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Best restaurants Rome


Rome is famous not only for its landmarks, rich history and culinary delights. Best restaurants Rome is ready to offer residents and guests a delicious and original dishes of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. In addition, in the elite institutions there is an extensive wine list offering the most exclusive varieties of alcoholic beverages from the most popular Italian wine.

10. Life

Life opens the top ten restaurants for the right to occupy the best place. Luxury Italian school was chosen by local people. It does not remain without attention of visitors. Is Life in the historic centre of Rome. It includes three comfortable and spacious rooms, each of which has a unique style and interior. Here you can enjoy delicious and hearty Breakfast, enjoy lunch, dinner with friends or a romantic dinner with your loved one. The best local chefs prepare guests professional and delicious traditional Italian dishes that will not leave indifferent absolutely nobody. Cooking allowed only the freshest ingredients. The chef of the restaurant is Victor Norris, who is considered one of the most popular all over the world. Impressive Life not only dishes, but also a wide assortment of drinks, which includes about 300 varieties of the best wines.

9. il Picchio Rosso

il Picchio Rosso is popular with tourists and local Italians. Elite gourmet offers a wide range of seafood and traditional Italian dishes. Friendly, home atmosphere and high standard service are guaranteed. The price of food is not cheap, but, as noted by the visitors they are worth it.

8. Moma

Moma is considered one of the best elite of the Roman restaurants where delicious dishes cooked according to special recipes. First and foremost, the restaurant is famous for its renowned chitarrine Alla Grič — dish, through which Moma and gained its popularity. Its author is the chef Alessandro Cannata and Francesca's Fucci. They are also responsible for the restaurant's menu, where you can always find only the best and most delicious dishes with unique Italian and Roman recipes directly. As noted by visitors, it has a special atmosphere of friendliness and harmony.

7. Imago at the Hassler

Imago at the Hassler restaurant is the main restaurant of the hotel Rooftop and one of the most elite institutions of Rome, awarded a Michelin star. To receive this award Imago failed due to the delicious cuisine and high standard of guest service. The restaurant is one of the most popular in the city not only with its unrivalled cuisine and hospitality. From the Windows of the room offers gorgeous panoramic views of Rome. This place is considered to be one of the most romantic places in the city.

6. Matermatuta

Matermatuta, located in the Italian capital, is famous for its cuisine throughout Rome. There's always a very tasty meal and have a good time in a cozy atmosphere. Service and maintenance there are also exclusively at the highest level. This is a great place for business meetings and romantic dates. Refined, unobtrusive interior, comfortable furniture with leather sofas and soft background music add a special holiday here in the city. Mediterranean cuisine offers a wide choice of dishes only from fresh seafood, and the prices are very reasonable. We also offer a wide range of wines of different varieties.

5. Metamorfosi Restaurant

Metamorfosi Restaurant belongs to an elite restaurants with unique cuisine. For guests and residents there is a wide range of Mediterranean, Italian and modern cuisine. A highlight of this place and the main dish Metamorfosi Restaurant is egg Carbonara, which is cooked by special technology with the addition of five kinds of meat. Famous for the great range of cheese of different varieties. The restaurant should definitely try the local pasta, which is sauteed with eggplant and mozzarella. Deserves special attention and veal under the tuna sauce that will not leave indifferent any gourmet.

4. Metamorfosi Restaurant

La Porta Del Principe rightly refers to the best Roman restaurants. The owners on an equal footing with the other staff working here. The chef and the waiters speak English, so there is almost always a large influx of foreign visitors. All visitors say there is a special atmosphere of warmth and friendliness. This place is ideal for romantic dinners. Mainly, La Porta Del Principe offers traditional Italian cuisine. Here are just a huge selection of Italian pasta. The highlight of the local menu is polenta, which you should definitely try coming here.

3. Ristorante Crispi 19

Ristorante Crispi 19 is famous for its rich assortment of seafood dishes. Then cook the most delicious traditional pastas and pizzas. Specialties include Francesco Crispi and Panzerotti. Available at Ristorante Crispi 19 and a great selection of the finest wines, of which there are over fifty. This place is well worth a visit for those who want to enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisine and wish to enjoy a glass of perfect Italian wine from the best wineries.

2. La Pergola

La Pergola — luxury restaurant complex in Rome that deserve special attention. It is located on the top floor of the Roma Cavalieri hotel, so from its Windows offer a magnificent panoramic view of the historic city of Italy. Despite the fact that the prices are not the lowest, to get here is not easy. To book a table have just a couple of months before the planned visit. La Pergola is not only a sophisticated and delicious cuisine and wine cellar, which features more than 3,000 wines. The main thing here is Mediterranean and includes specialities from the chef. Deserves special attention and local interior with rare ancient exhibits of decor.

1. Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc is considered the best restaurant of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. It is a small, but very cozy room which has a very original design solution is a wine cellar. Here are prepared with only the best and most delicious meals that chefs filled with unusual combination of products. Here is preparing one of the most delicious coffee in town. Also deserve the attention of local pasta, pizza, salami and of course cheese.

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