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The best Russian Comedy about the village and village life


Russian Comedy about the village and village life is still very popular among viewers. They fell in love because of his kindness, beshitrosno and openness. Life in the village is calm and measured, and if something happens in one family, then it is relevant to all residents. All live one sorrow and one joy, is to hide nothing.

Rural people are constantly in motion and trouble. Movies about the village trying to reflect these qualities of the rustic character.

10. Girls

Devchata (1961) – the film tells the story of two young men, who pushed into the remote Siberian village.

Tosya Kislitsina, a graduate of the orphanage and just graduated from culinary school gets in the distribution in the distant Ural region. She has to work as a cook in the logging enterprise engaged in wood cutting. Tosya is still a child, naive and trusting she enters the world of "adult". At the country club she meets with llya Kovrigina – "the first guy in the village". He to laugh at her invites to dance.

But did not expect such an audacious failure. Pride of Elijah hurt. He States and argues with each other that in a week Tosya fall in love with him. That's just it so happened that Ilya falls in love with a girl. And Tosya learns that he argued and breaks up with him. Ilya is doing everything to win back her favor.

9. Wedding in Malinovka

Wedding in Malinovka (1967) − musical Comedy tells of the events in one Ukrainian village during the civil war. The village is not lucky, the power is alternately captured, the Red army, the gang chieftain Gritsiana. Local residents have to constantly adapt to new bosses. They approach the problem with humor and in spite of everything preparing for the wedding of Arinci and Andreyko. When the next capture of the village Graziano liked Yarinka and he wants to make her his wife.

Begin active preparations for the wedding. Yarinka the walk of shame into the woods, where is stationed a detachment of red guards. The commander decides to help the girl and at the same time to deal with the chieftain and his gang. Yarinka does not know that it was her father, when it was captured and escaped. Under the guise of a messenger from General Wrangel, he arrives at the party. The plan of commander – after the bandits padout at the wedding to defeat their garrison, and to save her daughter.

8. White dew

Belye rosy (1983) – Comedy about a rural family living in the village, which wanted to demolish and build multi-storey buildings. Widowed Fedor khodas has three adult sons. The eldest of them, Andrew is married and very calculating. Another son Sasha lives and works in the North. The youngest offspring of Fedora, Basil married but not really happily married, because a spouse loves someone else. The housing problem is pushing Andrew to the entreaties of the old man to arrive along that they gave a good two-bedroom apartment. But Fedor doesn't agree to go anywhere from your old house. Meanwhile, Basil divorced his wife and returned to live in the village to his father, leaving the house in a wife and step-daughter. The film ends on a good and optimistic note.

7. Love and doves

Love and pigeons (1984) is probably one of the best Soviet comedies about rural life. Vasily village worker, fascinated by divorce pigeons. His wife Nadia believes her husband slobs all the time and threatens to "tear off heads" by Vaselinum winged Pets. The neighborhood they live Baba Shura and uncle Mitya. The old woman all the time struggling with a drinking husband, who all the time have to be smart to "skip" a couple of drinks. He always gets into funny situations and gets acceleration from the wife that's scared to death. Basil, by contrast, is a quiet family-oriented.

Country life neighbors proceeded quietly and steadily until the Basil not given a voucher from work to the resort. On vacation he meets with an employee from the organization where he works, and they start an affair. Resort after Bob returns home, but goes along with his mistress to live with her. But soon he realizes that this life is not for him. He yearned for his rustic wife, children and eccentric neighbors. Vasiliy decides to return to his family and between him and Nadia fall in love again. The couple recalls their former youth as they went on a date with each other and start Dating.

6. Do not go, girls, married

"Do not go, maids, in marriage" (1985) – hilarious Comedy from Soviet cinema, which tells about one of the "town of brides".

The collective farm Chairman Ivan Savyelich had received complaints from the local girls about the lack of suitors. Fell down even threats that they will leave the farm if something doesn't change. The resourceful President quickly found out. He decides to create a vocal ensemble of girls and show on television. He simultaneously knocks the government permission for the construction of livestock complex. The speech of the beauties on TV in the village attracts many suitors, now that the deficit has been scheduled in the brides.

5. About businessman Thomas

About businessman fomu (1993) – a Comedy about a village guy who decides to open a business in rural areas. Once arriving in the city from the provinces, he saw a pay toilet and then came up with the idea: what if the same restrooms and everywhere in the village to open? So a villager this idea caught fire that even I quit drinking and took out a loan to grow your business. Thomas rebuilt the restroom on imported twist with modern appliances and even a monkey with a parrot were forced to live there. But local gangsters didn't like prosperous business is rural man. They burn the strange structure under the cover of night. Only to the businessman, it was "at hand", as paid for insurance he's going to open a chain of such toilets.

4. Don't fool around

In the Comedy "do Not play the fool" (1997) the action takes place in one of the villages of Arkhangelsk, where there are deposits of diamonds. To verify this, the Americans sent their spy in this village. As a diversion American boat throws a two hundred liter barrel of alcohol, which found the main character Philemon. After such findings have walked the whole village. The story were mixed up and the American military who participated in the operation. In Russia, he finds his relatives. The result of rustic revelry becomes the cessation of all rural jobs, which are trying to persuade Philemon to criminal liability for the perpetrated the mess. But thanks to the protection of local residents hero is released and he finds the barrel with alcohol, but now discarded by the Japanese.

3. Quadrille

Quadrille (1999) – a good funny Comedy about two old couples. Lida Zvyagintsev and Valya Arefyeva are unhappy with their husbands, who always drink and do not behave as it should. Lida believes that the neighbor's Sanya the perfect husband and family man. Valea different opinion and believes the neighbor's husband Kolya better. Already a middle-aged woman decides to change the time its two halves. Men remains nothing how to concede to their ladies. And knotted local square dance of four village friends who will change partners. Take part in an absurd life, a lonely woman Makeevka stealing bricks from someone else's yard.

2. No need to be sad

"Don't be sad" (2010) – a contemporary Comedy about a village business brothers living on the border of two provinces. Their life goes on quietly and peacefully and the only local entertainment is a bull Savely – Tyson addicted to alcohol. But measured life of heroes violates the arrival of the younger brother of the Russian capital, who decides to deploy violent activities. In the center of events will be bull-alcoholic, which city businessman decides to purchase for a "trading operation". But for this he will need to drive a cow across the border. Hero cleverly doing the surgery and now he has in mind a whole herd of cattle which he will drive to his village to promote local business.

1. Moscow – Two

Moscow – Two (2014) new Russian Comedy about rural and, at the same time, urban life. Masha and Polina – two sisters and complete opposites to each other. Plain Masha – country girl engaged in agriculture. She meets with a local tractor driver Vasya and happy with everything in life. City girl Polina fell in a well in Moscow and meets with a married boss. But in a moment, measured and adjusted life of her sisters crumbles. They do, at first glance, absurd act – change places.

Not knowing what is village life, Pauline discovers the province on the other side and establishes a personal business of tourism. Meanwhile, the village girl Masha will be able to realize themselves in the city life. Now it will supply rural products to Moscow for sale.

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