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The best Russian mini TV series


The best Russian mini-series, collected in our collection, are not inferior to well-known foreign serial films. To verify this, just look at our list of the most popular domestic TV series.

10. MethodNumber of episodes: 16

Opens the list of the best Russian mini-series detective Thriller "the Method". A graduate of the law faculty of the Steklov esena by chance becomes a trainee of Rodion Meglin, one of the most successful and enigmatic investigators of the Investigative Committee. He manages to reveal the most intricate crimes, but what is the reason for his success, no one knows. Merlin prefers to solve crimes alone, but Eseni has a personal motive to work with a brilliant detective. Many years ago the girl's mother was killed, and the father of Eseni hide from her daughter the details of the tragedy. Under Meglena she hopes to get the necessary experience and uncover the mystery of the death of a loved one. The strange logic and the unpredictable behaviour of the detective deliver Eseni a lot of difficulties.

Number of episodes: 16.

9. IdiotNumber of episodes: 10

Keeps a list of the best Russian mini-series drama "the Idiot", based on the eponymous novel classics of Russian literature F. M. Dostoevsky. The Director Vladimir Bortko managed to most accurately recreate the atmosphere of the series famous works.

After prolonged treatment of epileptic seizures in a Swiss clinic in Russia is Prince Myshkin. Along the way he makes acquaintance with Parfen Rogozhin, who tells the hitchhiker about his passionate attachment to the Nastasya Filippovna, a beautiful woman with a tragic fate, when a former concubine of a rich man Totsky. The life story of Nastasya Filippovna, where men literally lose their heads, interested in Myshkin. He becomes an unwitting catalyst for the subsequent tragic events.

Number of episodes: 10.

8. The majorNumber of episodes: 24

Among the best Russian TV series includes the crime drama "the Major", who won enormous popularity among the viewers. Igor Sokolov is not accustomed to anything to deny themselves and live in a big way, not thinking about tomorrow. Another of his rash act makes a father of the major, influential and wealthy man, to take a tough decision. It deprives the son of a livelihood and sends him to work in the police Department, employees of which he had a conflict. Sokolowski awaits not welcome – he was despised and shunned. Major, first to hate a new job, gradually drawn into the everyday life of the police station and met the first love.

Number of episodes: 24 (season two).

7. TeamNumber of episodes: 15

"Team" is one of the most popular domestic mini-series, which received cult status.

In multiserial film shows the story of four friends who created the criminal group led by Sasha White. The usual Moscow guys, by coincidence, found themselves on the wrong side of the law and have become one of the most powerful crime groups.

"Team" is first and foremost a series about friendship, solidarity and loyalty, shown in the background of criminal events.

Number of episodes: 15.

6. The eliminationNumber of episodes: 14

Among the best of Russian TV series is part detective "Liquidation". Post-War Odessa. Here send who fell foul of Marshal Zhukov. Being a commander of the Odessa military district, a disgraced military commander decides to throw all their forces to eradicate the city's crime. In the fight with the bandits Zhukov is using brutal methods, perfectly valid in war, but unacceptable in peacetime. In response, the criminal elements are satisfied in the Odessa pogroms. At this time the chief of city Department on struggle against gangsterism David Gotsman trying to get on the trail of a dangerous criminal named academic who is amazingly knowledgeable about the course search. Gotsman implies that the bandit has a direct relationship to law enforcement, this means that all are under suspicion, who is involved in the investigation.

Number of episodes: 14.

5. Border. Taiga romanceNumber of episodes: 8

"Border. Taiga romance" – one of the best Russian melodramatic TV series. The action of the serial takes place in 1970-e years in a small military garrison in the far East. Here everything is visible and difficult to hide anything from others. Marina, the wife of captain Goloschekin, strong-willed and dangerous man, suddenly falls in love with officer Stolbova. Learn about the secret relationship of his wife, Nikita goloschyokin decides any way to eliminate an opponent.

Number of episodes: 8.

4. SaboteurNumber of episodes: 4

A list of top domestic series continues war drama "the Saboteur". Action serial movie takes place in 1942. In the end, graduates of the intelligence school, engaged in hazardous operations behind enemy lines.

4 series

3. Children of the ArbatNumber of episodes: 16

Serial film "children of the Arbat", is based on the novel of the tetralogy Anatoly Rybakov is among the best of Russian TV series. The film begins in 1932. Sasha Pankratov, a student of one of Moscow institutes, gets under a skating rink the beginning of the repression. He was sent into exile in Siberia, and in Moscow remain the mother of Sasha, his friends and in love in a girl Cooking.

Number of episodes: 16.

2. The master and Margaritathe Number series: 10

"The master and Margarita" is one of the most interesting and controversial Russian TV series, created based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. Director Vladimir Bortko very carefully treated to the story of the famous works, almost thoroughly recreating it on the screen.

The film begins one spring evening in Moscow. Sunset at Patriarch's ponds between the poet Ivan Homeless, the Chairman of Massolit Mikhail Berlioz and some strange alien occurs very curious conversation that marked the beginning of a chain of mysterious and mystical occurrences.

Number of episodes: 10.

1. HomelandNumber of episodes: 12

"Homeland" is one of the best Russian TV series, filmed in the genre of psychological Thriller. It premiered on TV channel "Russia-1" for which the serial film was the most successful over the past few years.

Major Alexey Bragin six years was presumed dead during the military operation in 1993 in the North Caucasus. Years later they find him chained to a wall in a bunker located at the camp for training terrorists. Despite the heavy physical and psychological condition Bragin, who all these years was tortured, it is suspected that he was recruited by terrorists.

Number of episodes: 12.

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