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The best robot vacuum cleaner 2016


In the top 10 included best robotic vacuum cleaners 2016 customer reviews. In the list presented as a premium model, and devices at affordable price, which are in the segment best.

10. Kitfort KT-503

Kitfort KT-503 opens the top ten robotic vacuum cleaners for 2016. The model has an excellent ratio price-quality and copes with its main purpose — cleaning. Can be used for both dry and for wet cleaning. Has 5 cleaning modes: spiral, along the perimeter of the room, snake, random and has a mode of detection of contaminated sites. Side brushes allow thorough cleaning of the room. Control is via the sensor.

9. Kitfort KT-504

Kitfort KT-504 occupies the ninth place in the top of the best robots vacuum cleaners 2016. Kitfort CT-504 has the functions of automatic and manual cleaning, a local cleaning and housekeeping schedule. In addition, there is a special program for cleaning along walls when the vacuum cleaner is moved around the perimeter of the room. The automatic detection of particularly contaminated site enables local cleaning and to increase suction power, if it finds heavy contamination; after cleaning this vacuum will continue to run the previous program.
Artificial intelligence cleaner automatically selects the most optimal trajectory in each case, consistent with the selected program.

8. Clever Clean AQUA-Series 01

Clever Clean AQUASeries 01 — one of the best vacuum cleaners of 2016. AQUA-01 Series combines stylish and compact design, body manufactured by using high quality modern materials with protection from moisture and dust. A distinctive feature of this robot in the production line of Clever Clean is a function of wet cleaning of the floor, while the robot carries out the cleaning wiping the floor panel on which at the time of harvesting water from the special compartment.

7. Panda X500 Pet Series

Panda X500 Pet Series — best robot vacuum from company Panda for 2016. This ultra-modern assistant premium, which will provide perfect order in the house. You can program the device for cleaning. This device can be used to clean up animal hair and really dirty. Button Panda X500 Pet Series – touch type. It is suitable for various types of coverings: carpet, laminate, parquet, tiles, linoleum. The device supports voice function (English). About the filling of the dust bag is specially arranged to signal indicator. The presence of side brushes ensures maximum cleanliness of the baseboards, corners, etc.

6. iRobot Roomba 631

631 iRobot Roomba is a great robot vacuum cleaner, which is among the most affordable in 2016. The only downside is the lack of programming mode. Only need to press the Clean button and Roomba vacuum cleaner 631 self-will clean up to 60 square meters on a single charge. Comes with a container AeroVac Bin. The new container not only has increased capacity, is designed to collect wool, but is also equipped with a suction device and has a compact storage compartment for dust collection. Another feature of the new AeroVac Bin works 2 times quieter than the basic version. To choose the operation mode You can use the buttons on the device panel.

5. e.ziclean Tornado

e.ziclean Tornado occupies the fifth place in the list of the best robots vacuum cleaners 2016. Equipped with a total of 4 brush and 800 ml container with separate collection of debris and dust, the device will efficiently collect all the dust in the house. And a HEPA filter will reliably keep all of the allergens. If the house has carpets, the dust from them will be collected with a vengeance due to the unique turbine with aluminum impeller. The turbine rotation speed is unrivalled and is 8000 rpm. Micro-sensors cleaning devices receive the needed data in real time, allowing e.ziclean constantly adjust their models cleaning and methodically to find the most efficient way in your home. Thanks to the sensors of the void e.ziclean® TORNADO automatically avoids stairs, preventing the risk of falls. This robot vacuum cleaner be sure to pass along baseboards, closer to the corners, probiratsya under the furniture. It covers more than 90% of the surface area of your home.

4. iRobot Roomba 880

iRobot Roomba 880 is the top model of robotic vacuum cleaners today. To control the robot cleaner by using the infrared remote control. The top panel is a convenient display that displays almost all of the working menu: the time of harvest, the degree of battery charge. Roomba 880 has its own timer programming time cleanups by day and intelligent stock of independent return to base. What you need to pay attention if the robot will be programmed to clean when nobody's home? It is necessary to protect the area of movement of the cleaner from a piece of furniture where he may get stuck. Housing Roomba 880 will not be able to clean underneath furniture if the distance from the floor beneath it is less than 9 cm. as for the virtual walls, they will be required as a beacon so that the robot quickly found the base. The following fine workmanship vacuum is the presence of the pollution sensor, and it constantly need to pay attention before harvesting. The sensor needed to make the robot understand where are the most polluted places in the room here, he will work longer and harder. But if the sensor contamination will remain clogged with dust, the vacuum cleaner does not start working, and the menu will be a notification of a clogged dust collector.

3. iRobot Scooba 450

iRobot Scooba 450 opens the top three of the best robots vacuum cleaners of 2016. Scooba 450 is applied in a well-established, a modified and improved three-step technology of work (Three-Cycle Cleaning Process), which ensures perfect cleaning. The cleaner will not damage interior items. Design internal compartments for water eliminates the mixing of dirty waste fluid with clean and, of course, the Scuba 450 will not spill water on the floor. Use branded detergent ensures virtually complete destruction of bacteria, while medium created on a natural basis which makes it completely safe for people and animals, after cleaning it just breaks down into harmless components.

2. iClebo Arte

iClebo Arte is one of the best robots vacuum cleaners of 2016. Model features high quality workmanship and a number of rational design solutions, though not always original. These include two side brushes proper design — not just a pile, but with flexible leashes, bag with top cover, a simple filter element the air filter, which if necessary can be made of a suitable material, a base station with "secrets", etc. While the robot performs the cleaning quickly and thoroughly enough, except that excessively for fear of entering into physical contact with obstacles that specifies remote sensors. In the end, it is not always done in close space and can leave a bit of garbage along the walls.

1. iRobot Roomba 980

iRobot Roomba 980 is the best robot vacuum cleaner for 2016. The device has a special navigation system, vSLAM, which allows the robot to build a map of the room and move along a certain trajectory, and not on the principle of random walk. The innovative iRobot 980 is also reflected in its management. You can download to your phone app from iRobot and control the device from wherever you may be. This model uses reliable and is proven technology three-stage cleaning. It is characterized in that the side brush clean the dust in the corners and at the walls of; the main load rests on the two rubber brushes that are located on both sides and converging at harvest. In conclusion, the debris is sucked by a vacuum pump into the container, where transit through a special filter clean air back into the room. The main role during garbage collection iRobot Roomba 980 play 2 rubberized brush with the notch. These brushes are moving towards one another, picking up garbage. Because they don't have lint, hair and fur does not get stuck on them. The design ensures very thorough cleaning.

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