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The best restaurants of Chelyabinsk


In Chelyabinsk a huge number of food establishments, and each year opened new restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars. Choose a restaurant with great food, nice design and high level of service becomes a daunting task.

For lovers of good cuisine we recommend you the best restaurants in Chelyabinsk. The list includes institutions that received the highest scores of visitors.

10. Envy Food WineAverage bill: 700-1500 rubles

Opens the list of the best restaurants in Chelyabinsk Envy gastropub Food Wine. There is a small cozy room, with views to the kitchen and guests can watch the process of cooking the meals. Large Windows in the floor turn the restaurant, in summer open terrace. The restaurant menu is small but varied. The kitchen is mostly the author's, there is an interesting seasonal dishes. Facility's highlight is the impressive wine list. There is one caveat – you can only order a whole bottle. For non-drinking alcohol is an alternative – delicious homemade lemonade. The restaurant is popular, so reservations are required.

The average check ranges from 700 to 1500 rubles.

9. 7 FridaysAverage check: 2,000 rubles

Restobar "7 Fridays" – an elite institution, recognized as one of the best restaurants in Chelyabinsk. Here visitors are offered dishes of European and Italian cuisines. The interior is luxurious. It creates an atmosphere of mystery and unreality. Gorgeous kitchen fully consistent with the high level of the institution. The menu is small, balanced and can offer several unique positions.

Unusual way of getting into the restaurant – you need to call the closed door and then go down to the basement.

Because of the great popularity of restobar reservations are required in advance.

Average check: 2,000 rubles.

8. Ural dumplingsAverage bill: 900 RUB

"Ural dumplings" – one of the oldest establishments of Chelyabinsk, repeatedly recognized as the best restaurant in the city. Opened in 1965, it still delights visitors with excellent Russian cuisine and became a symbol of the city. The place has three rooms that are designed for all occasions.

The restaurant kitchen is fully consistent with his image – the menu of the national Russian dishes, from appetizers to desserts. Meet the best representatives of other cuisines: soup, pancakes, khachapuri, cheesecakes. The highlight of the restaurant – a great many varieties of dumplings: pike, bear meat, deer meat, wild boar and elk. From drinks in the "Ural dumplings" you can try wine, brew a unique recipe, a ginger tincture, bison, cranberry.

To visit the restaurant in advance to reserve a table.

Average bill: 900 roubles.

7. BarbarescoAverage check: 1,100 rubles

Among the best restaurants of Chelyabinsk includes restobar Barbaresco. It combines upscale bar and a cosy restaurant. Here visitors are offered dishes of Mediterranean and European dishes: steaks of salmon and meat, kebab, Carbonara, quinoa chicken, chicken pike and more. Renowned institution and desserts.

The restaurant is quite popular, so advanced reservations required.

The average check is 1,100 rubles.

6. Titanic–2000Average bill: RUB 950-1500

"Titanic 2000" – one of the best restaurants in Chelyabinsk with an unusual design. Your high level, he confirmed in 2015, with the approval of the program "Revizorro". The restaurant consists of two halls-deck. For those who want privacy there are separate rooms-cabins.

The interior is decorated in a nautical style: the entrance is an anchor, inside visitors are greeted by the steering wheel of the captain and other items of marine life. Even the ceiling supports the General atmosphere is a sky running on it with clouds.

The restaurant offers the visitors dishes of Russian and European cuisine with a touch of a nautical theme: steaks of tuna and salmon, squid stuffed with mushrooms with rice, fish steamed with vegetables. The menu is updated annually.

Average score: 950 – 1500 rubles.

5. AlazaniAverage bill: 800 rubles

It is very popular in Chelyabinsk Georgian cuisine restaurant Alazani. The place consists of two rooms accommodating up to 65 people. The interior is cozy and calm. In the menu of the most delicious Georgian dishes: satsivi, khachapuri, lobio, chicken truck, khinkali and more. It is noteworthy that for cooking, do not use blanks, all made from fresh ingredients.

Average bill: 800 rubles.

4. CloudAverage check: 1500 rubles

Among the best institutions of Chelyabinsk applies the panoramic bar-restaurant "Clouds". It is located literally in the clouds – on the 27th floor of the business lobby "Bovid". With a height of 100 metres and offers stunning views of the city. The interior is designed in contrasting colors: black background is diluted with splashes of purple and yellow. The menu has a rich choice of dishes of European and author's cuisine: steak, venison, lamb, duck, salmon, sous-vide, cream of mushroom soup.

Average check: 1500 rubles.

3. MedocAverage bill: 700-800 rubles

Medoc is one of the best restaurants in Chelyabinsk, offering its guests dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Three comfortable rooms can accommodate up to 100 visitors. During summer season a terrace is available. The interior is pleasant, with a light claiming to be "bourgeois". Medoc offers dishes of Russian and European cuisine: Russian herring, mincemeat, barbecue, julienne of chicken, salads and desserts. The restaurant's impressive wine list: dozens of the finest cognacs and whiskeys, more than 50 types of wines.

The average score is 700-800 rubles.

2. KoTLETAAverage bill: 800 rubles

Juicy KoTLETA restaurant ranked list of the best institutions of Chelyabinsk. The restaurant has an unusual and interesting format. The main place in the menu you are given different kind of meatballs, but made from other meals. KoTLETA is positioned as a place for a family holiday.

Average bill: 800 rubles.

1. The Rules Premium RestaurantAverage check: 2.5–3 thousand rubles

The Rules Premium Restaurant – one of the best restaurants of British cuisine in Chelyabinsk. The interior is designed in a simple English style. Deep leather sofas and high chairs are heavy though, takes the visitors to the shore of Albion, in one of the cozy English restaurants.

The menu is small, only 33 positions: several types of soups, duck salad, fried cod cake with lamb and plums, veal steak, Irish stew.

Average check: 2,5–3 thousand rubles.

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