help the investigation, but with the condition that Clarissa will regale his diseased imagination details of his personal life.

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