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Top 10 best disaster movies 2015


Genre films the disaster one of the most popular among moviegoers. Whether it's a manmade disaster or a natural disaster, and each Director creates a unique, fascinating story with an unpredictable ending. We have compiled a list of 2015, which included the best films of the disaster.

10. – Z is for Zachariah

One of the paintings from the list of the best films of 2015, in which a terrible disaster is closely intertwined with the theme of love.

Subsequently, nuclear war, survived only young, Ann. She meets a smart and handsome Loomis, who lost his entire family and spent many years in search of her. Among the only survivors emerging feelings. But the situation is complicated by the young and brutal Caleb is the third survivor. Between men war erupted for the only surviving woman in the world. The winner will be the most cunning and strong, but who is he?

9. Chloe and Theo

Arctic eskimo Theo wants to save the world. He was sent to new York to warn the heads of government about the negative impact of global warming on the planet. Wandering the foreign streets of the metropolis, he meets a homeless girl Chloe who believes every word of it. Two man that have no voice in the government, go ahead and get their way, because they want to change the world.

One of the most moving films from dozens of the best films about the disaster, he teaches us to appreciate nature and person, even one who is lost in life.

8. Extinction

9 years have passed since the terrible epidemic that almost wiped out earth's entire population of the planet, leaving alive the three lives of Patrick, Jack and baby Lou. The horrific event made up of two best friends, worst enemies. But under the yoke of mortal danger, they team up to survive, to protect the girl, from this terrible world. The survivors will survive, and will they be able to escape from a dangerous infection?!

7. Crossing 2

One of the masterpieces of the list of the best disaster movies of 2015, basically on actual events of 1949. "The Chinese Titanic" so-called liner "Taiping". Thousands of people come on Board, but came back to earth only a few. A terrible collision with a ship "Jing-yuan" of the Taiwan Strait. Who will appear before the face of death, and who will escape from the funnel of deadly events?

The real history of the infamous liner was killed, according to official figures, about 1,500 people, do not know the exact number, because on Board there were a lot of refugees.

6. Earthquake in San Andreas

Coming earthquake 12.7 points, but nobody takes seriously the words of the discredited seismologist. As for a couple of hours to convince the public in deadly danger from a natural disaster and save his family?!

5. The air

Apocalypse. Chaos. Clean air is a luxury. The government goes on a desperate move, kidnaps the scientists, wizards, and places them in a cryogenic sleep. But all the plans destroys a random glitch in the system. Will the engineers at Bowers and Cartwright complicated to fix the error and return to the camera, while there is still air or they will die, and not being able to save humanity?

One of the most exciting films from list of best films of 2015, from which, indeed, breathtaking. The producer was one of the creators of the series "the Walking dead" Robert Kirkman and starring the hero of this series, Norman Reedus.

4. Wave

One of the best disaster movies of 2015. The small village of Norway sweeps the alarm about the strongest tectonic shift. The collapse of rocks leads to a deadly tsunami, huge wave, which in one stroke will erase from the face of the earth a small village with all its inhabitants. Christina Ikard, who began a new life, found a prestigious job of a geologist, finds himself in the epicenter of events, and trying to fight for life. The main problem is that she does not trust anyone, and does not perceive her words. What to do, take the family and leave, or try to save everyone?

3. Fault San Andreas

California covers, unseen forces, an earthquake. Riots lead to the deaths of thousands of people. Ray is a caring father and a rescuer on the helicopter. He has to fly across the entire state to find his daughter. If I can save or he will lose her as his eldest daughter, that died in front of him?!

A film that deserves a place in the top ten best films-catastrophes 2015. He teaches people to appreciate what they have, to cope and to always help those around you.

Fun fact: between father and daughter in the film only 13 years difference in life. During the filming of the movie was a tragedy in Nepal. In this regard, the teaser and trailer cut some scenes and made some amendments to the script. Also, all of the participants made donations to the victims.

2. Mad Max: fury Road

The collapse and devastation of Australia, drained sea, but only Max Rockatansky, shrouded by ghosts of a terrible past, wanders the lands alone. Even landed in captivity, he surrenders and joins the rebels under the leadership of your great voenachalnika Furiosi. It United, they will be able to pass the road wars – road rage. Tyrannical man: the immortan Joe will not leave the rebels, because they took away from it something valuable.

One of the top grossing films-catastrophes 2015. The film is not a remake of an old story, the action takes place after the main character Rockatansky have lost loved ones. It is interesting that originally max was supposed to play the original trilogy actor Mel Gibson, but due to inconsistencies in the schedule, the role was given to Tom hardy. According to the main character, Mel Gibson met him, endorsed his candidacy and blessed for the shooting.

1. 33

The film is based on the true story of a group of young miners. The descent into the bowels of a mine that did not meet safety regulations, doomed them to two months imprisonment in a deadly trap. Almost without food and water you need to be able to survive where it can be done. The fear of death has rallied each of the thirty-three brave men, who have become one big family. But can they survive, or all will appear before the face of death?!

One of the most tragic disaster movies, the experience for each character, compassion and tears.

Interesting fact: before filming, the real one of the 33 miners, Mario Sepulveda, was found with starring Antonio Banderas, telling the whole path of struggle on the verge of death.

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