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Best restaurants of Saint-Petersburg


Best restaurants of Saint-Petersburg is ready to surprise its guests in a refined, diverse and delicious cuisine. One of the most popular restaurants of St. Petersburg, this type are particularly chic, brilliance, and impeccable service. The most preferred restaurants in the city really has something to please its visitors.

10. NorthernerAverage bill 2000 rubles

Northerner opens the ten best restaurants of St. Petersburg. A feature of this establishment is a traditional Northern Russian cuisine with the author's approach. A large assortment of delicious dishes, children's menu, wifi, pleasant, stylish interior and impeccable service made this place one of the most popular among the lovers of good rest and good food. A hearty and satisfying meal to eat here without considering alcoholic beverages can be an average of 2000 rubles. The northerner awaits its guests from 12 PM until late at night.

9. KatyushaAverage bill of 1500 rubles

Katyusha — one of the best restaurants of St. Petersburg, which recently started functioning. Initially it opened as a summer pavilion with affordable prices and real Russian cuisine. The interior of the country, a large number of greens and good-natured waitresses in dresses "peasant girls" gave this place a special flair and popularity. In the cold time of year is a warm room with the same friendly and warm interior. In the restaurant menu and dishes of the Soviet era, among which the cask herring, fish soup, loin of deer, and more. Average ticket — 1500 roubles.

8. The threeAverage bill 2500 rubles

Troika is among the most chic restaurants of St. Petersburg, which impresses with its style and Shine. The best cooks of the institution are ready to offer dishes of Russian, European and Eastern cuisine. The restaurant is a recipient of many awards. The Three regularly holds exciting shows of different genres. The restaurant has now been functioning for almost half a century and it does not lose its popularity, and Vice versa. Delicious, varied cuisine for every taste and a wide selection of drinks will satisfy even the most demanding guests. The average bill 2500 rubles.

7. GrasAverage bill 1000-1500 rubles

Gras refers to the restaurants of original cuisine, which is located in the center of St. Petersburg. The school specializiruetsya European cuisine and the menu includes delicious gourmet items that you are unlikely in that institution. Guests should note that here not only delicious, but also inexpensive. Varied menu, wide selection of alcohol for every taste and a pleasant atmosphere made Gras is very popular among residents and guests of St. Petersburg. The interior is quite simple but done with style and taste. Lunch here can be an average of 1000-1500 rubles.

6. Schengen RestaurantAverage bill of 1500 rubles

Schengen Restaurant — a gourmet restaurant serving European and French cuisine, located in St. Petersburg. It is very tasty and prepared with sophistication without a hint of banality. The restaurant has two halls, each with a capacity of 25 persons. It is very quiet due to not crowded, so there love to spend time connoisseurs not only good, but also a relaxing holiday. Delicious food, a wide selection of drinks, impeccable interior and excellent service will make you come back many more times. The menu has a great variety of dishes and also a specially designed children's menu that is no less rich in variety than an adult. The average check per person is 1500 rubles.

5. Do EatAverage bill of 1500 rubles

Do Eat a restaurant of Saint Petersburg, in much the same way specializiruetsya on the Mediterranean and European dishes. Hungry and disgruntled from here you will not go away. The restaurant has quite a selection of frothy beverages. So beer lovers should definitely visit this place, which serves 15 varieties of fresh, delicious beer, mostly Belgian. There is also a rich wine list, which features different varieties from the best vineyards in the world. This online casino also offers a children's menu and a special area for games and recreation for children. The average bill without alcohol will cost 1500 rubles.

4. The houseAverage bill 3000 rubles

The house is considered one of the best restaurants of St. Petersburg with high cuisine. The school is pleased to offer its guests a wide choice of dishes and various beverages, such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The menu mainly offers dishes of modern cuisine. Here there is especially pleasant atmosphere, largely thanks to the recreated interior. The highlight of the restaurant is its own pastry shop. The walls are decorated with paintings by contemporary Russian artists and antique furniture, which combine perfectly together. The House has a fireplace room with a library. Average check, excluding beverages per person goes to 3000 rubles.

3. Kingcheck Average 2700 rubles

The king occupies the third place among the best restaurants of St. Petersburg. The menu mainly offers dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Elegant halls of the restaurant is made according to the interior of the Royal living. Served dishes are carefully served. Local dishes presented by borscht, dumplings, Beluga caviar and other Goodies from the reign of the emperors. Here it is possible to eat on average 2700 rubles without drinks.

2. PercorsoAverage bill 3000 rubles

Percorso, is one of the best restaurants of St. Petersburg. Cooks institution is ready to offer guests delicious Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Chic interior and delicious dishes the chef has made this restaurant not only one of the most popular in the city, but also the most expensive. Percorso, offers 5 spacious rooms, the interior of which is somewhat different, but each of them is made in the style of discreet luxury. The window in one of the rooms overlook St. Isaac's Cathedral. It's nice to spend time here, excluding beverages for 3000 rubles.

1. PalkinAverage bill is 3500 rubles

Palkin — the best restaurant of St. Petersburg with a spotless interior and a huge choice of dishes. Here you can taste delicious dishes of European, Russian and Eastern European cuisine. Palkin is one of the oldest restaurants of St. Petersburg, which at one time liked to visit such famous persons as Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Tchaikovsky and a Block. Vintage, spacious rooms with antique furnishings give the restaurant a special grandeur. So this place can be called a historical landmark of the city. This place is famous for the fact that many of the dishes are cooked according to ancient little-known recipes. Spend time over a delicious meal, excluding beverages can be an average of 3500 rubles.

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