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The best varieties of cauliflower


Cauliflower is not only a beautiful decoration for dishes, but also rich in vitamins ingredient. Many gardeners constantly wonder how to get a rich harvest of the vegetable crops. While experienced gardeners know what varieties produce a good crop. The importance is not only maturing, but also resistance to various diseases affecting this plant. This rating is the best varieties of cauliflower that are more preferable for cultivation in the climatic conditions of Russia.

10. Goodman

Goodman. Releasing this one of the best varieties of cauliflower are high yielding with early maturity. At 75 days after planting the cabbages reach maturity. The size of the head is quite impressive and reaches a weight of 1.5 pounds. They are very resistant to damage, so convenient for transportation. Used mainly in salads and preserves.

In addition, the plant is very resistant to infections and fungi. Therefore, it is not demanding of care. But, perhaps, the only drawback is the large consumption of water. Without proper watering, the plant does not give the described result.

9. Bolero

Bolero. The main advantage of the cabbage, making it one of the best varieties, is frost. This quality allows for early planting plants, and when the average periods of maturation, equal to 3-4 months, the harvest can be assembled to the end of may. The plant bears fruit abundantly and with proper irrigation head weight reaches 700-800 grams. Cabbages have a pleasant taste which is often used in hot vegetable dishes, salads. However, cabbage is equally well suited for canning. Cabbages well survive the freeze and do not lose their useful properties and original forms.

8. Snow globe

The snow globe. The fruit of the cabbage is almost perfectly white, why she was nicknamed "snow globe". But that's not what makes this variety of cabbage is one of the best. The fruits of this plant are of high density, thus a small amount weight up to 1 kg. Can be harvested after 3 months after planting. A special taste when used fresh to make "snow globe" the main variety, which is eaten raw and used in salads. In addition to high resistance to various fungi, the plant is known resistance to sudden change of weather. So on a whim due to frosts in spring will not spoil the harvest.

7. Autumn giant

Autumn giant. This variety of cauliflower is one of the best due to the huge cabbages. With proper care of a plant, the weight of the fetus can exceed 2 pounds. However, to achieve such a result is not easy. Continuous cultivation, soil loosening and of course abundant watering. But you can be sure that all works are justified. The heads can be collected after 3.5-4 months after planting. Used mostly for salads. But it is possible with the same success to preserve it. Does not lose the useful properties even after a long freeze, thanks to what sells well even in early spring.

6. Express

Express. This plant can be called one of the best varieties of cauliflower only for the incredible taste. For the remaining parameters it is inferior to its competitors. Thus, the early shoots are very weakly stable at freezing. So put them under the film. Also, can't sort to boast and resistance to disease. Because of all this requires careful maintenance. Grow it, as already mentioned, exclusively for taste. Yellowish fruit weight up to 0.5 kg. Matures the fruit already after 3.5 months.

5. Bora

Bora. This plant belongs to the category mid-season. Due to the large harvest, which gives it is considered one of the best varieties of cauliflower. Maturation occurs within 3-3. 5 months. High resistance to frost and disease do vegetative period, the plants easier for farmers. The fruits usually grow to medium size weighing 600-700 grams. Other positive qualities are versatility. Can be used in various dishes, and to be preserved. While maintaining its beneficial qualities even during prolonged storage under normal conditions.

4. White head

A white head. Different fruits nutritional qualities. The maximum of useful properties and low damage make them an excellent ingredient for baby food. Moreover, frost resistance of plants and resistance to various diseases facilitates the process of plant growth. The fruits vary in size above the average weight over 1 kg. The period of fruit maturity is four months. Fruits rich in vitamin C and perfectly tolerate transportation. This variety of cauliflower is considered one of the best.

3. The emerald Cup

The emerald Cup. This is one of the known types. The main popularity came to him thanks to the greenish fruit of a conical shape. Such fruit quality was achieved by breeding. This is one of the best hybrid varieties of cauliflower. The fruits are small in size weighing less than 500 grams. Because of this it is grown mainly lovers of exotic plants and tastes. This quality is really uncommon. Cabbage Matures pretty soon after landing. But precocity is not the only plus. High resistance to diseases allows a plant to grow in almost any soil.

2. Sicily

Sicily. The main feature of this hybrid plant is the simplicity. Even in the most severe weather conditions, a small amount of sun and water gives the fruit weighing over one kg. Under normal conditions, the heads grow to 2 kg or more. The period of ripening, however, is a disadvantage for this species. Fruits ripen within 4-4. 5 months. Perhaps one of the longest ripening among the types of cauliflower. In addition to high yield, characterized by fruit with excellent product qualities, resistance to transportation. This is probably the best variety of cauliflower grown for the purpose of sale.

1. Rosamund

Rosamund. Another exotic variety of cauliflower, rightfully named one of the best. The rapid growth allows the harvest already in 80-85 days after planting. The fruits have a bright purple color weighing up to one kilogram. The shape of the head is unusual for a hybrid of the classic, semicircular. The variety is very resistant to diseases. However, due to high commodity qualities many gardeners grow it together with other types. However, high yields can only be obtained when a sufficient amount of heat. Therefore it is better suited to southern regions.

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