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Best shampoos for hair rating 2017


In the 21st century, we now only a little shampoo to wash your hair. The facility has yet to strengthen and restore hair. Because natural factors, environment, and frequent dyeing can weaken hair and make it dry and brittle. What means for care of hair the most effective? We also asked this question, and identified the best shampoo for hair rating 2017.

10. Treatment of Kapous

The composition of this shampoo includes: extract of bamboo leaves, vitamins and minerals, polysaccharides. Suitable as a nutritional remedy for dry and damaged hair. Leaves hair hydrated, protects from adverse environmental factors. Regular use of Treatment of Kapus, opening the top of the best shampoos for hair 2017, makes hair smooth and elastic. Reviews about the shampoo mostly positive — the ideal tool for any type of hair!

9. Visible Repair from Londa Professional

The shampoo was produced for use in beauty salons. But, as often happens, gradually, it began to use at home. Great for hair restoration and treatment of damaged hair. Tool, taking the 9th place in the top of the best shampoos for hair, strengthens and cleanses any hair type. Nourishes, thanks to the shampoo almond oil and panthenol, which has medicinal properties.

8. Instant recovery 7 from Avon

Tool moisturizes the hair, prevents breakage, adds Shine to hair smoothes strands and restores split ends. Keratin included in the shampoo that effectively treats damaged hair and gives it extra volume and strength. The facility, which is one of the best shampoos for hair 2017, there are both positive reviews and negative. But, in any case, it is worth a closer look if only because of the reasonable price. One bottle costs a little more than 120 rubles.

7. Love2Mix from Organic Shop

Shampoo, occupying the 7th place in the list of the best tools for enhancing, cleanse the hair, can boast a pleasant aroma, mango extract and avocado oil in the composition. Useful properties Love2Mix restore the damaged hair, nourish and moisturize them. Risk hair loss and breakage are reduced. Vehicle wraps hair with a protective film that creates the effect of lamination.

6. Ultra Doux from the Garnier

Camera at a reasonable price, consisting of: avocado oil and Shea butter. These ingredients make hair soft, fresh and easy to comb. Ultra Doux stands out among competitors a delicious aroma. The positive properties of the shampoo included in the top best hair products, confirmed by the numerous reviews. With regular use of the device hair will be smooth, manageable and soft to the touch.

5. Bonacure Oil Miracle Barbary from Schwarzkopf Professional

Shampoo stands out among the competitors within its composition Barbary Fig oil and liquid keratin. Ideal for dry and brittle hair, because treating them not only outside but also inside. In a few weeks your hair will become smooth, flexible and elastic. Bonacureoccupying the middle of the top of the best shampoos for hair, gives them softness and an unforgettable aroma. Tool with microemulsion formula you can use every day.

4. BIO Arctic from Faberlic

The facility, which occupies the 4th place in the ranking of the best shampoos for hair, well restores damaged and brittle hair due to included drug extract honey and cloudberries. Very pleasant aroma, moderate price and light texture. Due to this, it is quite competitive. Judging by the numerous reviews, hair, after using the tool are made of soft, manageable and voluminous. BIO Arctic, due to cooling properties, perfect for people with oily hair.

3. Dercos ceramides Strengthen and 3 nutritious oil from Vichy

Widely used as a means to restore hair permed. Ideal for brittle and dry hair. Thanks to the shampoo sapphire, barberry and almond oils and ceramides, it gives the hair incredible volume, healthy Shine and flexibility. And OMEGA fatty acids and vitamins that make it strong. Means, receiving the bronze ranking of the best shampoos for hair, hypoallergenic.

2. Sea buckthorn from Natura Siberica

The tool enjoys great popularity among the fair sex. After all, it includes: Altai sea buckthorn oil, Moroccan argan, the seeds of Siberian flax extract snow centrali. Shampoo is universal: it is suitable for recovery, saturation, lamination of hair. With constant use of the funds, receiving 2nd place in the list of the best shampoos for hair, hair will be voluminous, smooth and easy to comb.

1. Mulsan Cosmetic Repair Shampoo

“Multan – cosmetics for those who read the composition”. The focus of the company immediately gained popularity among lovers of everything natural. The shampoo consists entirely of natural components that give the hair softness, elasticity and firmness. Means you will not find chemical constituents that are present in 95% of shampoos of other brands, such as sulfates, parabens, dyes, silicones. The company repeatedly became the winner of many ratings of natural cosmetics. The composition of each product is truly unique, by all means pass the repeated tests of quality control and not tested on animals. The only disadvantage of natural products, lower shelf life compared with “pseudo-natural” products. The average shelf life of cosmetics from the market of 2-3 years, while at Multan Cosmetics 10 months. Because of this, the company is selling only official online store mulsan.ru Impeccable service offering free shipping when you purchase any two products.

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