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The best recipes of brandy of vodka at home


Recipes home cognacs are constantly improving. Many craftsmen manage to drink, is virtually identical to the present cognac. The best recipes of brandy of vodka at home that we have collected in this collection will help create a really decent replica of the elite drink, which with proper exposure will gain a unique flavor and taste. Of course, this is not a real brandy, but the flavor properties of the drink subject to the recipe of manufacture can outperform many low-grade alcohol sold in stores.

To create a cognac of vodka at home, you need the following things:

  • high-quality raw materials (in our case, brew);
  • oak bark (chips or crisps);
  • proper proportions of ingredients,;
  • extract drink.
  • With a high quality brew, everything is clear, but why the need for oak bark? This is the simplest replacing the oak barrels in which is aged grape spirit to further the production of cognac. The oak gives the drink a special bitter flavor and astringency, typical of cognac.

    10. Cognac in Latgale

    Cognac in Latgale – one of the most common recipes of brandy of moonshine at home. The tincture recipe tastes like a sophisticated drink that was invented in Latvia. Today there are many variations of the drink. To create a home of brandy you will need: brew quality, low double-distilled, oak bark or oak chips, cloves, nutmeg, coriander, sugar.

    All the ingredients are put into a container, add the vodka, sugar syrup and a good shake. Capacity put in a dark place prior to the acquisition of brown and bright aroma. To insist the drink is recommended at least two weeks but not more than a month. Then the infusion is filtered, poured into bottles and at least six months kept in a dark place.

    9. Tincture to prune

    Recipes for the best homemade brandy of vodka can be attributed to the tincture of prunes. The drink turns out with excellent taste. For its preparation required: high-quality brew, prunes with bone, sugar, allspice, vanilla, cloves.

    All ingredients are placed in a container for infusion and filled with moonshine. During the period of infusion liquid to be shaken. Two weeks later, the mood is filtered, bottled and sent to steep for another 4-5 days.

    8. Homemade brandy

    One of the proven recipes of the cognac moonshine at home – homemade brandy. It is similar to cognac in Latgale, but it is used much more ingredients. Beverage production need the following ingredients: brew quality, oak chips, sugar, berries rose hips, black pepper, black tea, St. John's wort, vanilla.

    Ingredients are sent in a jar, fill with vodka and add a caramel syrup made from sugar. Leave the drink to infuse in a dark place for at least two weeks. A week removed from the tank with tincture of vanilla. After homemade brandy will acquire a dark color and bright flavor, filter it and bottle. Leave to infuse for at least three months. If in the process of settling, a precipitate appears, the brandy again to be filtered.

    7. Quick recipe

    There is a quick recipe for the brandy moonshine at home. You will need the following ingredients: brew of high quality black tea, internal partitions walnuts, vanilla, thyme, potassium permanganate, cloves, citric acid.

    For purification of vodka from fusel oils and pour into it the potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) and the next day strain the future cognac. In a container put the above ingredients and pour their refined moonshine. Finally add citric acid. Tincture should stand in a dark place for three days.

    6. Brandy pine nuts

    Lovers of strong alcoholic beverages home cooking will appeal to cognac pine nuts. Its recipe includes the following ingredients: high-quality brew, pine nuts, sugar, black currant leaves, orange zest and vanilla.

    The nuts must be removed from the resin. To do this, put them in a container, pour boiling water, mix thoroughly and drain off the water. It is advisable to repeat this procedure 2-3 times to completely remove the resin taste.

    Nuts and other ingredients need to shift in a bowl and pour moonshine. Leave the drink for 20 days in a dark place. After settling, homemade brandy you want to filter.

    5. Quick recipe brandy pine nuts

    There is a quick to prepare recipe brandy pine nuts to the brew. It is virtually indistinguishable from the previous recipe, but it has less ingredients, and over time the drink is prepared faster. We need: moonshine of the highest quality, pine nuts and sugar.

    Nuts pour boiling water and allow to stand for 5-10 minutes. Then the water is drained. Repeat procedure 2-3 times. This will prevent the nuts from resin. In a container put the sugar and nuts and pour moonshine. To put the future of cognac in a dark place and let it infuse for at least two weeks. After settling, the liquid is filtered. If you want you can add in a homemade brandy aromatic herbs. In this case, he needed to stand still for ten days.

    4. Tincture oak chips

    One of the best recipes of the cognac moonshine at home – tincture oak chips. For its preparation you will need: vodka, sugar, bark of a young oak.

    The bark should be cut into small cubes and thoroughly dried. Then crushed her to splinters and fill them to 3/4 capacity. Pour the chips of moonshine and adding sugar. Remove the infusion in a dark place for three months. At the expiration of the period of infusion is filtered, the resulting aromatic cognac.

    3. Brandy from vodka with herbs

    Brandy from vodka with herbs – quick tincture recipe homemade. A large number of herbs homemade brandy gives a delicious flavor and excellent taste. To prepare the drink you need: a brew of the finest quality, sugar, black pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, black tea, oak bark, Bay leaf, St. John's wort, rose hips.

    The above ingredients put in a container, pour the brew and put in a dark place for three days. After settling, the tincture should be filtered.

    2. Cognac from the brew with spices

    Cognac from the brew with spices is another interesting recipe for homemade liqueurs. To make brandy at home, you need: brew quality, coffee, sugar, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla.

    Coffee and sugar mix and add spices. Mix well the ingredients and pour a small amount of alcohol. When the sugar has dissolved, add the remaining vodka. Capacity tincture to clean for 2-3 weeks in a dark place. After the period of settling a home brew filter.

    1. Brandy Siberian

    Cognac "Siberian" is one of the best alcoholic beverages are homemade.

    Recipe settings has an interesting feature – I brew clean milk. Then pour in an infusion of oak bark, and add a shell pine nuts. Cognac is aged in a dark place for at least a month, and then is filtered and bottled.

    He is aged no less than months, then filtered and bottled.

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