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Best restaurants in Prague


The best restaurants of Prague is ready to offer its visitors a surprisingly tasty, delicious and rare dishes, impeccable service, extensive wine list and unique, intimate atmosphere. In such places you will want to return again and again. They are designed for true gourmets and lovers of exclusive relaxation. There's a lot in the Czech capital, but in the top ten only the best, which have an excellent reputation and received the most positive reviews from visitors.

10. U Kunstatu Craft beer spot

U Kunstatu Craft beer spot is one of Prague's most prestigious institutions. It is famous primarily for its craft beer. Here, in addition to a delicious frothy beverage is served exclusively traditional Prague cuisine. In fact U Kunstatu Craft beer spot is an elite beer, which are popular not only for local residents but also visitors to the city. There are regular tastings of new Beers. The school offers tours to the basement, where we kept beer in barrels. The design of the beer and its basement is made in a medieval style, which creates a special atmosphere. Fans of the foam drinks this place is a must to visit.

9. Ristorante Pagana

Ristorante Pagana — an institution, which enjoys great popularity. This is a restaurant quality Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, serving only fresh seafood. Really love this place, the true lovers of authentic Italian cuisine and want to taste the unbeatable delicious seafood. That place is very popular many say the reviews left about this restaurant. Menu Ristorante Pagana you will find not only a large variety of dishes, but also a huge selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There are also dishes from the mistress of the house.

8. Vegans Restaurant Prague

Vegans Restaurant Prague is perfect for lovers of vegetarian cuisine. Vegetarians say that it is very tasty food. Restaurant specializiruetsya on the Czech, European and Central European cuisines. A wide range of vegetarian dishes and drinks regularly bring in a large flow of visitors. Nice cozy atmosphere, affordable prices and friendly service come to visit this place more than once. Guest reviews of this establishment are extremely positive.

7. Etnosvet

Etnosvet is famous for a large range of kitchens, which specializiruetsya restaurant. It occupies three floors and several comfortable rooms with pleasant decor. Here you can order dishes of European, international and Asian cuisine. This place is also recommended for vegetarians, as the menu Ethnovet has a big choice of food of non-animal origin. High-quality service, amiable staff, quiet atmosphere and delicious food have proven Etnosvet as one of the best restaurants in Prague.

6. Namaste India Indian Restaurant

Namaste India Indian Restaurant is a Indian restaurant located in Prague. In addition to the national Indian institution specializiruetsya dishes of Asian cuisine. The design of the restaurant is executed in style of the Indian culture. In the walls of the institution also plays relaxing background Indian music. Namaste India Indian Restaurant, more suitable for fans of meat dishes and vegetarians, as the menu has a wide selection of non-animal origin. VEGA love this place for the delicious food, so there is never empty.

5. Wine OClock Shop Prague

Wine OClock Shop Prague very fond of both residents and guests of Prague. Restaurant specializiruetsya on several types of cuisines. Here, guests can enjoy amazingly delicious Italian, Mediterranean and European dishes, cooked by skillful cooks. Menu Wine o'clock a wine Shop Prague card, which provides a huge selection of different varieties of wine. Good-natured, helpful staff, relaxing atmosphere and simply delicious food regularly attracts huge number of visitors who return here again and again. Arriving in Prague, do not miss to visit this place.

4. La Rotonde Restaurant

La Rotonde Restaurant is one of the most exclusive establishments of Prague. Refers to the gourmet restaurants. Professionals here daily prepare a surprisingly delicious Czech, French and Central European cuisine. La Rotonde Restaurant is not called a cheap restaurant, but guests have to know what you give your money. Here, there is this really nice and unique atmosphere, allowing you to relax and have a great time. The menu is always a huge selection of various dishes and a wine list offering the best and exclusive wines.

3. Portfolio restaurant

Portfolio restaurant is one of the most romantic restaurants in Prague, which is ideal for meetings and special occasions. The school specializiruetsya at European and international cuisines. Modern design, relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and surprisingly delicious with plenty of choice, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks have made this school one of the most popular. In this cosy place very much like to spend time loving couples.

2. Restaurant Alcron

Alcron Restaurant can rightly be called the most stylish and cosy restaurant of Prague. Impeccable service, romantic atmosphere and surprisingly tasty and delicious meals made this place one of the most popular prizew and guests of the city. This is a very small restaurant that seats just 24 people. Restaurant Alcron hotel is perfect for couples who love this place. It serves fresh seafood dishes, exclusive dishes of far Eastern cuisine, and there are very tasty dishes. Be sure to try a ceviche of sea scallops with cucumber, beef steak with miso-glaze and mashed potatoes with the aroma of Jasmine tea, and for dessert enjoy cake of elder flowers with candied lemon.

1. Bellevue

Bellevue tops the ranking among the most popular among the visitors of restaurants of Prague. It is located in the heart of the city on the waterfront. From the Windows of the place offer incredibly scenic views of the Charles bridge. Prague's best chefs Bellevue spetsializiruyutsya directly on international, European and Czech cuisines. The restaurant menu is always a wide choice of both meat and vegetarian dishes, a rich wine list. To get here and enjoy the incredibly pleasant atmosphere, beautiful scenery and delicious food, it is recommended to book a table for a long time before the intended visit.

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