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The best restaurants of Kazan


One of the most beautiful cities of Russia regularly attracts a large flow of tourists who want to enjoy the incredibly picturesque views and historic buildings. For residents and guests of this amazing city is a huge number of restaurants and other establishments where you can eat and relax. The best restaurants of Kazan are not only delicious and varied food, wide choice of drinks, high quality service, but also a special relaxed atmosphere to rest.

10. Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre opens a rating of the best institutions of Kazan for a pleasant stay. Interior of restaurant could not be better conveys the spirit of Latin America. The whole Cuba Libre hung with portraits of Fidel and Che. Menu Cuba Libre and accordingly many national Cuban dishes, a decent wine list with a varied selection. In this area, impregnated with culture of island of freedom, you can also try real Cuban cigars and Souvenirs, brought from Cuba. In addition to the Cuban restaurant's menu are Mexican, Latin American and Caribbean cuisine.

9. On the roof

The loft-rooftop restaurant is among the ten most popular and the best restaurants of Kazan. The best chefs of this city are always ready and happy to prepare the most exquisite and delicious dishes of Russian, Japanese, middle Eastern, European, Mexican or Italian cuisine. A large selection of foods and beverages, such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic is also a huge plus, speaking in favor of the institution. Wine connoisseurs can always choose here a bottle of the best drink for dinner. Nice background music, friendly and very helpful staff and great atmosphere will leave you only pleasant impressions about this place.

8. Cernovar

Cernovar in good standing as the residents of the city, and its guests. This restaurant is popular due to reasonable prices, wide selection of food and service on the highest level. Here you can enjoy the best dishes of European and Czech cuisine. Cernovar often visited by vegans with a wide selection of tasty and delicious vegetarian dishes. The restaurant has a separate karaoke room. The interior is done in Czech style, which creates a special atmosphere imbued with the spirit of Czech culture. Also present here delivers a delicious Czech beer, which is of particular richness.

7. Shelter bachelor

Shelter bachelor is a very special restaurant in the city of Kazan, which is located in the basement of a historic building. Guests should note that here reigns a special atmosphere, which is passed also thanks to the quite specific and at the same time majestic interior, immersing in the historical past of the city. The main areas here are the Russian, European, Central European and Eastern European cuisine. Also serves delicious fresh seafood. Shelter bachelor has a wide selection of alcoholic drinks and rich wine card.

6. Beerhouse

Beerhouse is a beer restaurant of Kazan, which is located in the heart of the city. Here love to relax friendly, noisy companies. For guests there is always live music, a pool table, as well as regularly broadcast sports matches. The restaurant has a vast selection of delicious frothy beverages and a large selection of appetizers and various dishes. The establishment serves German, European, Central European and Eastern European cuisines. Also preparing and seafood. This is a real Paradise for fans of rest with a big company with friends in a pleasant atmosphere.

5. Malabar

Malabar refers to real Indian restaurants, which is the only of its kind in Kazan. Adherents of a healthy lifestyle this place will surely and liking and taste. Here much like to come true vegans due to the large selection of vegetarian dishes. Apart from Indian it also offers and serves European and Russian cuisine. Large selection of delicious and healthy meals, drinks, friendly staff and charming atmosphere made Malabar one of the most visited in Kazan.

4. Kremlin

Kremlin — a great institution of Russian and European cuisine. Delicious, refined cuisine a selection of drinks of any type are ready to offer this facility to their guests. Large hall for 60 people is ready to accept visitors from 9 a.m. to midnight. Besides pleasant atmosphere, quiet background music, you can be assured of service at the highest level. Helpful staff always happy to help with the selection of dishes and drinks. It is a Paradise for those who love to eat and relax in a peaceful and pleasant environment. In the history of the institution a lot of positive feedback.

3. Feast

The feast opens the top three institutions of Kazan, where you can not only delicious to eat but also nice to spend time relaxing soul. Restaurant specializiruetsya national Tatar cuisine, and also European. Guests feast in their reviews say that here is very tasty and a very large selection of different dishes for every taste. A feature of the institution is having its own steam room and professional massage therapists. So here you can relax not only the soul but also the body. There is a Pier on the lake, and directly from the Windows of the place offers incredible scenic views of the pond. Lovers of good rest, choose this place for a pleasant and peace of spending time.

2. Palmer

Palmer belongs to the gourmet restaurants where you can taste delicious dishes of seafood and national dishes. What first strikes a school is an unusual architectural solution, both outside and inside. The two-story structure offers spacious and very comfortable rooms with a charming atmosphere conducive to good and very pleasant stay. There are specialized halls with hookahs. Each guest has the opportunity to adjust the lighting to your recreation area and the volume of the background music they desire. Guests should note that this is the perfect place to relax with friends and family or loved one.

1. House of Tatar cuisine

House of Tatar cuisine — the best place to stay in Kazan. The second name of the institution is "the First national restaurant". This honorable name he bears not in vain, because dishes are made using an ancient, little-known recipes. In addition it also serves Tatar and Russian dishes. Renowned institution and a rich choice of drinks for every taste. Magnificent interior, outstanding service, delicious food and pleasant atmosphere made an excellent reputation this restaurant.

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