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The best restaurants of Minsk


The main city of Belarus is Minsk has a large number of restaurants, bars and cafes for any taste and budget. Visit elite institutions can afford not every resident and guest of the city. But if there is no constraint in the budget, then you should definitely visit the best restaurants in Minsk, who are famous not only excellent cuisine, but also have their own characteristics that make stay of the guest not only delicious, but also more comfortable.

10. La Scala Trattoria Ignazio

La Scala Trattoria Ignazio is one of the best in Minsk, as for the quality of food and affordability. The restaurant opened in the heart of Belarus famous chef Ignazio Rosa. Here there is never a shortage of visitors, so if you are planning a visit to this institution, it is better to book a table in advance. Chip La Scala Trattoria Ignazio is the transparency of the kitchen work. On television, every visitor can see the process of cooking. The friendly owner is always either in the kitchen or in the hall, greeting the new guests. The design of the restaurant is decorated in Italian, understated style. Visitors say that it is a pleasant homely atmosphere. La Scala Trattoria Ignazio offers visitors to enjoy traditional, sophisticated Italian cuisine with a huge variety of dishes. Will pleasantly surprise guests and a large selection of the best alcoholic drinks of any strength.

9. Restaurant-brewery Friends

Restaurant brewery "Friends" is on the list of best and biggest establishments of Minsk. The restaurant is able to fit within its walls at a time up to 750 persons. "Friends" have 7 luxurious rooms, each of which has a special style and décor. The main restaurant menu includes traditional dishes of beer countries. From the names of places is easy to conclude that it has its own brewery where produced by the secret technology 17 proprietary varieties of delicious foamy drink. Every evening live music and shows sports matches. The highlight of "Friends" is having its own souvenir shops where you can buy branded thing.

8. Heh, Natures

"Heh, nature" refers not only to the best but also expensive restaurants in the capital of Belarus. For guests here are national Georgian cuisine. The restaurant is located in a remote private sector in the neighborhood Stepyanka. He is a huge wooden house, surrounded all around by greenery. Guests will be pleasantly surprised by the courteous service and friendly welcome. Visitors administrator", Natvris He" welcomes at the door and helps to choose the most convenient location inside or on the veranda in summer. The choice for visitors is available a wide choice of the Georgian dishes and wines. Pride of the restaurant is a national Georgian dish — a minestrone.

7. Gambrinus

"Gambrinus" is a restaurant-pub that boasts a large assortment of delicious foamy beverages of different varieties. The local cuisine offers the best traditional cuisine of countries such as Ireland, Czech Republic, Belgium. There is here and traditional Belarusian cuisine. The establishment has 4 very comfortable and spacious room. The menu will surprise guests with its diversity not only of the main and delicious dishes, but also a rich choice of snacks to beer. Be sure to try the local cheese sticks, topinky and smaak.

6. Kuhmistr

Kuhmistr is located in the center of the main city of Belarus. He is considered one of the best in Minsk. Here are the main traditional Belarusian and Lithuanian cuisine. The best traditional local dishes can be found here, where they are prepared according to old recipes. You can also dine here and the national alcohol beverage of Belarus, among which hrenovuha. This place is famous and present gentry brew, tastier which is not found in the area. The restaurant is very tasty cooked, and here is a pleasure thanks to the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

5. Cornflowers

"Cornflower" is one of the best in Minsk due to reasonable prices m a delicious, hearty meals that are served here. The institution has a wide range of traditional Belarusian dishes and desserts and cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. In addition to traditional cuisine there is a selection of the best traditional Ukrainian and Lithuanian dishes. The food here is very tasty, but the biggest drawback of this place is the delay in service. If not for this shortcoming, then perhaps this restaurant is not located in the middle of the ranking, and took the first position.


SPORTINGCLUB is ideal for any meetings. Here not ashamed to meet with a business partner in the business, and invite your girlfriend for a romantic dinner. The restaurant is the availability of sites for active recreation, there is in the institution and a Billiards room. Chefs of SPORTINGCLUB are the only professionals own business, so all the dishes in place is just excellent. The restaurant menu is constantly changing and improving, so you can always taste something new, delicious and incredibly tasty.

3. Expedition. Northern cuisine

"Expedition. Northern cuisine" refers to a category of elite institutions of the city of Minsk. There are working exclusively with chefs of the highest category who regularly participate in culinary research trips in order to earn new and rare recipes Northern part of Russia. This work speaks eloquently of the restaurant and its name. Thanks to this approach outstanding chefs they manage to recreate these unique masterpieces. If desired, any visitor can learn the recipe of a dish that he ordered.

2. The View Restaurant

The View Restaurant deservedly holds the second position in the list of the best restaurant establishments. This fine-dining restaurant located on the 28th floor, offering extraordinary panoramic views of the city from the 100-meter height. The main idea of the designers of the restaurant was to recreate the effect similar to floating in the clouds, and they partly succeeded. The restaurant has huge Windows fill the hall with plenty of natural light and original lamps, orchids and designer finishes mosaics give this room a special gloss and glamour. For visitors here are European and original cuisine. Without exception, all the dishes are very tasty, however you must be prepared for high alert for unearthly pleasure.

1. Grand Cafe

"Grand Cafe" is the most elite restaurant in town. The institution serves author's and European cuisine to any taste. There is a huge selection of seafood dishes, desserts and always the freshest pastries. The staff is ready to meet foreigners, because he is fluent in other languages. In the Grand Cafe you can organize any type of parties and corporate events. In the school rooms, both Smoking and non-Smoking rooms that makes the stay as comfortable as possible.

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