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The best restaurants of Yekaterinburg


The best restaurants of Yekaterinburg is famous for its delicious cuisine, warm hospitality and a cozy interior, relaxing mood. These places in the city love to visit as local residents and guests to relax and have delicious food. Ranked in the top ten restaurants received the most positive feedback from visitors and have proven themselves with the best hand.

10. Ratatouillethe Average check of 600 rubles

Ratatouille opens ten best restaurants of Yekaterinburg, where you can not only eat, but also a very nice time. Friendly waiters of this institution is ready to offer clients the best dishes of Italian, European, Mexican, Russian and Japanese cuisine. In addition to delicious dishes Ratatouille is ready to offer its guests a wide selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Here you don't have to wait long for your order and nervous. While cooking your meals you can drink, free Wi-Fi, or simply enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and quiet background music. Average check in the Ratatouille, excluding beverages only 600 rubles.

9. HappinessAverage ticket — 800 rubles

The restaurant Happiness is a very tasty Georgian cuisine, as noted by the visitors. Also on the menu you will find the best dishes of European cuisine. It's also a great place for a pleasant holiday for vegans, as there is a large choice of food of non-animal origin. National Georgian dishes in Happiness are prepared according to special recipes, which makes them insanely delicious. Here you can relax and enjoy a delicious time with my girlfriend, or with all family friendly. The average bill here is about 800 rubles, which is not much for a fancy restaurant.

8. Greedy BeefAverage check — 2000 rubles

Greedy Beef includes restaurants with delicious cuisine. Visitors say that it serves a very large and hearty portions. Especially famous for the establishment of local steaks, which are so popular with customers, including many regular. If you are very hungry and like to eat, you are no doubt here. Greedy Beef mostly specializiruetsya on Russian cuisine. There can be very good to spend time big and friendly company. The only drawback of the restaurant, as noted guests are the high prices. The average score will cost you 2000 rubles.

7. Pan Smetana'sAverage bill is 1,000 rubles

Pan Smetana is a Czech beer restaurant. Among a wide range of local dishes for delicacies, German, European, Central European, Czech and Eastern European cuisine. At will then you can always order a Banquet or even arrange a playdate. Works pan Smetana until late in the evening. Clients note that there is a nice atmosphere to the staff and reasonable prices. Institution like to visit the friends and admirers of this and very tasty Czech beer. The average score for those who came here just to eat is 1000 rubles.

6. NigoraAverage bill — 700 rubles

Nigora is a real Uzbek restaurant kitchens can be very satisfying and tasty to eat, while in Yekaterinburg. The best local dishes are lagman, plov, dolma and diploma of lamb. Here you will find dishes with a lot of finesse. All very simply and amazingly delicious. Nigora stands rich in alcoholic map with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. The institution is always available for a fun Banquet. This place is more suited for a stay with friends than for a romantic rendezvous. To dine there can be an average of 700 rubles.

5. Stroganov-GrillAverage check of 1500 rubles

Stroganoff Grill is considered to be one of the best restaurants of Yekaterinburg, which is not very cheap, but tasty. Its visitors the school offers a choice of dishes of European, Russian and Eastern European cuisine. Guests Stroganov-Grill note that there are doing just great steaks, delicious grilling and barbecue. Is a cozy steak house in the city centre. Among the methods of payment are cash and cashless payments. Their customers Stroganov-Grill is waiting for 11 am to 12 PM. The average bill is 1,500 rubles.

4. Steak houseAverage check of 1500 rubles

Steak house is one of the best local gourmet restaurants. Waiters places are pleased to offer guests delicious dishes of European cuisine, barbecue and steak house. The restaurant is located in the walls of a historic building and is part of the hotel "Iset". Luxury interior, delicious food and one of the best services in the city regularly attracted visitors, many of whom have become regulars. Among the proposed restaurant's menu of dishes should first pay attention to the roast beef, filet Mignon, ribeye and tar-tare. Renowned institution and a rich wine list. The average bill in a Steak house is 1500 rubles.

3. VerticalAverage check of 1500 rubles

Vertical, probably the best restaurant of Yekaterinburg European cuisine and seafood. Panoramic restaurant with live music and delicious dishes will not leave indifferent any visitor. Vertical is located at 51 floor of the business center, where the restaurant offers an incredible view. From here you can admire beautiful sunsets and soaring birds. Vertical is one of the most romantic places in the city, which is ideal for meetings. Delicious food, unique atmosphere and picturesque views made this place very popular. The average check per person is 1500 rubles.

2. TroyekurovAverage bill is 200 rubles

Troyekurov among the top three restaurants of Novosibirsk, where you can enjoy delicious dishes of Russian, European and Central European cuisine. The facility is a two-storey mansion, which was built directly under the restaurant. Troyekurov unusual interior design with fragments of interiors, typical of the 19th century. This place will amaze you not only with a variety of dishes, but rich in alcoholic map, where you can pick up a drink to suit every taste. a feature of the institution is the fact that it was the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and Dmitry Medvedev. The average score in Troekurova — 200 rubles.

1. Panorama S. P. A.the Average check — 2 500 rubles

Panorama A. S. P. — the best gourmet restaurant located in Yekaterinburg. Delicious fresh seafood, delicious dishes of Japanese and European cuisine is the pride of the institution. The restaurant offers a unique landscape with a 50-storey height. Really love this place as the locals and guests of the city for amazing views of Ekaterinburg. However, lunch or dinner here is quite expensive. The average bill in a Panorama of A. S. P. will cost 2500 rubles.

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