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Best restaurants Anapa


Anapa is one of the most popular resort cities of Russia. It features a huge number of bars, cafes and restaurants. The most elite institutions offer the service at a high level and is ready to surprise with a variety of dishes and drinks. The best restaurants in Anapa have impeccable service and are pleased to provide an unforgettable and pleasant time in a comfortable environment.

10. PragueAverage bill of 1500 rubles

"Prague" is a small restaurant that can seat 40 people. This is one of the most elite institutions of Anapa, which offers European and Czech cuisine. Appreciated this place for the variety and unique taste of dishes prepared by real masters of culinary Affairs. There is also a rich wine that deserves the attention of lovers of this drink. The guests noted that "Prague" is one of the best services, which is at a very high level. The shop personnel will always help to choose and recommend a particular dish. The average check will pass for one person without alcohol 1,500 rubles.

9. NautilusAverage bill of 1200 rubles

"Nautilus" located on the Black sea in order to give its visitors an unforgettable and charming holiday. The restaurant is a calm and very cozy atmosphere. Marine cuisine is sure to please guests of the institution. Also features the exclusive European cuisine, which will surprise even gourmets with its variety and delicious dishes. The wine list in the Nautilus is carefully chosen and includes a rich assortment of wines for every taste and budget. In the restaurant you can cook your own catch. Beautiful views of the sea from the lower deck and the attic of the second floor, where you can also enjoy in the evening sunset. The Nautilus is perfect for family holidays and romantic dinner. The average check per person is 1200 rubles.

8. Del Mar'sAverage bill of 1500 rubles

Del Mar is one of the most luxurious restaurants in the city, which is particularly popular. The facility is designed for 100 persons. Here are regularly held banquets, there is live music, and a dance floor. In the restaurant, there are European and Italian cuisine, which represent a wide range of different delicious dishes. Pleasantly surprised by its diversity and the wine card. Enjoy an evening panoramic views of Sochi can summer terrace. The average score in Del Mar excluding alcoholic beverages will cost the visitor in 1500 rubles.

7. BerlinAverage check 500 rubles

"Berlin" is a German restaurant located in the resort town of Krasnodar region Anapa. Guests should note that it is very tasty and that neither is the real French cuisine. It serves the most delicious meat dishes as well as traditional German beer snacks. The restaurant has an outdoor terrace with a wonderful panoramic view. This is the place guests and residents of the city love for low prices. The average check per person is only 500 rubles, excluding alcoholic beverages.

6. Brodsky Gastronomic BarAverage bill of 1500 rubles

Brodsky Gastronomic Bar is ready to offer its guests delicious cuisine and a memorable stay. The restaurant can accommodate at a time on its territory for up to 150 people. Here you can order a Banquet to be held at the highest level. In Brodsky Gastronomic Bar has a dance floor and a children's area where younger guests can also have a great time. The facility offers a wide range of wines of various varieties, both local and imported. Excluding alcoholic beverages the average bill will cost the visitor in 1500 rubles.

5. ProvenceAverage check of 800 rubles

"Provence" will be appreciated by lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. A feature of the restaurant is in the preparation of fish dishes using the gifts of the Black sea, and not imported imported products. That is why the dishes are particularly tasty as are prepared only with fresh seafood. Provence also offers original cuisine, whose menu changes regularly and is unique. The restaurant offers an extensive wine list and a large variety of soft drinks and cocktails. The average check per person without alcohol will be 800 rubles.

4. NerdAverage bill 700-1500 rubles

"Nerd" is in the top ten best restaurants of the resort town of Anapa. Here are Japanese, Italian and European dishes that offer a large selection of different and delicious dishes. Also in a diverse grocery range is available and a vegetarian menu. Especially for children it is equipped with a room where they can have fun while adults rest. In "Botany" is a rich cocktail card, for which this place is also appreciated by visitors who often return. The average bill per person will be 700-1500 rubles.

3. La verandathe Average bill 1000 rubles

La veranda is very popular with the residents and visitors of Anapa, thanks to tasty cuisine, pleasant atmosphere and friendly reception. The restaurant has a copyright Italian, European, Mediterranean cuisines. Cozy interior, delicious food, drinks and a friendly welcome create a pleasant atmosphere for rest. La veranda is an excellent choice for a family holiday, a romantic date and also for large companies. The dishes are not only delicious and have great portions. The average bill in this place is in the range of 1000 rubles.

2. CroutonAverage bill 1000-1500 rubles

"Crouton" is considered one of the best restaurants of the resort town of Krasnodar region. This place is perfect for a romantic getaway and for a large company and football fans. This restaurant offers a wide range of dishes of European and home cuisine, and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. The average check here is in the range of 1000-1500 rubles.

1. BroquinAverage bill 1000-2000 rubles

Residents and visitors of Anapa claim that "Broquin" one of the most delicious places. This restaurant is loved not only for the excellent cuisine but also a wide range of wines, which you can also taste. The visitors are waited by a cordial and warm welcome. Working here to be extremely responsive and helpful waiters throughout the city. The restaurant has a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, contributing back to this place more than once. "Brookline" regularly hosts various parties and events. Those wishing to relax in solitude can be accommodated on the summer terrace with magnificent panoramic views. The average bill here is about 1000-2000 rubles.

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