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Best restaurants Paris


The best restaurants of Paris are worth to spend time and money. Will be a sacrilege, being in the French capital not to visit at least one of the restaurants included in the top ten best restaurants of Paris. Gastronomic capital of the world — the dream of every gourmet. There are many restaurants where you can taste the best dishes of French cuisine and masterpieces from famous chefs. Luxurious and modest, located in small hostels or luxury hotels, on the outskirts of the city or in Prime locations are among the hundreds of amazing Paris restaurants are extremely hard to find the 10 best institutions.

10. Two mills

The list of the best restaurants of Paris bistro "Two mills", included in the attractions of the French capital. Popularity got after the release of the film "Amelie", the heroine who worked in the bistro as a waitress.

"Two mill" is a cosy family run establishment opened in the early XX century.

Tourists who crave to visit the place of filming the famous painting, may feel frustrated — a real interior is not quite the one that was in the movie, besides the bistro is large as depicted in the picture.

9. Brasserie Lipp

One of the best restaurants of the capital of France, Brasserie Lipp is a worship place, regular visitors which included many celebrities. Today it remains a favorite place for representatives of the Bohemian world. The restaurant is located in elite district on the Boulevard Saint-Germain. Visitors here can offer herring with herbs and juniper berries, salmon and a sauce of sorrel, sauerkraut with pork, sausages and ham. The restaurant has a superb selection of fine wines. Even by the standards of Paris, Brasserie Lipp is the place quite expensive. Quickly reserve a table at a school is almost impossible.

8. Costes

Among the best restaurants of Paris belongs Costes, located in the eponymous hotel. This is a fashionable restaurant that is often visited by celebrities staying at the hotel, the Golden youth of Paris, well-known politicians, media personalities, stars of show business. The refined interior of the restaurant is decorated in the Empire style. The main hall is decorated with magnificent fireplace and reproductions of old paintings. Guests can enjoy specialities: Bouillabaisse, fricassee of veal, shrimp soup and green peas. The wine list includes an impressive collection of vintage wines and cognacs.

Costes is very popular among locals and travelers, so the prices of the restaurant are quite high.

7. Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy is one of the best restaurants of Paris, which opened renowned French chef guy Savoy. The school was awarded three Michelin stars. The interior is designed in an elegant contemporary style. The decoration is dominated by leather and dark wood.

An extensive menu of the restaurant changes depending on the season. Gourmets can taste the famous artichoke soup with truffles, crayfish and lentils and sea bass with sauce of cream with truffles. Winter menu, dishes of pheasant and venison. The wine list features more than 2000 items of wines and brandies.

Guy Savoy is a luxurious restaurant, so the prices here are very high.

6. La Tour dArgent

Once in Paris, you must visit one of the oldest restaurants of the city and of France — La Tour dArgent. It was opened more than 425 years ago. From the Windows of the place offers stunning views of the Seine and Notre Dame Cathedral. Here liked to visit Napoleon III, Bismarck, Alexander Dumas, Emile Zola and Honore de Balzac.

The institution has an interesting and unusual tradition — restaurant guests who ordered the signature stuffed duck, received a certificate with the number of birds. In 2003 La Tour dArgent was made millionth order meals. This event was celebrated.

Reservations are needed for the month, especially if it's a table by the window.

5. Le Vernet

Le Vernet is one of the best restaurants in Paris, located in the eponymous hotel. Glass dome under which are arranged the tables, were designed by the Creator of the Eiffel tower. The restaurant's interior combines classic elegant and modern creative styles. Here you can taste fried shrimp with white asparagus, blue lobster, frog legs, veal dairy, spicy tuna and other dishes of classic French cuisine.

4. Le Jules Verne

Soaring above the city at a height of 125 meters Le Jules Verne is rightly ranked among the best Parisian restaurants. It's an iconic place, one of the attractions that attract visitors to the capitals of France, not only excellent cuisine, but spectacular views of the surrounding area. Since the restaurant was visited by many celebrities. In a luxurious restaurant, recognized as one of the best specific institutions of the world, has a separate entrance and Elevator.

The kitchen from the hall of the restaurant separates the transparent glass wall, and visitors can watch the process of cooking ordered dishes. Here you can enjoy Royal langoustines, foie Gras with potato soufflé, caramelizing duck, calamari, stuffed mushrooms, a Bresse fowl.

Access to the restaurant difficult — for dinner you have to reserve a month.

3. IL Carpaccio

IL Carpaccio — one of the best Italian restaurants in Paris: Michelin-starred. The luxurious interior is designed in the style of the fabulous Florentine Palace. Visitors are offered dishes created by the best traditional recipes from different regions of Italy. In warm months, guests can dine on the terrace, which overlooks the wonderful gardens.

2. L'abeille

Among the best restaurants in Paris include L'abeille — exquisite place for true gourmets. The name was in honor of bees, the emblem of the Emperor Napoleon I. the Elegant L'abeille is located in a luxury hotel Shangri-La. The restaurant's kitchen meets chef Philippe labbé, winner of two Michelin stars. His approach brings freshness and a new aesthetics of traditional dishes and classic French cuisine.

1. Alain Ducasse

Restaurant Alain Ducasse located in the luxury hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, one of the most famous restaurants in Europe. The fame of its magnificent cuisine has spread far beyond Paris. The restaurant was opened by the legend of the world of the restaurant business — a chef Alain Ducasse. The school immediately became very popular, and a few months after opening he was awarded the highest rating in the culinary world — three Michelin stars. The restaurant serves classic French cuisine complemented with unexpected ingredients.

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