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The best restaurants in Ryazan


In the best restaurants in Ryazan entered institutions, which are most popular among residents and guests of the city. They received the most positive feedback and can boast an excellent reputation. To earn the trust they managed, thanks to the variety of delicious dishes, rich assortment of drinks, nice cozy atmosphere and the available entertainment.

10. New York

New York opens the list of the best restaurants in Ryazan. This place is famous overly diverse menu. Here you can taste the cuisine of different countries of the world. Guest can choose to stay popular places include Mexican, Japanese, American cuisine. Not spared, and party chefs and European cuisine. Visitors say that it is very tasty and nourishing food. The restaurant also offers a large selection of soft and visokogradnya of drinks. There is a pleasant, home-like atmosphere that contributes to a good rest.

9. Pub Beefeater

Pub Beefeater is one of the best institutions of this city. The peculiarity of this place is the large assortment of foamy drinks, so football fans and beer pub will appeal in the first place. A choice of Beers from Germany, England, Belgium and Ireland. The kind of drinks they serve delicious snacks in the form of sausages, cold cuts of pork, chicken roll, beef tongue, etc. are Also available here and a large assortment of fish appetizers and assorted pickles. In addition to appetizers serves first and second courses, which were equally delicious. Lovers of spirits will find the school a large selection of visokogradnja alcoholic beverages.

8. Roman holiday

Roman holiday are among the best restaurants in Ryazan. Located popular restaurant in the heart of the city. The room for 80 persons. The restaurant has excellent cuisine that meets all the strict rules of cooking traditional recipes from around the world. Roman holiday offer the most exquisite and delicious desserts. In addition, there is an excellent Italian and European cuisine. Features extensive wine list, where everyone will find a drink for everyone. Roman holiday is waiting for its visitors every day from 8 am to 11 PM.

7. Nyhan

Nihon is a Japanese restaurant. This is one of the best schools in Ryazan of this type. Visitors say that it is very tasty food. The place is very nice and beautiful interior, perfect to relax in here. In Nyhome the most delicious and the most that neither is a real rolls that are prepared strictly according to Japanese recipes. Many guests noted that the school is also very responsive and courteous staff that is always ready to help and can recommend the most delicious dishes Nohona. For guests it provides pleasant background music complement the pleasant atmosphere.

6. In a certain Kingdom

In a certain Kingdom — one of the best institutions of Ryazan, which are visited with pleasure of the guests of the city. It is located in the eponymous hotel. The institution is ready to offer Russian and European cuisine and a large selection of delicious dishes that are sure will appeal to visitors. Staff In a Kingdom ready to offer a rich selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Guests remark that it is very cozy and homely atmosphere, predisposing to a long time. Complements the beautiful atmosphere, background, relaxing music.

5. Stable yard

Stable yard belongs to the best restaurants in Ryazan. It is located in a hotel complex in the city centre. The venue offers 2 function rooms, capable to accommodate up to 150 people. The restaurant is very well fed, and ready to offer a considerable assortment of various treats, snacks and drinks. The staff is very friendly and always ready to offers. A rich assortment of delicious drinks and dishes will delight and sure to have guests like.

4. Chaykhana Chilim

Chaykhana Chilim — one of the best places for a pleasant stay in Ryazan, which tend to visit, both guests and residents of the city in the first place. Here visitors can taste the masterpieces of Oriental cuisine and try on a huge range of different varieties of tea. The restaurant serves delicious barbecue that is sure to be enjoyed by all who at least once tried it. Gorgeous interior and entertainment show program on the weekends are the highlight of this restaurant. Having been in Chaykhana Chilim once here be sure to come back again big friendly companies.

3. The Star Of The Maghreb

The star of the Maghreb — a great restaurant Ryazan for a pleasant stay and delicious Breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is located directly at the may Avenue. In the place is hospitable and friendly staff, delicious cuisine and a large assortment of various dishes for every taste. The menu is varied not only for adults but also younger visitors, for whom it provides all kinds of sweets and a rich selection of ice creams of different types. The star of the Maghreb daily is waiting for its visitors from 10 am to 10 PM. On weekends the restaurant is open until 23.00.

2. Old Miller

Stary Melnik is on the list of best restaurants of Moscow. Here reigns one of the most pleasant atmospheres conducive to mental relaxation. The staff is ready to welcome and serve guests from 9 am to 12 PM. Here you can really eat and enjoy like. Pleasant background music, a regular entertainment programme will make your holiday unforgettable. In the Old Miller constantly going big and friendly company who keep coming back here.

1. Decanter

The carafe is the best school of Ryazan, which is perfect for a family pastime. All visitors say that there is a very varied menu. The food here is delicious and very satisfying. A large assortment of hot dishes, salads, appetizers and desserts sure to please guests. A pleasant surprise will be up and Running in the Decanter from 12 PM till midnight.

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